Winds of Change


Name: Winds of Change
How to begin: talk to Zanthael at Bulwark Hall in Limsa Lominsa
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Bearded Rock

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: Arrest Warrant x5
Reward: ?


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Unsavory Character

Level: 15
Drops: ?
Location: cave west of Bearded Rock

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Coming soon


Imperial Operatives

Zanthael: I assume you have heard the rumors concerning unsavory characters congregating in the hills outside Limsa Lominsa? Well, you may be interested to know that intelligence gathered by Barracuda scouts identifies the individuals in question as imperial operatives.
From this we can assume that it will only be a matter of time before their rats have infiltrated the city…if they haven't already. To address the problem, the Coral Tower has issued special orders increasing patrols twofold, extending all watches by three bells, and reminding all standing city guard to arrest and detain any suspicious individuals. My commanding officer charged me with distributing arrest warrants to fellow Knights stationed nearby, but urgent duties here at my post have prevented me from delivering the last five. Might I enlist your help in a matter of state security?
(quest accept)
Zanthael: You have my gratitude, adventurer. I have taken the liberty of marking your map with the location of my five fellow Knights. Once you have delivered all five arrest warrants, please report back to me, so that I can strike the task from my list.

Zanthael: Imperial operatives could be anywhere, planting their seeds of chaos in an attempt to weaken the thalassocracy from within. It is crucial that those remaining arrest warrants are distributed immediately. Is that clear, adventurer?

Warrant Delivery

(Procession of Terms)
Bibiraka: <yawn> A warrant you say? <gasp> Syntberk must finally have reported my noontime naps to the commanding officer! B-But why would he send and adventurer to arrest me? Hm? You mean you're not here to…? What's this?
G-G-Garlean operatives!?
(missingtext) as this can wreak havoc on a heart as tiny and delicate as mine.
I had read some reports of a strange band of brigands who had taken up residence in a cave outside of Bearded Rock, but assumed they were naught more than the usual rabble the Barracudas are called in to deal with on a daily basis.
Though…now that I think back on it, the reports also mentioned that the band seemed less intent on trying out everything in the 'The Big Book of Brigandry', and more focused on locating someone. But who in the world could be important enough to warrant an invasion of the city-state?
Bibiraka: Just the thought of imperial operatives lurking about the region has my heart racing. How's a man supposed to get any rest with all this excitement!?

(Coral Tower)
J'ghonako: Orders from the Tower? You have my thanks. Now, what ever could be so urgent as to warrant the comissioning of an adventurer to deliver official documents?
Ah, yes. The Empire. Until recently, one would have to travel as far as Silvertear Lake, or into the depths of Xelphatol, to catch so much as a solitary glimpse of an airship or juggernaut. But lately the barracks have been abuzz with rumors about increased imperial activity in the southern regions of Eorzea - and not just scouting misisons. They speak of whole fleets of their twisted war machines crisscrossing the sky as if to taunt us.
…Or cow us into submission, perhaps. Yet if that were so, it would show just how little they truly know of us.
If the Empire believes we will fall as easily as did Ala Mhigo, then they are in for an unpleasant surprise. The thalassocracy has already proven once that it could tame a den of bloodthirsty pirates. What is a Garlean if not a glorified brigand in fancy armor?
J'ghonako: I, for one, would welcome an invasion by the Empire, if only to show the imperials that we Lominsans are made of sterner stuff.

(Coral Tower)
Arthurioux: You expect me to believe that Zanthael asked you, a common layabout, to deliver orders from the Coral Tower? The Knights of the Barracuda will not stand for your mockery, cur! Why, I should have you thrown in the brig for even contemplating such an idle jape.
Wait… This is the Admiral's seal… Imperial operatives in La Noscea!? But why here, and why now? It has been over fifteen summers since the Empire's razing of Ala Mhigo, and in that time not a single airship has been spotted beyond Mor Dhona.
Might this be the Empire's next step in their march to conquer Eorzea? If the Garleans sought peace, there would be no need to lurk in caves on the outskirts of Limsa. Who knows what foul schemes their operatives are fomenting? If may even be that the mutations observed in the region's beast population are actually the work of the Empire!
Their guilt is as plain as day, and I, for one, will see them hang for their crimes against the thalassocracy!
As for you, I shall let you off this time with a warning, but should I ever again catch you impersonating a blighted streer urchin impersonating a Barracuda messenger, you will find yourself rotting in the brig with the rest of the city-state's scum.
Arthurioux: If you happen upon any suspicious-looking characters during your time in the city, you are to report them immediately to one of the city guard. Do not approach them, as to do so may endanger your life, as well as the lives of those around you.

(Ferry Docks)
Gert: A warrant for the arrest of imperial operatives? I had assumed we would all be receiving one of these, I just never imagined it would be so soon. Thank you, adventurer.
You seem taken aback by my lack of surprise. Did you assume that I would be horrified by the revelation that our mighty city-state is crawling with Garlean agents? Well, perhaps I would have been…had it been a revelation. But the docks have resounded with rumors of the Empire for more turns of the moon that I care to remember.
I'm sure you as an adventurer have heard quite a few yourself - giant monsters, ominous starshowers, and whatnot.
One can only assume that with the power to raise thousand-tonze ships into the skies, and breathe life into walking mountains of metal, there is little that the Empire cannot do. The question is: what do they hope to achieve? Do they merely mean to conquer and occupy, as they did Ala Mhigo? Or does something else drive them - something bigger?
Which makes the capture of these operatives all the more important. I shall keep watch here at the ferry docks, as is my duty, but ask that you and those in your circle also stay alert. The shadow of the Empire has fallen across Eorzea, and all of Eorzea must stand together as one if we are to lift it.
Gert: I do not imagine the Empire foolish enough to assume that simple acts of brigandry could disrupt this of all city-states…which leads me to conclude that the imperial 'brigands' in Bearded Rock are not actually brigands at all…

(Aetheryte Square)
Sundhimal: Are you the adventurer sent to deliver my new orders? Zanthael contacted me on the aether to forewarn me of your coming, but refused to say any more for fear that others might be listening.
The Empire? While certainly cause for alarm, this is far from unexpected. I have been hearing rumors from my informants within the Kraken's Arms and the Salthounds that the pirates have been following the actions of a suspicios band of brigands newly arrived in La Noscea. They say the brigands are unlike any they've seen before, but because they have yet to carry out any raids, there has been no reason to engage them.
Though now that there is proof they are from Garlemald, there is no reason not to hunt them down and wipe them out before they can cause the same type of chaos Ala Mhigo fell victim to but fifteen years past. Memories of the atrocities committed by the Empire still haunt many in this city-state, for a large number of refugees fled to Limsa Lominsa after their nation fell.
I thank you for bringing me my orders, and you can let Zanthael know I will remain vigilant until the Knights of the Barracuda have found every last imperial and sent them to justice. Till sea swallows all.
Sundhimal: If the commonfolk were to learn that there are imperial spies amongst us, it would not be long before the first poor soul with a slightly foreign accent felt the 'justice' of the mob. Because of this, I ask that you refrain from spreading rumors of what you have learned and let the Barracudas handle the situation. It is what is best for the thalassocracy.

Further Orders

(Bulwark Hall)
Zanthael: I gather you have returned to report on the task I assigned to you, but for now, that will have to wait. A matter of utmost urgency has been brought to my attention, and I was hoping that you might lend me your assistance once more.
The imperial operatives listed on the warrants you just delivered have been spotted moving towards a group of caves located in a depression due west of Camp Bearded Rock. Two Barracuda units have already been dispatched to intercept the targets, but the area is a veritable warren of crisscrossing passageways and tunnels, putting our men at a sizeable disadvantage.
We would devote more manpower, but a pirate uprising in the Sailors Ward has our forces spread thin. If you could travel to the location I have indicated on your map and ensure the Garleans do not use that route as a means of escape, the city-state would be in your debt. But you must hurry. Once the operatives catch wind of our assault, they will flee the region, and we will have missed our chance to question them.

Zanthael: The imperial operatives were spotted descending into a large depression located to the west of Camp Bearded Rock. Travel to the location I marked on your map and make sure they do not escape via that route. If by chance you meet with the enemy before the Barracuda units arrive, you have authorization to engage, but take care - the Garleans are heartless killers and will show you no mercy.

Unsavory Characters

(fight with four unsavory characters. You end up in an instance)

Lowell: Master Kopel Yorpel placed his faith in me to deliver him safely to Limsa Lominsa, yet were it not for your timely intervention, I would have failed. I am in your debt, sir.

L'trimmna: W-We're alive! Many thanks, kind adventurer. You have done the Ironworks a great service.

Kopel Yorpel: I give up! I surrender! My secrets are yours, just don't hur- Hm? You're not one of them, are you?
Oh, goodness! How foolish I must look. You must excuse me. Being hunted down by a relentless gang of cold-blooded killers doesn't half play hells with one's nerves, I can tell you. Anyway, you have my thanks…whoever you may be.
<Player>, then. Well met. I am Kopel Yorpel, inventor and engineer at the Garlond Ironworks. My associates and I were answering a summons from the esteemed Admiral Merlwyb when we were ambushed by this pack of imperial puppets and fled here to this cave…which would have been our tomb if not for your heroic rescue.
We chose the less traveled land route south and west via the Agelyss Wise and the Eastroad so we could avoid any unexpected happenings such as this one. Why, we even sent a decoy on a local ferry to draw the Empire away from our trail. The fact that they found us only proves that their scouts are more prevalent in the area than first expected. We shall not underestimate them again.
Now, while I would love to stay and chat in this dank cavern amongst the rotting corpses of my enemies, I really must be on my way. The Admiral is expecting us, and I carry with me a message of great import. I thank you again for your assistance today, and will make sure to mention your name to the Knights of the Barracuda when I arrive in the city.

Till Sea Swallows All

(Bulwark Hall)
Zanthael: Welcome back, <Player>. Word of your deeds in Bearded Rock has already reached the Coral Tower.
After his safe arrival in the city, the engineer you rescued could not stop raving about your 'selfless act of bravery in the face of extreme peril'. He has since been reunited with the remainder of the Garlond Ironworks delegation which arrived yesterday via a different route.
What is Garlond Ironworks, you ask? I am surprised you have yet to hear of them. The Garlond Ironworks comprises one of the largest collectives of scholars and engineers in the whole realm. It is they who work to uncover the secrets of the Empire's machina, and it is their findings that will help us to destroy them.
One in my position is not privy to such information as why representatives from the Ironworks are visiting Limsa of all places…but if the Empire thought the message that engineer was carrying worth the trouble of dispatching a death squad…
Perhaps the Ironworks have learned what the Empire is plotting, and have begun their own preparations for the coming crisis.
Ah, but it is of no use for me to speculate on matters beyond my control. The Coral Tower will decide what is best for the city and issue their orders accordingly. For now, all we can do is wait and remain vigilant.
This is the reward promised for your services. You again have my thanks. Till sea swallows all.

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