Waking the Spirit


Name: Waking the Spirit
How to begin: talk to F'hobhas at Mutamix's Camp
Areas: Black Brush

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: any Disciple of the Hand at level 20
Required items: Materia Melder
Reward: Materia Melder


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The Lesson

F'hobhas: Why, hello there. I see you've taken an interest in my little device here. Obviously, you're a Disciple of the Hand like me.
It'd be my pleasure to tell you about the materia melder. Simply put, it's a tool for melding materia to equipment.
Successfully attached, materia imbues the host item with its power, which is in turn passed on to the wearer. Substances known as catalysts are required in the melding process, to be sure, but you don't need to worry about them for the moment.
Should you be interested, I'd be glad to teach you the art of materia melding. I'll even conduct a practical test at the end to see what's stuck!
(quest accept)
F'hobhas: The only answer I expected! I mean, what self-respecting disciple of the Hand wouldn't be thrilled at the prospect of learning new ways to enhance equipment? But without further ado, let the training commence!
First, a review of the properties of materia. As you may have heard, materia is a synthetic stone born of the aetheric energies that reside within equipment.
Although each individual piece of materia holds tremendous power, that power remains dormant until such time as the stone is attached to a suitable host item. However, conventional methods of attachment - meaning a hammer, nails, and toil - will not serve.
Materia is formed of both physical and astral matter, you see, and as such, a special substance known as a catalyst is required to stabilize and meld it to equipment.
Catalysts occur in nature, but can only be gathered by Disciples of the Land. If you want for an acquaintance who can supply you with some, you may want to save yourself a few gil and do the procuring yourself. In which case, you'd do well to speak with my fellow Carrier of the Cauldron, Kokosamu.
Now, this next part is important, so heed my words well. The type of catalyst required for the melding process varies with materia. Similarly, you can attach specific materia only to certain types of equipment.
Of course, even assuming you pair everything up correctly, if you lack the skills needed to craft the host item, you can forget about attaching any materia to it.

F'hobhas: You should know also that certain gear can't host materia. I speak of age-old articles whose contact with countless souls has rendered their aetheric alignment permanently unstable. Such gear, referred to as 'soul-worn', is unsuited to bearing materia, and neither skill nor ingredients can remedy this.
And now, the moment you've been waiting for: the practical part of your training! I will lend you my materia melder, which you must use to meld a piece of materia to equipment. The rest - materia, catalyst, and gear - you yourself must provide.

F'hobhas: Oh, you should know also that catalysts are consumable items, only to be used the once.
Now come, show me the fruits of your learning! The tome over there is available for your reference, should you wish to review any aspect of the meldig process.
(obtain materia melder)

The Reward

F'hobhas: Skillfully done! The gear is now suffused with the power of materia! You've mastered the art of materia melding, and it's due in no small part to the high quality of tuition!
Now, here's a morsel of useful information for your reference: if you should eperience a change of heart sometime in the future, and wish to have your equipment purged of materia, you need but request it of Master Mutamix. Keep in mind, though, that the materia will be lost in the process.
…and you didn't hear this from me, but there's supposedly a secret technique for attaching upwards of two pieces of materia to a single item. If there's a person alive who has knowledge of this, it could be none other than Master Mutamix.
Right! I've taught you all I know, and now your journey lies before you. To help you on your way, I'd like you to keep my materia melder.
Think nothing of it. It's the very least we Carriers of the Cauldron can do to encourage the spread of materia to all corners of Eorzea. All the best, friend, and may materia enrich your life as it has mine!

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