What a Pirate Wants


Name: What a Pirate Wants
How to begin: talk to Baderon at Drowning Wench
Areas: Limsa Lominsa

Last quest: -
Next quest: Call of Booty

Requirements to sign up: Disciple of War or Magic level 15
Required items: Radz-at-Han Reserve
Reward: ?


Coming soon




Rumors Aplenty

Baderon: Ah, jus' the lass I was lookin' fer. Well, I weren't exactly lookin' fer ye, but 'ere ye be, and I ain't never been one to linger o'er much on petty details. Now, where was I? …Hm? I'd yet to start? Gods damn it, there ye go again with them bleedin' details.
The past sennight or sow, the Wench 'as been abuzz with talk of riches bein' dug up in caves not a stone's throw from Limsa's very own doorstep - caves throught to 'ave been plundered dry an 'undred years since, mind ye. Name o' the place is Shposhae, but don't ask me to spell it fer ye, 'cause I can 'ardly say it, let alone fathom 'ow one might commit the bastard to parchment.
'Tis a Sahagin word, if ye believe the bilge them scholarlies spout. Though quite 'ow they came to be privy to that knowledge is beyond me, seein' as 'ow the buggers barely venture out o' doors, much less chat to bloody fishbacks. Anyroad, name aside, I s'pose ye're wonderin' if the talk be true. Well, on a good day, I'll 'ear more'n me fair share o' the shite, most of it fresh from the braggart's arse. That bein' so, I was gettin' ready to dump this particular steamin' offerin' into the roilin' Rhotano with the rest of the night soil…when it came to me attention that the Maelstrom 'ad got scent of it, and was sniffin' around fer more clues.
…Hm? Ain't 'eard o' the Maelstrom? Ye're takin' the piss, right? …Right? Thal's balls, lass! Where've ye been these past few moons!? There ain't a soul in Limsa what don't know o' the Admiral's sparklin' new armada.
When the imperials began sendin' their fiery rain down on us, ol' Merlwyb dug out an ancient thalassocratic charter what grants the Admiral supreme command o'er all people an' property - private vessels included - 'til such time as 'Er 'Igh-browed 'Aughtiness deems the danger to 'ave passed.
As ye might imagine, the city-state's pirate population ain't none too keen on this arrangement, and've been kickin' 'n' screamin' like a babe in soiled swaddlin' ever since. Ah, but this bleedin' 'istory lesson's gone on long enough. Gettin' back to me point…
After the timely placement of a few coins in a few well-chosen palms, I learned that the Maelstrom's tasked the Knights o' the Barracuda with investigatin' tales like the one I mentioned, and that the 'Cudas are lookin' fer adventurers to 'elp 'em get the job done.
(quest accept)
Baderon: Well said, lass. Even if this tale o' treasure proves to be a load o' ol' bollocks, at least ye'll 'ave shown the Maelstorm ye're one to be trusted - and that could well turn out to be worth more'n all the gold in Ul'dah. Now 'urry them land-legs down to the Coral Tower and seek out one Tefh Moshroca. She'll tell ye what ye need to know.

Assisting the Knights

(Coral Tower)
Tefh Moshroca: Might you be the adventurer Baderon said would be willing to assist the Knights of the Barracuda?
Very good. Then you will forgive me if I dispense with the formalities and get directly to the point. Shposhae is a system of caverns located not far from here in lower La Noscea. Scholars from Mealvaan's Gate believe the site was once inhabited by the Sahagin, but you will find naught but empty tunnels and the occasional hedgemole there now.
Anything of value that the beastmen may have left behind when they quit that godforsaken place was taken generations ago - which is why, at first, we paid no heed to the rumors of buried treasure. However, despite the passing of several moons, pirate activity in the area remains high, suggesting that the rumors may carry some weight.
If the caves truly do hide something of value, the Maelstrom cannot allow it to fall into the hands of the aforementioned priates. That irreputable lot harbors naught but ill will towards the Admiral and her policies, and is seeking any means possible to topple her from her seat upon the Bridge.
The treasure of Shposhae, should it exist, could provide the pirates with a significant source of coin - coin which could fund an uprising. This scenario must be prevented at all costs, and to see that it is, we have begun a covert operation to monitor pirate activity on the Astalicia, as well as in the caverns.
Oh, don't even bother telling me that we're all supposed to be working together. We are working together, it's just that the pirates won't do as they're bloody well told, hence all this damned unnecessary subterfuge.
We already have an agent aboard the Astalicia operating under the guise of a crewmember. His name is Hasthwab. You will take this bottle of vintage rum to him and make it seem as if you are bribing him for information on Shposhae. He will, in turn, aid you in gaining access to the caves.
The task will most like prove a difficult one, but you must not flinch in the face of danger. To do so would be to concede the future of the thalassocracy to those who would see this city-state fall into chaos. Good luck, and godsspeed.
(obtain a bottle of Radz-at-Han Reserve)

Operative Pirate

Hasthwab: Gah hah hah hah! What do we 'ave 'ere!? Another wharf rat come sniffin' 'round th' deck fer an 'unk o' cheese, is it? Well, ye'll get less than bugger all from me - 'cept a bloody nose an' an 'earty kick up the arse, 'o course!
Hm? What be this, 'ere? Vintage rum? Vintage…rum…? Oh!
Radz-at-Han reserve! Well, I'll be! Seems folk in this town still 'as proper manners. Aye, I suppose I can tell ye what I know o' the Sahagin den.
(Greetings! I was told someone bearing vintage rum would be along soon. You must forgive me for the brash display I put on earlier. I must wear that facade at all times, lest the crew here learn my true identity.)
(As for information regarding the treasure of Shposhae, I will relay all I have learned anon, but you must forgive me for doing so in character. Now…ahem, accost me again as if I were lost in a rum-induced reverie!)

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