When Alchemists Cry


Name: IF - When Alchemists Cry
How to begin: talk to Berthar at Frondale's Phrontistery
Areas: Ul'dah, Broken Water, Zahar'ak

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: Private Third Class of any Grand Company
Required items: Tears of Nymeia


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Alchemical Tears

Berthar: I have a task I would ask of you. Man of the Storm or no, it transcends any company allegiances.<ref>This line only appears to members of the Maelstrom. Members of other Companies will receive other lines.</ref>
We believe the Amalj'aa are making ready for an attack on Ul'dah. They recently moved to fortify an encampment in southern Thanalan - a place they call Zahar'ak. We deployed a contingent of Flames some days ago to lay siege to it, but…
No sooner had our force gained sight of the camp than the Amalj'aa loosed their war drakes upon them.
Something must be done about those vile beasts if we're to have a hope of successfully storming the place.
I spent days following the mission scouring the alchemical tomes, and came upon a solution. The Tears of Nymeia - an ancient and potent poison to which scalekin are extremely susceptible. I have already prepared a batch.
It was my first dabbling in toxins. Since coming to the Phrontistery, I have been schooled solely in the ways of healing - salves and balms, potions and poultices. It proved exceedingly simple, though. I needed only do the opposite of what I always do!
All that remains is to administer it. Of ourse, that means stealing into Zahar'ak and mixing the Tears in with the drakes' feed. A task to which an alchemist such as myself is hardly suited.
Ther is an Elezen at Camp Broken Water named Jandonaut Fouillel who has been charged with the surveillance of Zahar'ak. If anyone knows where the Amalj'aa keep the fodder for their beasts, it is him. Will you aid me in poisoning these drakes, friend?
(quest accept)
Berthar: Excellent! Here are the Tears of Nymeia. Oh, and when you see Jandonaut, do take care not to mention any of this. The less he knows, the better.
Also, I advise against going alone. If something were to happen to you, I…well, I'd have to trouble myself with finding another adventurer.
(obtain a vial of Tears of Nymeia)

Drake Feed

(Camp Broken Water)
Fouillel: Greetings, friend. I am Jandonaut, Sergeant of the Immortal Flames. You wish to know of Zahar'ak?
It was two years past that the Amalj'aa first took up there. A crude camp it was, little more than lean-tos. But of late its defenses have been bolstered, and so I was dispatched to carry out an investigation.
Now the enemy is completely entrenched. They have even brought in their armored war machines, and set up rookeries for their war drakes. I am at a loss for a plan of attack…
Hm? Drake feed? Who gives a damn about the drake feed?
If you must know, they keep their fodder in fetid piles around the camp. When the wind blows in the right direction, you can smell the rotten animal flesh from here. At least I hope it's animal flesh…
Hm? Where exactly are these piles? Why, are you feeling peckish!? …Oh. You genuinely want to know. Well, if memory serves, there are two near the entrance, next to their armored monstrosities, and another one near the structures beyond them.
If you mean to go, I should like to speak to you afterwards. I am always interested to hear the latest reports.

You poisoned the drake feed!

Distasteful Deeds

(Broken Water)
Fouillel: It is good to see you back safely. Tell me, did you make your way into Zahar'ak? Did you see a great fire? I had heard talk of such.
(Did you see a great fire? Yes, it was great/No, not as much as a spark)
Fouillel: I see… I ask bcause a friend of mine, Frederyk - gods watch over him - spoke of one with his dying breath. He was among the many Flames sent to attack Zahar'ak some days ago. His linkpearl went silent mere moments after he uttered the words…
I suspect he may have been trying to warn us of something. We know the Amalj'aa worship flame and their foul primal Ifrit…and I seriously doubt Frederyk would think a campfire a worthy subject for his last words.
There is something else I must ask. Shortly after we last spoke, my scouts began reporting that the beastmen's drakes were dying, though as to how they couldn't say. …I don't suppose you would know anything about that?
Berthar? …Poison!? But the man is a healer! He spoke the healer's words. A sacred oath to-
Gods, no… Of course! Berthar was a dear and longtime friend to Frederyk. And now he has forsaken his vows to avenge him.
Executing vengeance is the duty of the Immortals, not the alchemists. He is of the Phrontistery, sworn to only heal and restore. I understand how he feels, but the man must know his duty first.
His time should be spent tending to the nation's wounded and unwell, not poisoning beasts to fulfill personal vendettas.
I will speak to him of this. Still, it is a brave thing you have done, however distasteful. Take this, and we'll say no more about it.

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