Unsavory Ramifications

Hordes of herbivorous rams have invaded the fertile plains of Bearded Rock. If not quelled immediately, their numbers will continue to grow, threatening the region's plant life, and ultimately leading to mass erosion. Hurry to the area's aetheryte camp and help put an end to the problem.


Name: Unsavory Ramifications
Type: Valor
Issuer: Limsa Lominsa Adventurers' Guild
Client: 1st Squadron 2nd Levy Infantry, Yellowjacket Sergeant Sylskaetsyn
Areas: Camp Bearded Rock

Class recommendation: DoW, DoM, rank 1
Objectives: Raging Ram x5, 30 min
Reward: ?


Raging Ram

Level: ?
Drops: ?

Coming soon

Category: Quests


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