Winter is not Coming


Name: Event - Winter is Not Coming
How to begin: talk to Ninipu, Hastridie or Wysskoen in one of the three nations
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, Ul'dah, Hyrstmill

Last quest: -
Next quest: Gone with the Snow

Requirements to sign up: Winter's Knell 2011
Required items: Ice Shard x30, Ensorcelled Snowball x5
Reward: Reindeer suit, Reindeer antlers


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First things first - get your hands on 30 ice shards if you don't have them already. Next step is talking to a Black Rabbit Traders representative in one of the three nations. You're looking for Ninipu of Limsa, Hastridie of Gridania or Wysskoen of Ul'dah. You'll obtain your ensorcelled snowballs.

Next, head to Hyrstmill in the Black Shroud. Hyrstmill is located to the north-east of Emerald Moss and Treespeak, either (or both) will serve as a waypoint. Once at Hyrstmill, head beyond the stream running through the hamlet and talk to Waldomar. He will direct you to hurl your snowballs at Father Frost.
Hurl your snowballs with the /snowball command while targeting Father Frost. Then talk to Waldomar again, and receive your reward.


Gridania Side

Script missing

Limsa Side

Ninipu: Oooh, if it ain't a 'venturer! Prick up yer ears, now, 'cause I've got a proposition fer ye.
The Black Rabbit Traders be lookin' fer sure-armed folk t' help out with a certain festival. What sort o' festival, ye ask? Why, the one what ushers in the winter, missy.
The weather up in the North Shroud don't seem t' be gettin' as cold as it rightly should this time o' year, ye see, an' them Gridanians is bloody wailin' about it. Bah! We're it up t' me, I'd strike the season from the reckonin' an' go straight to spring, but ye could be sure them tree-botherers would spout some bilge about the bleedin' circle o' life.
Anyroad, the Gridanians was scratchin' their heads at the whole affair when some bollock-brained Ala Mhigans told 'em about this festival o' theirs called Winter's Knell. S'posed t' beckon the blessin' o' winter, or some such rubbish.
Well, the Gridanians was so desperate by then, they decided t' give it a try…but it weren't long afore they hit a snag. See, the festival involves buildin' a giant out o' snow, an' it turns out snow don't keep well when it's warm. Who bloody knew! Aye, I told you they was bollock-brained.
T'cut a long story short, we're relyin' on good ol' magic. Aye, but fer it to work, we need a fair bleedin' mountain of ice shards. An' that be where ye come in, missy.
I'd be grateful if ye'd bring me 30 o' the blasted things. Yer services won't go unrewarded, o' course. What say ye, now?
(quest accept)
Ninipu: Aye! That's the spirit! Jus' so as we're clear, then, that's 30 ice shard we be needin', and not a one less.
Case ye was wonderin', the conjurers lent me an enchanted thingummy what makes snow, an' the shard serve t' fuel it. Anyroad, I hope t' see ye back here afore logn with a sackful o' the buggers!

Ninipu: It's past time ye were back. Managed t' come by 30 ice shards, have ye?
(Exchange the ice shards? Yes)
(you don't have enough shards)
Ninipu: Fraid ye've miscounted, missy. It be 30 ice shards I need, an' not a one less.
(you have shards)
Ninipu: Good work, missy! Now, I jus' need t' slot the shards in like so…
An' there she is! Five ensorcelled snowballs, impervious t' heat!
…Huh? Oh! Ack! Bugger-bugger-bugger-BUGGER! Qu-Quick, take the bloody things afore I freeze me fingers off!
Bugger me! That weren't very clever, was it!? Summat tells me I should consider investin' in a decent pair o' gloves. Anyroad, there's yer next task. I need ye t' take them there snowballs t' Hyrstmill, over in the North Shroud.
There ye'll find a bloke by the name o' Waldomar who's overseein' the preparations for the festival. Have a word with him, an' he'll tell ye exactly what needs doin'.
(obtain 5 ensorcelled snowballs)

Ul'dah Side

Wysskoen: Greetings, adventurer. I'm a representative of Black Rabbit Traders, here to recruit willing souls to assist in a festive endeavor.
The Conjurers' Guild has engaged us to hold a festival to usher in the winter, you see. Sounds innocent enough? Aye, and it would be, too, except we're literally expected to beckon cold weather to the Twelveswood. Allow me explain the events that led to this.
The North Shroud has been experiencing an unseasonably warm winter this year. In fact, there're even some as say winter has yet to arrive there. The conjurers, in particular, are taking the matter very seriously, fearing this break in the natural cycle may wreak havoc upon the region's flora and fauna.
They set about trying to discover the cause of the phenomenon, that they might counteract it. Alas, naught came of their efforts. The conjurers were nigh lost to hope when Ala Mhigan refugees, having caugh wind of the situation, approached them with a suggestion: the holding of a festival.
I should probably explain at this point that the Ala Mhigans have long observed a festival called Winter's Knell, which entails the building of a towering man of snow as a tribute to the gods of winter. A jolly enough practice, to be sure, but not one that any right-thinking person would entertain as a solution. You may have decuded, however, that the conjurers, in their desperation, were rather less skeptical. In short, the festival is on.
But how are we to keep the giant from melting you ask? Quite the observant one, aren't you? Aye, it's true the warm weather of the North Shroud isn't conducive to building snow culptures. But worry not, for the conjurers have ways to preserve the snow. They simply want for the manpower to produce enough.
And that, my friend, is precisely why Stillglade Fane turned to us - and why we now turn to you. The creation of snow requires a prodigious amount of ice shards, you see, and they do not collect themselves. I would be ever in your debt if you could bring me but 30 of them. So, what say you? Will you aid our cause?
(quest accept)
Wysskoen: The conjurers have entrusted me with the apparatus for fabricating ensorceleld snow. We need only feed it with the requisite number of ice shards, and it will set to work of its own accord.

Wysskoen: Greetings again, friend. Have you brought the 30 ice shards we need?
(Exchange the ice shards? Yes)
Wysskoen: Such lovely specimens! Aye, these shard will serve. Without further ado, then, let the fabrication commence!
Feast your eyes on the ensorcelled snowball, a marvel of conjury! No snowball boasts such robustness, such perfection of…
M-M-My hands! I can't f-f-feel my hands! Take it from me! For the love of the Twelve, take it from me!
…Thank goodness, there appears to be no lasting damage.
But where were we? Ah, yes, your next task. I need you to take the snowballs to Hyrstmill, a hamlet situated in the North Shroud where the festival is to be held.
Once there, look for an Ala Mhigan named Waldomar. He has care over the construction of the snow giant, and will instruct you further.
(obtain 5 ensorcelled snowballs)

Building the Giant

Waldomar: Sent here by the Black Rabbit Traders? Aye, I was told to expect you. A little late, to be sure, but late is better than never, I suppose.
You've already been briefed aout our objective, I don't doubt. Aye, building a giant of snow to usher in the blessing of winter and all that.
Now, I'll wager you're curious as to why we'd go to such lengths to celebrate a season synonymous with death. Well, my friend, death is but a spoke on the wheel fo life. Wihtout it, the wheel would inevitably become warped…or so Grandmama used to tell us.
To say it p lain, plants and animals rely on the turning of the seasons. The coming of the cold tells them to hoard their food, to shed their leaves against the chill. And in its passing, winter leaves behind melted snow to nourish the land.
But winter hasn't come to the North Shroud. The conjurers believe an imbalance in the aether is to blame, but no one can say for certain. Anywise, when we saw how despearate they were - and we Ala Mhigans are no strangers to desperation - we thought it might help to tell them about Winter's Knell.
It's a festival for ushering in winter, where grown-ups and younglings alike cry "Winter is coming!" while hurling snowballs in a joint effort to build a giant of snow named Father Frost. What sets him apart from ordinary snowmen, you ask? Why, it's the gemstone he bears within his breast called the Heart of Winter, an age-old Ala Mhigan relic.
Truth be told, we only suggested it to relieve the growing tension with a bit of light revelry. But it turns out the folks at Stillglade Fane were so desperate, they took our suggestion in all eriousness. And so here we are.
But enough talk. You have a snowball, don't you? Well, what are you waiting for!? Hurl it at the ice effigy there with all your might, and your work here will be done! Oh, and to really do it right, you'll want to chant "Winter is coming!" as well.

(hurl 5 ensorcelled snowballs at Father Frost)

Waldomar: You have a good arm, friend. Father Frost has grown slightly, thanks your effforts.
Oh, and here's a little present for you, courtesy of Black Rabbit Traders. Don it with pride, and Merry Starlight!

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