When Sheep Attack


Name: WHM2 - When Sheep Attack
How to begin: talk to Raya-O-Senna at Emerald Moss
Areas: Emerald Moss, Fields of Glory

Last quest: Seeds of Initiative
Next quest: Lost in Rage

Requirements to sign up: CNJ35, Seeds of Initiative complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Downy Dunstan

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A Savage Sheep

(at the cave. Raya-O is conversing with the moogles as you arrive)
Raya-O-Senna: Ah, <Player>. I am gladdened to see you return. If you will pardon my directness, it is plain that you are strong enough to continue on the path of the white mage.
I had been engaged in converstion with Oha-Sok, the elemental you delivered from imprisonment.
We were discussing the state of the world - a rather somber subject, I know.
Faced with imminent annihilation, the nations of Eorzea are hastening to shore up their military might.
Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, Gridania… We all seek to furnish ourselves with sharper steel and stouter armor, that we might survive to gaze upon another dawn.
Oha-Sok: That is a mistake.
Conflict is not the way. It shall leave naught in its wake but death and misery.

Raya-O-Senna: I know this full well. I would sooner avoid war if it could be helped, but we must try to see things from Kan-E's perspective.
My sister has chosen to return to Gridania. She means to use her powers to fight in defense of her people. Surely such actions are beyond censure?
Oha-Sok: In that sentiment, thou art mistaken.
Hast thou forgotten the pact of Gelmorra? The powers granted to the Padjal must not be used in conflict.

Raya-O-Senna: I would struggle to forget that, so constantly do you remind me!
But what are we to do? Hostile forces advance upon us even as we speak, seeking to harm the people of Gridania.
Would you rather that we ran for our lives and abandoned our forest home?
Oha-Sok: We elementals do unto others as we would have others do unto us.
Till such time as man learneth to do the selfsame, he is fated to repeat the mistake of eras past.

Raya-O-Senna: Mistake? What mistake?
Oha-Sok: Ever are we elementals at man's side, bearing witness to his every deed.
So too do I watch thee, <Player>.

Raya-O-Senna: H-Hey! This discussion is not over!
(Oha-Sok disappears)
Raya-O-Senna: …But then again, what else is there to say but 'I know'?
<sigh> I am sorry you had to witness that exchange. Truth be told, we have spoken of little else in your absence.
Oha-Sok is clearly ill at ease, and whatever has engendered her disquiet is doubtless also affecting her kindred. I cannot help but think that this is connected to the unruly behavior of the elementals of whom I spoke before.
I find myself more determined than ever to get to the bottom of this. And I shall, with your help.
I have received intelligence from the Order of the Twin Adder concerning possible rogue elemental activity.
A lone sheep has reportedly grown unnaturally savage southwest of Camp Glory. I sense the shadow of an elemental behind this sudden change.
The sheep in question is known to the locals as Downy Dunstan. I would have you seek out the creature and subdue it using white magic.
Once you have accomplished the task, pray return hither and report to me all that transpired.
(quest accept)
Raya-O-Senna: By her parting words, I suspect that Oha-Sok intends to keep an eye on you. But as to what end, I cannot say. Go now, <Player>, and see to Downy Dunstan. I shall await your return.

Raya-O-Senna: I would have you seek out the sheep known as Downy Dunstan and subdue it using white magic. Pray return hither once the task is accomplished.

Pukni Pakk: Moogles are very sensitive to the emotions of elementals, kupo. We don't just know what they're feeling - we actually feel it. So if we meet an elemental which happens to have inhabited a moody aldgoat, it's all we can do not to bleat!

Kupcha Kupa: Raya-O is behaving rather responsibly, isn't she? I-I'm not complaining or anything! I just hope it isn't the calm before the storm, kupo!


(defeat Downy Dunstan)
Raya-O-Senna: <Player>! Oha-Sok has just delivered me the good tidings. You are to be commended for quelling Downy Dunstan. Now, pray hasten back to the cave - we have much to discuss.

Use of Force

(at the cave)
Raya-O-Senna: Ah, finally! What in the Matron's name kept you, <Player>? I have a mind to instill in you the virtues of punctuality, but I'm afraid that must wait. We have graver issues to address.
As per my request, you went and subdued Dony Dunstan. Alas, I regret to say that it failed to produce the ancitipated result. I can discern no change in the humours of the elementals - their collective sense of disquiet remains as it was before. Could I have been mistaken?
Oha-sok, is there aught you can tell us?
Oha-Sok: I cannot speak for my kindred.
I only know that this child of man met anger with force.

Raya-O-Senna: <sigh> She does make this needlessly difficult. But whatever Oha-Sok may say, you have performed your duty admirably, and for that my gratitude is yours.
Attend me, <Player>. By the power vested in me, I hereby permit you the use of new white magic. Consider this a token of my faith in you.
I shall have need of your assistance again before long. Till then, I ask that you devote yourself to he mastery of white magic. When next we meet, I expect you to have made considerable headway.

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