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Power and riches beyond yer wildest dreams await ye.
An' other things not quite so pleasant. Things that
aren't like t' take kindly to ye runnin' off with
their spoils - or with yer life…

A crazed glint flickers across the old man's eye. Oh yes,
well does he know Abyssea, he mutters. Take him at his word,
and he himself is a refugee from that sunless, Goddess-forsaken
realm. A fortunate soul - if such a phrase can be used - who
escaped the clutches of the fell hordes that tore
comrades and loved ones from his grasp. Desperately he fled
across the shattered, barren landscape before stumbling
into the gaping maw of darkness that led him to this realm…

Me home…it's dyin'. And these old bones are long past
their days of playin' hero. But ye, young one, ye
might just be the salve that Abyssea needs…

New Additions

New Abyssea areas
Empyrean Armor (head, legs, feet)
Monster family: Murex, Amoeban, Iron Giant

Other Expansions

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Chains of Promathia
Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Wings of the Goddess
Seekers of Adoulin
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