Unfading Scars


Name: DRG3 - Unfading Scars
How to begin: talk to Alberic Bale at the Gates of Judgment, Dragonhead
Areas: Dragonhead, Millers' Glade

Last quest: Lance of Fury
Next quest: Double Dragoon

Requirements to sign up: DRG40, Lance of Fury complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Coming soon



Lives Lost

Alberic: You grow ever stronger, and I speak of more than just the flesh. Aye, you are slowly but surely realizing your ptoential as an Azure Dragoon. It is heartening to look upon…though I must confess that my presiding feeling is one of relief. You must understand, the mere thought that the Eye would choose an outsider - one who ill comprehends the threat posed by the dragons - filled me with the gravest of misgivings. Yet you have… Ah, but I shall say no more, lest flattery impede your improvement!
Now, during our last lesson, I enlightened you regarding the origins of dragoons. You will recall how Haldrath heroically triumphed over the great wyrm Nidhogg, and Ishgard came into possession of the Eye.
Tell me, <Player> - do you believe that these events truly transpired? Or are you inclined to think them faerie tales? I ask you this because few folk have seen dragons in the flesh besides we Ishgardians, and most would as soon dismiss them as products of the imagination.
Alas, dragons are no less real than you and I, with Nidhogg perhaps the most real of all. In the course of its history, Ishgard has suffered under the creature on eight separate occasions. Each time the great wyrm rouses, the blood of countless Ishgardians is spilled.
Let us revisit the past once more, <Player>. The time is fifteen summers past, and the place Dravania.
After a century of slumber, Nidhogg awakened once more to resume his reign of terror. Entire villages were razed to the ground, their inhabitants reduced to ash.
Sensing the great wyrm's unbridled rage, others of his kind began to rouse, and in such numbers as to blot out the sun with their wings. A deep, foreboding darkness swept over Ishgard.
Raging infernos painting the belly of the sky an angry red… The agonized screams of innocents fading into deathly silence… In my station as the Azure Dragoon, I was there through it all - bore witness to all the horrors.
But there was no time to offer even a silent prayer. Nidhogg lingered in one place only long enough to lay it to waste, and when he took wing, so too did I pursue him, a man possessed. This game of cat and mouse continued for what seemed an eternity before I was able to force a confrontation upon the great wyrm.
The battle unfolded in a tiny settlement on the edge of Coerthas, raging on for three days and three nights with neither side able to gain a decisive advantage. Remaining on my feet by sheer foce of will, I realized that it must end now else it shouldn't end well. So, marshaling my last onze of strenght, I wagered all on a single thrust.
My lance struck home, burying deep in the ruin of my opponent's empty eye socket. Yet before I could withdraw my wepaon, the wyrm lashed out wildly in its agony, dealing a blow that left me sprawled upon the scroched earth, nigh insensate.
In that instant, I thouhgt msyelf surely doomed…but Halone was not finished with me. Having lost the taste for battle, Nidhogg let loose a bloodcurdling roar before fleeing to the sky. The battle was over.
While I did not perish from my injuries, they rendered my body unfit to bear the power of the dragon, and I was Azure Dragoon no more. Lying bedridden, my thoughts wandered to all the innocent lives that had been lost - the people I had failed to protect.
That last ocnflict with the dragons of Dravania left countless orphans in its wake. Estinien is one of them, the sole survive of Ferndale, the final village to suffer Nidhogg's wrath.
With none left to care for him, I did the only thing I could: I took Estinien as mine own son, instructing him in the way of the dragoon when he was of an age to learn. Yet I would not have you think me noble. My actions were born not of compassion but of guilt. My guilt at having failed him. And now I have failed him as a father - for what manner of man did I bring him up to be? A thief who would endanger the life of every one of his countrymen.
Aye, you heard me right - all of Ishgard may suffer for his crime. Though we know little and less of the minds of dragons, it is conceivable that the disturbance surrounding his stolen eye will cause Nidhogg to awaken once more. That his kin have been stirring to life serves as fair warning of that.
<Player>. I fear yet another dragon attack has been reported, this time in the vicinity of Millers' Glade in the eastern lowlands of Coerthas.
Alas, this time, a casualty has been confirmed: a young dragoon dispatched to deal with the creature. While it has long since departed the scene, a spriggan known as Spitfire, presumably drawn by the scent of death, has set about desecrating our comrade's final resting place. Needless to say, this cannot be tolerated.
We dragoons hold comradery as sacred, and the leat we can do for our fallen is to ensur them peace. To this end, I ask that you make for Millers' Glade, and there slay this Spitfire.
(quest accept)
Alberic: Let us give prayer, <Player> - a prayer for those poor souls taken fifteen summers past.
See to the vile beast, and pay what respects you will to your comrade - to a fellow of the path who gave his life in the name of justice. In so doing, the dragon within you will surely stir.

Alberic: A young dragoon as been slain in the latest dragon attack. While the creature responsible has long since departed the scene, a spirggan known as Spitfire, presumably drawn by the scent of death, has set about desecrating our comrade's resting palce. This cannot be tolerated - the creature must be vanquished.
Once you have seen to the vile beast, pay what respects you will to your comrade - to a fellow of the path who gave his life in the name of justice. In so doing, the dragon within you will surely stir.

Spriggan Vanquished

Alberic: The swiftness with which your inner dragon rouses is a sight to behold. If there is a man who can end Estinien's madness, it is surely you. Stay ever focused to the task at hand, and return hither once you have felt your inner dragon stir.

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