Synthesis Leves (XIV)

Synthesis leves are in a separate category from battle and field leves, known as local leves. Despite this difference in category, they work much the same way. You pick up a leve at the leve counter (from the local leve person), and go complete it. Most leves hand in leve materials at the counter, although some require you to contact the client for them. As soon as you have the materials for any given leve, you can start crafting. If you succeed in completing the required amount of items, you deliver the items to the client - either the person who gave you the materials or the quartermaster of the specified camp. The client will give you your reward, part of which varies by how well you did in making them.

Below you can find the alphabetical list of all synthesis leves. If you want to view only the leves of a single class, try checking Alchemist, Blacksmith, Armorer, Carpenter, Goldsmith, Leatherworker, Weaver or Culinarian.

View only ARR leves - 1.x leves

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Gridania - Limsa Lominsa - Ul'dah - Others

A Feast fit for an Admiral
A Job Well Done
A Mother's Booties
A Mother's Carpentry
A Mother's Cookies
A Mother's Cutlery
A Mother's Delicacies
A Mother's Foundry
A Mother's Frippery
A Mother's Jewelry
A Scarcity of Scepters
A Slave to Fashion
A Step Ahead
A Sticky Situation
A Want of Weapons
Act of Pure Weevil
Arboreal Alchemy
Baderon's New Bandanas
Baderon's New Barbuts
Baderon's New Breakfast
Baderon's New Clothes
Baderon's New Counter
Baderon's New Shoes
Baderon's New Soles
Baderon's New Sword
Battle of the Breads
Buckling Down
Buckling Under
Building Bridges
Camp Drybone Cares
Canes for the Citizens
Chalk on Ice
Clearing Bentbranch
Clearing Nine Ivies
Cord and Orders
Driving Up the Wall
Dusting the Knuckles
Exposed to the Elements
Feeding the Trainees
Fire and Hide
Going Bandanas
Got Ingots
Growing Strains
Hammering the Point
Hanging by a Thread
High Stakes
I Would Walk 500 Malms
In Arm's Reach
In Sod We Rust
Irrational Behavior
Just Desserts
Keeping it Green
Knuckling Down
Lofty Ambitions
Looking to the Horizon
Mailed Sailors
Momodi's Bargain Boots
Momodi's Breakfast Bread
Momodi's Charming Chokers
Momodi's Cheap Chausses
Momodi's Condiment Conundrum
Momodi's Dancing Daggers
Momodi's Sturdy Suits
Momodi's Sturdy Supports
New Habits
On a Full Belly
Pleasure and Pain
Pole Positioning
Preserving the Region
Quelling Bloody Rumors
Quick as Silver
Restocking the Stockade
Running Rings
Saint Allene's Fire
Seafood Smorgasbord
Shields for the Masses
Shoeing the Shore
Showing Some Leg
Skull Valley Delivery
Some Like it Wet

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