Waste Not Want Not


Name: Hildibrand 1a - Waste Not Want Not
How to begin: talk to V'korolon at Carline Canopy
Areas: Gridania

Last quest: -
Next quest: The Usual Suspect

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: Well-worn Bag
Reward: access to The Roost


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Coming soon



Left Behind

V'korolon: Oooh, an adventurer, and one who looks capable besides! The Matron Nophica must be smiling on me today to bring you herrre in my moment of need!
Or - herrre's a sudden thought - have you just come to stay at our humble inn, the Roost? Are you an adventurer seeking work, or a travel-weary guest? At first glance, I say adventurer. At second…who knows?
Ah, but what doest it matter! 'Tis an emergency, a crisis, a time of strife! I need hep, and to you I turn, whatever you might be!
A guest checked out and left a well-worn bag in his room. A burly man he was, a black straw hat atop his head. Chase after him, won't you, and return his forgotten bag?
He is making his way to the Gridania airship landing, or so I was told. Descend those steps - aye, the ones over by Miounne, and do hurry before he leaves!
Once he boards the airship, not even Nohpica herself will be able to find him. Go, go, go, run like a chocobo, like you have never rrrun before!
(quest accept)
V'korolon: (text missing) you. Such a well-used bag must be much loved by its owner. Reunite them, master and pouch, and bring a little joy into their lives.
(obtain a well-worn bag)

V'korolon: You seek the Gridania Landing, down those stairs over by Miounnne. Hurry now and restore the well-worn bag to its owner, a burly man in a black straw hat.

The Lominsan Merchant

Pfarahr: What's that, you say? I left somethin' behind at the inn? I don't know about that. I've got everything that belongs to me, I reckon.
Hm? Aye, that's my bag all right…
Truth is, I meant to throw it out. I left it in the room, so's the maid could clean it up.
Look at the thing, will you? It's got a bloomin' big hole in the bottom. It served me well, 'tis true, but now it's worn and no good to no one. What's the point of a bag with a hole in the bottom, I ask you.
Is that so? The little missy at the inn thought it important and sent you after me, eh?
…Hm. Here, let me tell you a story. I'm a merchant hailin' from Limsa, and I came to Gridania to buy up begetables. The folk here grow the best leafs and legumes in all of Eorzea, you know.
But some of the produce I bought wasn't up to par. Bruised, too small, that sort of thing. So I started throwin' away the rejects…but as I was doin' so, who comes up to me but some Grdianian bloke frothin' at the mouth. The man laid into me, sayin', "Oi, that's good food your'e tossin' out!" Right peeved, he was.
So I told him I wasn't doin' it for my own gratification, and I thought it was a waste, too, but my customers are the cream of the Lomisnan society with uncompromisin' tastes, and they wouldn't take too kindly to me tryin' to fob off inferior cucumbers on them.
Well, that just poured oil on the flame, let me tell you, and we got into quite a heated discussion. I came away thinkin' folk hereabouts are all bull-headed and stubborn.
But then I thought on it some, and came to realize somethin'. Obnoxious though he was, that man had the right of it - we shouldn't waste things. Gridanians're 'specially passionate on this, and that bloke simply couldn't bear the sight of me tossin' decent food.
You know what? I'm gonna fix up this here bag, make it as good as new. And then I'll use it for as long as I can. It'll be my little way of showin' respect to the good people of Gridania.
It's done my soul good talkin' with you. I owe you one, friend. If our paths ever cross in Limsa, I'll be sure to feast you on the finest vegetables the land has to offer!

Pfarahr: I owe you one, friend. If you see little missy back at the inn, do pass along my thanks.

V'korolon: Ah, your'e back, and without the bag! I take it your quest has met with success!
If I might be allowed to grumble, though, it's always outsiders who leave things behind. We forestborn know better than to treat our belongings callously.
Take a simple bag, for instance. Making one requires hide - hide that comes form creatures of the Twelveswood. Such creatures give their lives that we might be able to carry our possessions about.
It would be wrong to treat teir sacrifice with any less than the utmost respect. …But then, I have no need to tell you these things. You're the one who returned the bag to its owner, after all.
Which reminds me! You came herrre as an adventurer, but perhaps you would like to stay as a guest? We just need to enter your name in the registry, and our inn shall be your home. Now, let's see. <Full Name>, is it?
Excellent! Now that it's official… Ahem! Greetings, good sir, and welcome to the Roost. Herrre you may rest your weary limbs and restore your vim and vigor. Drop by whenever the adversities of adventuring begin to take their toll.
Now, this goes without saying for persons of quality such as yourself, but we do not allow synthesis on the premises. Our guests expect peace and quiet, and we endeavor to provide it.
You're now registered in the book. Remember, you will always have a home away from home at the Roost. Palliation for the mind and body is what we do best.
(Hildibrand appears behind you)
Hildibrand: These two eyes of mine will not be deceived! Oh, no, for they are the sharpest in all of Eorzea. Speak now, O lovely maiden of gentle heart. Something troubles you, and I, Hildibrand, am here to help.
V'korolon: Er, yes, well. …Nice to meet you? But if you've come about the forgotten bag, <Player> here has already seen it safely back to the owner.
Hildibrand: Beaten to the punch, was I? By this fine gentleman here, you say? Hmmm, could he perhaps be one of my many admire-
Oh, but where are my manners! I have yet to give a proper introduction. My name is Hildibrand, agent of enquiry! Inspector extraordinaire!
I travel the realm, visiting inns and alehouses such as these, quelling quandaries where they may be found. I lift cares from shoulders and thwart dastardly deeds. Should troubles darken your door, summon me, for I am, and always will be, your humble servant.
Incidentally, I must say you have a lovely town here. Very pretty. The forest is so quiet and still, it positively shimmers with a mystic miasma. Not to mention the quite sensational salad I just enjoyed in this fine establishmnt.
Remember! Should troubles darken your door, summon me, for I am, and always will be, your humble servant. And <Player>. I sense that we shall meet again…and my senses are rarely off the mark. Till next time!
(Miounne walks by while Hildibrand and his assistant leave)
Miounne: I say, that man left without paying for his salad…

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