United We Stand


Name: TM13 - United We Stand
How to begin: talk to Jakys Rider in Jagged Crest Cave
Areas: Jagged Crest Cave, Castrum Novum, Limsa Lominsa/Ul'dah/Gridania

Last quest: Don't Hate the Messenger
Next quest: To Kill a Raven

Requirements to sign up: Don't Hate the Messenger complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Enemy List
Ceruleum Generator x3
Magitek Transmitter, lv??
Magitek Vanguard F-I, lv??
VIIth Legion Eques, lv55
VIIth Legion Laquearius, lv55
VIIth Legion Medicus, lv55
VIIth Legion Sagittarius, lv55
VIIth Legion Secutor, lv55
VIIth Legion Signifer, lv55

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Mission Briefing

Flame Commander Ryder: You're late, <rank>! I've a mind to discipline you here and now, but our plan will admit no further delay! Consider yourself fortunate, soldier!
As you well know, the Eorzean Alliance has been reforged. Owing to this, it's been decided that the three Grand Companies of Eorzea will join forces for the assault on Castrum Novum.
Rejoice, for you will have the honor of storming the walls of the imperial stronghold. Eternal glory is within your grasp!
I understand it was you who uncovered evidence of the lunar transmitter at the heart of Castrum Novum. Aye, I speak of the unholy device the imperial whoresons mean to use to bring down Dalamud. Well then, I shall not waste my time telling you things you already know.
Our objective is thus: cut a path through the stronghold and destroy the transmitter. Sounds simple, to be sure, but this mission will be dangerous beyond imagining.
Behold the inner structure of castrum Novum. You will want to take note of the location of the tower wherein the transmitter can be found.
As to imperial presence, our scouts have determined that a host of the enemy's new vanguards are stationed within, and nary an insect can flutter in undetected. Expect resistance to be fierce, especially during the daylight bells.
As if we didn't already have our work cut out for us, the tower is protected by a series of internal walls, dividing the stronghold into discrete sectors. We will need to break through several gates if we're to reach the target.
Now, reports suggest that the gate will open only when imperial sentries are on patrol. This is all we know at present - you will need to make up the rest as you go along.
This strategy will be fraught with peril, make no mistake. Know, though, that Admiral Merlwyb herself handpicked you for the role.
Speaking frankly, it is not hard to se why. You have bested two primals, and possess firsthand experience of combat with an imperial vanguard. None is better suited to the task than you.
Garrisoned at castrum Novum is the VIIth Imperial Legion, which our main host will lure into the field. Their attention thus diverted, you will steal your way into the stronghold and destory the lunar transmitter. May the gods grant us victory!
Commander Yarborough will brief you regarding the finer details of the strategy. Report to her, listen, and learn.
(quest accept)

Ryder: Our main host will lure the VIIth Imperial Legion into the field. Their attention thus diverted, you will steal your way into the stronghold and destroy the lunar transmitter.
Commander Yarborough receives intelligence directly from Master Garlond, and will brief you regarding the finer details of the plan.
…Or have you forgotten everything I told you about Castrum Novum?
(Have you forgotten everything you were told about Castrum Novum? I may have forgotten…a bit)
(No. I have committed the layout to memory)
(no response)


Serpent Commander Yarborough: I am Serpent Commander Yarborough, deputy commander of the Yellow Serpents.
A short while ago, we received information regarding the lunar transmitter from Master Garlond. I shall relay to you his words, along with the particulars of our plan.
Our objective is to destroy the lunar transmitter housed within Castrum Novum. In so doing, we deal a crippling blow to tthe imperial initiative known as Meteor. Given the perilous nature of the mission, only volunteers of proven worth shall be considered for participation.
It would seem Castrum Novum is equipped with an advanced automated defense system. Once intruders have ben detected, it will trigger after a certain delay. For their own safety, assault party operatives will be extracted via teleportation magicks at this time.
Upon the conclusion of a mission, regardless of whether it ends in success or failure, our officers routinely assemble in oder to deliberate the next move.
Until such time as their briefing is adjourned, futher forays into Castrum Novum are strictly forbidden.
This being an alliance oepration, you are encouraged to join forces with members of the other Grand Companies.
In closing, I'm obligated to inform you that the operation will be fraught with peril. Even removing the automated defense system from the equation, Castrum Novum fair crawls with defenders. Victory will not be bought without cost.
Make ready as best you can, and once you have done so, you would do well to make ready some more. I pray for your safety and success.

Yarborough: With the Eorzean Alliance revived, the Grand Companies are now free to cooperate with one another. I should be glad to assist a brother from the Maelstrom.
If you wish to know mroe about Castrum Novum, I suggest you speak with Flame Commander Ryder, the officer who heads the operation.
If it's information on the lunar transmitter you desire, I should be glad to assit you. Shall I proceed?
(Would you like to hear information on the lunar transmitter? By all means)
(That won't be necessary)
(no response)

Within the Cave

Serpent Commander Flutaint: Greetings and well met, <rank> <Lastname>. We look forward to cooperating with an honored brother of the Maelstrom.
If you have yet to receive your orders form Flame Commander Ryder, pray do so and then speak to me once more.

Serpent Captain Tall Oak: They say you had a hand in resurrecting the Eorzean Alliance, and that you also smoothed the way for the establishment of a three-nation force.
You've given us a precious chance at victory, and I do not mean to squander it. Let us go and show those imperial whoresons the power of a united Eorzea!

Storm Lieutenant Hidden Sunset: The imperial presence comprises forces from two legions. The VIIth and the XIVth.
Our reports suggest that the former comprises the bulk of the garrison at Castrum Novum. Its leader, Legatus Nael van Darnus, the White Raven, is a man of unsurpassed cunning.
His name has been on the lips of every Eorzean since the fall of Dzemael Darkhold. We must exercise extreme caution as we move to take Castrum Novum. We have no way of knowing what the Raven has in store for us.

Storm Captain Roehmannsyn: The time for standing idle is past! We go to lay our lives on the line!
Aye, the Empre can field elite troopers and bloody vanguards besides, but we are the Maelstrom! The wrath of the Navigator made flesh!
Let's see how well the imperial whoresons weather the storm we're about to visit on them! Gahahaha!

Storm Commander Rhiki: You are welcome here, <rank>. Unfortunately, there has been little in the way of progress since last we spoke.
The Garleans do not mean to relinquish their defensive advantage, and seldom emerge from within the stronghold. The occasional skirmish breaks out between our patrols and theirs, but little more.
With the aid of intelligence supplied by Master Garlond, the operation to infiltrate Castrum Novum continues to take shape. It will be my personal pleasure to throw the main Garlean host into disarray!
For your part, you need only focus on reducing the lunar transmitter to slag. Do not fail us, <rank>.

Flame Private Sompt: Seeing as we're now allies, allow me to give you a sound piece of advice: never speak formal to High Commander Ryder. The man won't tolerate flowery talk.
If you've already gone and done it, though… well, I suggest you run along and see to your mission. You're better off facing imperials than that man's temper.

Flame Private Dhavha: At long last, we can fight together! Yesterday's rivals are today's allies - a classic tale of friendship forged in adverrrsity, is it not?
Tell me true, what do you think of we Immortal Flames? Do we strike you as…arrogant? Overbearing, even? Well, however you see us at present, I hope you'll come to aprrreciate our presence in battle.

Stopping the Tower

(at the entrance to the communication tower. Your party enters an empty room. Then another door opens and a vanguard enters, and the ceruleum generators around the transmitter start protecting it)

(you stop the transmitter. Then an attack comes out of nowhere. It's Nael van Darnus)
Nael Van Darnus: That the thrashing of mere beasts could interrupt Dalamud's descent…
By your hand, the lunar transmitter lies shattered, and Dalamud floats aloft, bereft of guidance.
It would seem that I have sorely underestimated you… Bah, animals were ever at their most dangerous when cornered.
The realm has seen six cycles of death and rebirth, yet man refuses to learn from his mistakes. Ever does he find a way to defile the sanctity of creation, and so the cycle must persist.
But no more, for I shall halt the turning of this weel of darkness! He has willed that it be so, and so must it be!
Dalamud's coming shall cleanse the realm of its foul taint! Only the wicked would refuse His gift of purity!
Only the wicked would seek to prevent His return!
(Nael points his gunhalberd to the skies, towards Dalamud, and starts to glow)
Nael Van Darnus: Your sins shall not go unpunished! A thousand deaths take you and yours!
(a pulse comes down from Dalamud. the glow around Nael becomes red)
Nael Van Darnus: Ah, yes! The song of life resounds!
Its joyous strains herald the coming of a new world - a worlds free of man's creeping corruption!
(Nael sends out one more blast, and this time, blue fire now burns in a circle around the perimeter of the room)
Nael Van Darnus: My master… Guiding light of my life… I had faith that Thou wouldst not forsake Thy loyal servant…
No more have I need of towers drenched in the slaver of beasts!
I willingly give unto Thee my flesh, that Thou mightst return once more!
The crimson light shall suffuse you, cleansing the filth of your flesh and bone - aye, and of your very existence. When that time comes, you shall know such bliss as your mortal mind can ill comprehend.
But the time for talk is past!
Now do I make mine ascent to the realm on high, there to meet with Dalamud!
In the name of House Darnus, I shall bring the wisdom of ancient Allag to bear and make ready a fast in honor of the divine!
(he walks into the blue flame, leaving)
Nael Van Dranus: Bear witness as the curtains rise upon new creation! Ahahahaha!
And you, foolish adventurer… You will die.

Reporting In (Limsa Lominsa)

(Limsa Lominsa, Admiral's stateroom instance)
Reyner: The Maelstrom deployed its adventurer unit for the siege of Castrum Novum. I note with interest that both the Order of the Twin Adder and the Immortal Flames chose to do the selfsame.
That the three-nation army took form so swiftly following the revival of the Eorzean Alliance was no doubt due to the presence of free-spirited adventurers such as yourself.
Aye, the pirates could stand to learn a thing or two of cooperation from your lot.

Storm Marshal Slafyrsyn: Crossed paths with the White Raven, you say?
The Admiral and Master Garlond will require a full account of that confrontation. See that you spare no detail.

Cid: What kept you, <Player>? I hope you don't think night on single-handedly destroying a heavily guarded lunar transmitter entitles you to a rest!? Ha ha! But enough fooling - tell me of your exploits within Castrum Novum.
Yet again you've proven to me that you're forged of uncommon metal. That the lunar transmitter is no more is cause to rejoice indeed!
Without it guiding Dalamud's course, we've managed to avert the worst-case scenario.
But it seems the merrymaking must wait - the words van Darnus left you with bode ill.
Between this mention of offering up his own flesh, and having no further need for towers…we have much to ponder.
It may well be the ravings of a lunatic, of course, but we cannot discount the possibility that van Darnus has an alternate means of controlling Dalamud. There's just too much at stake.
But what could he hope to achieve with his own death?
And who's the mystery individual who commands his reverence? Somehow, I rather doubt it's His Radiance the Emperor.
Though I have no answers, these questions bring us closer to the truth. I'd wager van Darnus has a co-conspirator. Someone who has remained hidden from us until now.
If we could but capture the Raven, mayhap we could ask him. But where has this bird flown to?
Finding our man will require a full-scale search effort, something that's best left to the Admiral. In the meanwhile, I will join heads with old Louisoix to plot our next move.
Provided each of us focuses on the task at hand, it shouldn't be long before we have the White Raven in a cage.
In destroying the lunar transmitter, we've finally managed to get one over on our good friend Nael. Not only have we dealt a body blow to his plot, we've also given his ego a black eye. And knowing the man, I bet that hurt even more!
Now we just have to keep it up. Do that, and you can be sure the White Raven won't have anything to crow about!

Cid: In destroying the lunar transmitter, we've finally amanged to get one over on our good friend Nael. Not only have we dealt a body blow to his plot, we've also given his ego a black eye. And knowing the man, I bet that hurt even more!
Now we just have to keep it up. Do that, and you can be sure the White Raven won't have anything to crow about!

Merlwyb: I'm given to understand you were among those heroes who won through to the heart of Castrum Novum. Speak freely - I would know all that transpired during the mission.
Bloody hells… I was aware that you had played an instrumental role in the destruction of the lunar transmitter. But to hear you tell it, 'instrumental' would seem an understatement.
You are worthy of the highest commendation I can bestow, soldier.
Among the men and women under my command, your qualities are..unique. Right glad am I to have such an asset.
Owing to your feats of valor, the Empire's plans have been dealt a grievous blow.
Garlemald can no longer use the lunar transmitter to bring Dalamud down upon us.
It is regrettable that van Darnus yet eludes our grasp, but we must look to the silver lining.
Few can boast of having put the White Raven to flight - and bereft of the better part of his wits, to hear it told.
According to Master Garlond, van Darnus may well possess other means of calling down Dalamud.
These are grave tidings indeed. Needless to say, we can ill afford to wait for the White Raven to act.
If there is even a chance that Dalamud will fall, we must act now to stop it.
Yet we lack the knowledge and wisdom of old Allag. Against that, our strength may count for naught.
Even if we hunt down van Darnus, we may struggle to halt that which he has set in motion. We must needs add learning to our might.
I would have you assist Master Garlond and Louisoix in whatever way they require. Their insight may well prove our salvation.
Wonder not that I entrust this task to you, <rank>. Even amongst the Maelstrom's finest, you stand apart. Take what skills the gods have given you, and help us put an end to the White Raven and his thrice-damned plot.

Merlwyb: Provide what assistance youare able to Master Garlond and Louisoix. With their insight, and your many talents, we may yet put an end to the White Raven and his thrice-damned plot.
Should we receive new intelligence, you shall know of it. You have my word.
Hells take my memory - I made no mention of your reward! Present yourself to Storm Marshal Slafyrsyn. I had him prepare something suitably generous.

Reyner: Sellswords are notorious for being fickle. If offered greater coin, they won't scruple to turn their cloaks. Suffice it to say, this has been the source of much consternation to armies throughout history.
Yet you adventurers are…different. It is more than the promise of wealth and glory that drives you.
I should someday like to trade tales with you over a tankard of ale. My shout, of course.

Slafyrsyn: At Castrum Novum, you attempted that which many thought impossible. And now the lunar transmitter lies in pieces.
Owing to your exploits, our forces have managed to gain a foothold in the struggle against the Empire.
From here onwards, we mustn't rest until the Meteor project is no more, and every last Garlean is driven from Eorzea.
I understand you have orders to assist Master Garlond and Louisoix. As you play your part, so too will I dedicate myself to the safeguarding of Eorzea's future.
The reward I now proffer is symbolic of our faith in you. Accept it, and remember always that you fight beneath the Maelstrom's proud banner.

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