Story Chapters of Opera Omnia

This page lists the story of Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia on a chapter by chapter basis. Please see the individual chapters' pages for full information on them.
Included in the list are also the Lost Chapters, including their unlock conditions if any. Each chapter listing, no matter its type, also mentions which character(s) are unlocked during that chapter.

Story Act 1

Chapters in Act 1 can only be accessed in order, you must beat the previous story chapter to be able to play through the next one.

Chapter Characters
1 Primus Island Warrior of Light (FF1)
Vivi Ornitier (FF9)
Rem Tokimiya (FFT-0)
Sazh Katzroy (FF13)
Tifa Lockhart (FF7)
Cloud Strife (FF7)
Hope Estheim (FF13)
Y'shtola Rhul (FF14)
2 The Deserta Remnants Zidane Tribal (FF9)
Cecil Harvey (DRK, FF4)
Yda Hext (FF14)
Vaan (FF12)
3 Ancient Castle Toronus Yuffie Kisaragi (FF7)
Edward Geraldine (FF4)
Yuna (FF10)
King (FFT-0)
Bartz Klauser (FF5)
4 White Mountain Crudelis Penelo (FF12)
Terra Branford (FF6)
Yang Fang Leiden (FF4)
Onion Knight (FF3)
5 Maritia Palace Firion (FF2)
Laguna Loire (FF8)
Adelbert Steiner (FF9)
Shadow (FF6)
6 Domina Desert Shantotto (FF11)
Galuf Halm Baldesion (FF5)
Wakka (FF10)
7 The Imbell Mansion Zell Dincht (FF8)
Layle (FFCC: CB)
Vincent Valentine (FF7)
8 Tower of Captaest Lightning (FF13)
Papalymo Totolymo (FF14)
Cyan Garamonde (FF6)
9 Niveus, the Town of Mirage Edgar Roni Figaro (FF6)
Serah Farron (FF13-2)
Irvine Kinneas (FF8)
10 Petalm, the District in Ruins Seifer Almasy (FF8)
Fujin (FF8)
Raijin (FF8)
11 The Dimensional Maze Jecht (FF10)
Lilisette (FF11)
Yuri (+Chelinka) (FFCC: RoF)
Interlude Cait Sith (FF7)

Story Act 2

Unlike Act 1, each chapter of Act 2 can be accessed right from the start. The story, aside from the ending, is not strictly reliant on playing through them in order.

Chapter Character
1 Inviting Discord Seven (FFT-0)
2 Radiance Cecil Harvey (PLD, FF4)
3 Limited Time Freya Crescent (FF9)
4 For Someone's Sake Paine (FF10-2)
5 Will of the Hunters Noel Kreiss (FF13-2)
6 The Second Companion Lyse Hext (FF14)
7 Respite's Authenticity Ignis Scientia (FF15)
8 Where the Wind Returns General Leo (FF6)
9 Light of the Living Cloud of Darkness (FF3)
10 Feelings Beyond the Sky Gabranth (FF12)
11-1 The Future of the True King Ardyn Izunia (FF15)
11-2 Warriors of Light -

Story Act 3

Coming soon

Lost Chapters

All lost chapters start their life as character events. To give some perspective to how they tie into the main story, the chapter during which the event was originally released is listed next to the lost chapter's name. To be able to access some of the earlier lost chapters, you must have first cleared up to the then-current story chapter as well.
Note that each lost chapter has additional cutscenes compared to when they were first added as an event. These cutscenes often include characters that weren't present in the game at the time the event was released.

Act 1 Lost Chapters

Chapter Character Story Chapter
A Lion's Heart Squall Leonhart (FF8) Act 1, Chapter 1-5
The Girl from Oerba Oerba Dia Vanille (FF13) Act 1, Chapter 1-5
Castles in the Sky Setzer Gabbiani (FF6) Act 1, Chapter 1-5
Thieves of the Sky Balthier (FF12) Act 1, Chapter 6
The Small Summoner Eiko Carol (FF9) Act 1, Chapter 6
From Zanarkand Tidus (FF10) Act 1, Chapter 6
That Detestable Child Prishe (FF11) Act 1, Chapter 7
Of the High Seas Faris Scherwiz (FF5) Act 1, Chapter 7
The Hero of Ivalice Ramza Beoulve (FFT) Act 1, Chapter 7
Unparallelled Power Ace (FFT-0) Act 1, Chapter 7
The Spirit of Salvation Seymour Guado (FF10) Act 1, Chapter 7
The Runaway Prince Sabin Rene Figaro (FF6) Act 1, Chapter 7
Will of the Dawn Krile Mayer Baldesion (FF5) Act 1, Chapter 7
He Who Sings of Love Thancred Waters (FF14) Act 1, Chapter 8
A Burning Passion Snow Villiers (FF13) Act 1, Chapter 8
The Strength of Courage Cater (FFT-0) Act 1, Chapter 8
The Princess of Dalmasca Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca (FF12) Act 1, Chapter 8
Inheriting the Past Aerith Gainsborough (FF7) Act 1, Chapter 8
The Caring Adventurer Lion (FF11) Act 1, Chapter 8
Princess of Alexandria Garnet Til Alexandros XVII (FF9) Act 1, Chapter 8
Legendary Guardian Auron (FF10) Act 1, Chapter 8
Raise the Runic Blade Celes Chere (FF6) Act 1, Chapter 9
The Proud Lance of Baron Kain Highwind (FF4) Act 1, Chapter 9
The Beautiful Archeress Maria (FF2) Act 1, Chapter 9
A Mischievous Black Mage Palom (FF4) Act 1, Chapter 9
Taking the Gods' Stage Kuja (FF9) Act 1, Chapter 9
Balamb Whiplash Quistis Trepe (FF8) Act 1, Chapter 9
Vagaries of a Fractured Heart Kefka Palazzo (FF6) Act 1, Chapter 10
A Devoted Heart Lenna Charlotte Tycoon (FF5) Act 1, Chapter 10
One-Winged Angel Sephiroth (FF7) Act 1, Chapter 10
Space Dreams Cid Highwind (FF7) Act 1, Chapter 10
Shining In, Someday Zack Fair (FF7) Act 1, Chapter 10
Overcoming Sadness Rydia (FF4) Act 1, Chapter 10
Another Realm Alisaie Leveilleur (FF14) Act 1, Chapter 11
Royal Hope Noctis Lucis Caelum (FF15) Act 1, Chapter 11
With Trabia in Mind Selphie Tilmitt (FF8) Act 1, Chapter 11
Itchin' for Greater Fights Gilgamesh (FF5) Act 1, Chapter 11
A Thousand Words Relm Arrowny (FF6) Act 1, Chapter 11
Roses of May Beatrix (FF9) Act 1, Interlude
Power is Everything Leonhart (FF2) Act 1, Interlude
Fangs of Promise Oerba Yun Fang (FF13) Act 1, Interlude

Act 2 Lost Chapters

Chapter Character Story Chapter
Gentle Strength Deuce (FFT-0) Act 2, Chapter 1
Knight's Honor Agrias Oaks (FFT) Act 2, Chapter 1
A Thief? Locke Cole (FF6) Act 2, Chapter 1
Right Arm of Resolve Barret Wallace (FF7) Act 2, Chapter 1
Prayer for a Loved One Rosa Joanna Farrell (FF4) Act 2, Chapter 2
Golbez, Clad in Darkness Golbez (FF4) Act 2, Chapter 2
Where to Go Rinoa Heartilly (FF8) Act 2, Chapter 2
A New Pilgrimage Lulu (FF10) Act 2, Chapter 2
Mysterious Twins from a Mystery World Lann & Reyn (WoFF) Act 2, Chapter 2
A Conqueror's Duty Vayne Carudas Solidor (FF12) Act 2, Chapter 3
Free-willed Resolve Fran (FF12) Act 2, Chapter 3
A Mature White Mage Porom (FF4) Act 2, Chapter 3
Pure Strength Cinque (FFT-0) Act 2, Chapter 4
Memories of a Journey Prompto Argentum (FF15) Act 2, Chapter 4
Walking Towards Progress Alphinaud Leveilleur (FF14) Act 2, Chapter 4
Unarmed Puppetmaster Aphmau (FF11) Act 2, Chapter 5
Everlasting Feelings Sherlotta (FFCC: EoT) Act 2, Chapter 5
The Cycle of Battles Garland (FF1) Act 2, Chapter 5
The Time-bending Witch Ultimecia (FF8) Act 2, Chapter 5
The Locus of Fear Machina Kunagiri (FFT-0) Act 2, Chapter 5
The Loyal Captain Basch fon Ronsenburg (FF12) Act 2, Chapter 6
Unbreakable Pride Kimahri Ronso (FF10) Act 2, Chapter 6
Dastardly Dominus Mateus Palamecia (FF2) Act 2, Chapter 6
The Quiet Strength Eight (FFT-0) Act 2, Chapter 6
Wild Child of the Veldt Gau (FF6) Act 2, Chapter 7
Commodore of the Skies Aranea Highwind (FF15) Act 2, Chapter 7
Yearning for Paradise Kam'lanaut (FF11) Act 2, Chapter 7
The Caravan of Hope Ciaran (FFCC) Act 2, Chapter 7
The Great Tree that Desires the void Exdeath (FF5) Act 2, Chapter 8
Guardian of Time Caius Ballad (FF13-2) Act 2, Chapter 8
Power of Ignorance Jack (FFT-0) Act 2, Chapter 8
The Sword Maiden Arciela V Adoulin (FFT-0) Act 2, Chapter 8
Trustworthy Partner Keiss (FFCC: CB) Act 2, Chapter 8
The Ghost of the Zilart Eald'narche (FF11) Act 2, Chapter 9
Power of Intelligence Trey (FFT-0) Act 2, Chapter 9
Appearance of the Yuke Amidatelion (FFCC: CB) Act 2, Chapter 9
Ancient Memories Desch (FF3) Act 2, Chapter 9
Power of Movement Nine (FFT-0) Act 2, Chapter 10
? Gilbart Chris Von Muir (FF4) Act 2, Chapter 11
The Learnt Skills Strago Magus (FF6) Act 2, Chapter 11
? Gladiolus Amicitia (FF15) Act 2, Chapter 11
? Kurasame (FFT-0) Act 2, Chapter 11

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