Gathering Leves (XIV)

Gathering leves are a part of the overall category of regional leves in Final Fantasy XIV. Picking up one takes up a slot in your max allowed number of 8 active regional leves at a time, meaning picking up one will limit the number of battle and/or faction leves you can pick - at least until you complete some leves.

There are two types of gathering leves. One type requires you to completely exhaust a set number of gathering points for the leve's profession, while the other requires you to find a certain number of a certain item. Of these the latter is harder to complete at earlier levels, as you are actually required to find something. The former though, doesn't require you to actually gather a single thing, you will be able to complete it even if all your tries are failures.

Below you can find an alphabetical list of all gathering leves. If you want to view a list by class, try viewing the pages for Botanist, Miner or Fisher.

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