Story Chapters in Duodecim

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In Duodecim, the story's divided into five distinct categories, those of the main story of the 12th battle, main story of the 13th battle, the extra battle of the 20th, the side-stories of the Reports, and the various downloadable quests. Of these, the 12th, 13th and 20th battle are largely linear, with the quests from Reports and the downloadable ones providing depth to the aforementioned stories, being flashes of events from here and there in the timeline.
The exact order of these events can be found in the Theater in the game, although due to their nature the DLC quests are excluded. For a timeline in Chrysalis, see here.

12. Treachery of the Gods

Treachery of the Gods follows the story of the 12th cycle of battles. However, it bears noting that good portions of this fight are not shown in the game, and most of the majority of it is represented by various quests from the Reports and DLC. The actual story mode present in the game takes place towards the end of the battle. However, the Prologus story mode quest (listed below as 0) takes place at the very beginning of the cycle.

Chapter 0: Unfamiliar Allies
Prologue: Path to the Sanctuary
Chapter 1: A New Threat
Chapter 2: Stern Eyes
Chapter 3: Clues
Chapter 4: Where Memories Await
Chapter 5: A Choice
Chapter 6: Indiscernible Truth
Chapter 7: Allies
Epilogue: An Undocumented Battle

13. Light to All

Light to All re-tells the story of Dissidia. All chapters of the original's Destiny Odyssey and Shade Impulse stories are present, although the dreadfully difficult Inward Chaos is missing. The Distant Glory chapters have been included in Confessions of a Creator.

Prologue: The Last Hope
Chapter 1: Beyond Being Lost
Chapter 2: Wisdom or Courage
Chapter 3: The Road Wisdom Reveals
Chapter 4: Guidance of the Moon
Chapter 5: Entrusted Strength
Chapter 6: Budding Dream
Chapter 7: Determination's Superiority
Chapter 8: Feelings of Trust
Chapter 9: Searching for Treasure
Chapter 10: Successor of the Will
To be continued

Confessions of a Creator

Coming soon

Report Quests

The Report quests are unlocked in small batches by playing the actual story modes (all the ones listed previously). When reading the unlocked reports, sometimes there will be a highlighted word. This highlighted word, when selected, will trigger a new quest. Note that some of these quests come in multiple parts, and some are only cutscenes.
Below, the quests have been divided according to during which cycle they happen.

A Shard of the Cycle

Confrontation of the Sad Ones
Girl That Guides Light
Swordsman Making Waves

Treachery of the Gods

Adult's Gentleness
For Now, Just Sleep
If You're No Longer Here
More than a Flicker
Obtaining Wisdom
Promise Changes Shape
There is No Next Time
Those Who Sing of Demise
Victory that Doesn't Tremble

Light to All

The Girl's Awakening
God's Lost Memories
Well Arranged Memory Loss

Downloadable Quests

Another Episode

The Another Episode quests are flashes of the 12th battle, focusing on an important scene for one character at a time. Each quest mentions when in the overall timeline it happens, referring to its exact place by 'before' or 'after' a certain numbered scene from the Theater.

Treachery of the Gods
Calling You Back Home
Dragoon's Betrayal
Dream in Chaos
Even if we Don't Remember
Fighting Together
From the Dimensional Rift
In This Place Too
It Can Disappear
Meeting of Friends
Mimicry and a Promise
Power to Destroy
Result of a Hero's Delusion
A Shadow of Someone's Likeness
The Shape of the World
A Small Flower

Mog Travels

The Mog Travels are (apparently) non-canon introductory quests to the stories of earlier Final Fantasies. It follows the various moogles of the Mognet on their travels.

Cid (1)
Cid (2)
New Maps and Friends
New Maps and Uncle

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