Why Did it Have to be Snakes


Name: OTA2 - Why Did it Have to Be Snakes
How to begin: talk to Syro Fulke
Areas: Adders' Nest

Last quest: Breaking the Seals
Next quest: Adder's Nest Egg

Requirements to sign up: Breaking the Seals complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Coming soon



Fulke: So, you've an interest in the Order of the Twin Adder, have you? We'd be honored to welcome one such as yourself into our ranks. Aye, there is much good you could do here.
(before opening of the Grand Companies)
Fulke: It saddens me to say we do not yet have the infrastructure in place to allow us to take on adventurers freely, but it will not be long before we do. Until that time, I urge you to consider joining us as a provisional recruit.
(after opening of the Grand Companies)
Fulke: I pray you will consider serving our own Grand Company - the Order of the Twin Adder. If it interests you, I could offer you provisional enlistment as a recruit.
(common continuance)
Fulke: Should you elect to do so, you would not be required to swear any oaths, and would be free to carry out tasks for the Grand Companies of Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah. We hear that the Maelstrom and the Immortal Flames are in sore need of adventurers as well.
Gridania has the protection of the Twelveswood, but it is we who are closest to the Garleans' domain. To put it another way, we are Eorzea's first line of defense. As such, it falls to the Order of the Twin Adder to unite the spirit and strength of the realm.
You needn't be plagued with worries of woodsin and greenwrath. The elementals have consented to all we endeavor to do, and we have the blessings of the Seedseers. I beseech you, add your strength to ours, and with us oppose the Empire! What say you?
(Join the Order as a provisional recruit? No, this is not my fight)
(Yes, for the forest and the realm)
Fulke: Your devotion to our cause is admirable. The Order of the Twin Adder welcomes you as one of its own, and vows to do all in its power to protect and honor you as such.
As laid forth in the tomes of the first companies, deeds done in the service of the Order of the Twin Adder shall be recompensed with Grand Company seals.
These seals shall be awarded whenever you see a duty through to completion in the name of our cause.
Our seal is the currency of our Grand Company, and ours alone. Though it be no coin, it can be used to purchase that which no coin can.
Gridanians have come together as one under the Order of the Twin Adder's banner. Our devotion to the Twelveswood has moved the elementals, and in turn they have bestowed upon us a bounty of gifts.
These blessed gifts bring more than just mere strength. They bring the warmth which the coming war threatens to extinguish, and the light which the coming darkenss means to obscure.
But we mean to offer them only to those in possession of the Order of the Twin Adder's seals. The Grand Company seals of the other nations will not be honored here.
I hope my words have served to fan the flames of your interest. Here, allow me to present you with the first of many seals - gods willing.
It will not be long before we are able to provide you adventurers with precisely that which you seek. When the time comes, I pray you are willing to swear yourself fully to our cause.
If there is more you wish to know of the seals and their uses, speak to Serpent Sergeat First Class Sorainne. Acquire what blessed gifts you can from her, and come to know their warmth. You'll be the better for it.

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