Two-man Crew


Name: MRD2 - Two-man Crew
How to begin: talk to Waekbyrt aboard Astalicia in Limsa Lominsa
Areas: Limsa Lominsa

Last quest: Bloody Baptism
Next quest: Captain's Orders

Requirements to sign up: MRD30, Bloody Baptism complete
Required items: Mirage token, Deep-red ruby, Bottle of aged rum, First-edition copy of Skull Island, Far eastern sourleaf, Sack of pirate ship funds
Reward: ?


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Escaped Lemming
Raymonde Neverwake

Follow the quest until you end up aboard the Kraken ship. Once there, you need to gather items without making enough creaking noises to cause the pirates left on board to investigate. If you do, you'll fail this part of the quest and will have to try again.
Be wary of the lemming, fighting it will cause additional noise. However, leaving it alone can let it cause too much noise by itself too, so be quick about gathering the required items. The last one is obtained after defeating Raymonde Neverwake, just notice that you can fail the quest mid-way through the fight with him if you exceed the noise limit during it. Be aware of where you're standing so as not to trigger creaky planks.



Bickering Pirates

Waekbyrt: Scrag! Ye didn't go throwin' all that gelt I gave ye at th' local alewench, did ye? Nay? What in the seven hells be the point o' workin' yer godsdamned figners to th' bone if ye cannot dip yer nethers in th' lake o' luxury!? Drag that sorry arse o' yers down to th' Astalicia. I gots me some words fer ye.

Waekbyrt: A great man once told me, one bloke's rubbish be another bloke's rubies… or was it that tight-fisted sop what runs th' Wench?
Direct yer eyes t' the stairs, scrag, and ye'll soon know of what I be speakin'.
Rhoswen: Makin' quite a fuss fer a man whose ambitions ain't no bigger'n 'is man'ood!
Why, this proposition o' yers wouldn't earn ye enough gelt for a bell in the bed of a gutter wench four score summers past 'er prime.
Carvallain: Colorful words, my dear. Have you forgotten your courtesies? I would have imagined a lady of your years to be rather better versed in the ways of etiquette.
Waekbyrt: Yer pardons. Th' scrag I was tellin' ye of 's finally had the good grace t' present his poxy mug.
Carvallain: I am Carvallain, captain of the Kraken's Arms. The good man Waekbyrt here has informed me that you desire to become a pirate. Well, I can assure you that the quickest path to fulfilling that lofty goal is in the employ of me and mine honored associates.
Rhoswen: O-ho, the Krakens be all arms and no brains, darlin'. They spend their nights pattin' themselves on the backs fer deeds a street rat could do - and better, like as not.
Me crew, the Sanguine Sirens, on the other hand, embody the true spirit o' piracy - freedom t' do whatever ye damn well pelase, and no one t' anser to but yer good self…and me, o' course.
Carvallain: And lo, the hag reminisces of the days she was a maid… Ah, but times have changed, and we must change with them, lest we be swept away by the tides of ineptitude.
Limsa Lominsa is no longer a lonely cove for bandits to sell their boty and drink away their fortunes. He who is to become Admiral must tend to matters both diplomatic and economic. You can leave your 'freedom' to the faeries.
Rhoswen: Hah! I'd expect naught else from a bloke wi' less 'twixt 'is legs than me! And ye calls yerself a pirate! Ye're nothin' but a bloody scholarly wi' a bonny boat an' a mangy crew o' man-boys.
Carvallain: Dear me. The obstinacy of the ogress and the temper of the termagant in a single misguided outburst… 'Tis not your best of evenings, is it, old girl?
Waekbyrt: The closer the Trident, the hotter the blood boils, what wi' ev'ry cap'n an' his crew lookin' t' find 'emselves some new mates t' better their chances o' winnin' that godsdamned race. And what o' you, scrag? Ye fancy a bit o' work?
(quest accept)
Waekbyrt: Good, 'cause th' Executioner boat ain't got no need fer ballast like ye, anyroad!
Matters not which way ye list. Odds are, both'll toss ye brinewise once th' Trident's been run. Yer crew comes up anythin' but first, they'll be quick t' point their fingers at th' scrag what got in their way. They take the chair, well, that'll be just as bad. Ye see, th' fewer scrags a crew's got, the fewer ways th' spoils need splittin'.
(an elezen walks in)
Clotairion: Reavers on the Deep! Two galleons aflame!
Carvallain: Were they my vessels?
Rhoswen: Or mine!? Out o' my way, scrags!

Aboard the 'Licia

(instance aboard Astalicia)
Waekbyrt: Seems as yer two best choices did th' decidin' fer ye. An' where might that leave ye ,now, eh?
Reckon ye still might find a few stragglers up in the lounge, if ye don't mind drunks an' cowards!

Nunuba: Serpent Reavers, ye say? Best burn that name in yer bilge-soaked brain. Them be th' worst o' th' worst. Was pirates like you an' me - well, like me, at least - that is, 'til they gone an' sold their souls t' th' fishbacks. Now the monsters'll cut yer throat afore ye've time t' scream.

S'raemha: Can't very well play pirate wtihout a ship to call yer own, now can ye? And ain't no one countin' that dinghy danglin' 'twixt yer legs.

Hasthwab: Word 'as it th' Reavers bore their fangs in waters not far from L imsa. Would've gone an' bloodied me 'ands wi' th' rest o' the jolly lot, but I reckoned they'd 'ave no need of an extra axe.
Them two crews 'ave more'n enough allies t' warm their beds, an' 'tis only a matter of time afore one or tother takes th' Admiral's chair fer 'is - or 'er - own. That is, unless their ceaseless strugglin' don't see 'em feed each other t' th' fishes first.

Mimiroon: Fishbacks love Mimiroon. Love tasty Mimiroon… Love eating tasty Mimiroon…

Chichiroon: Chichiroon left behind. Nobody see Chichiroon. Nobody love Chichiroon…

Ighii Moui: Heard both Krakens and Sirens have their eyes on ye.
A ship of wanton wenches brandishing cutlasses and drowning in rum may seem a aparadise, but only a fool of a man would sign on with Rhoswen. The vixen has a taste for young meat, and it would not be long before ye found yer manhood bitten off and spat out to the sharks.

G'nanghal: Heard us Bloody Executioners took on a new scrag, but I ain't seen none o' th' like on my watch. Someone be pullin' me peg leg, I say. That is, if I had me a peg leg t' pull, mind.
The Executioners are legendary. If ye join the crew, an' live long enough, some silver-tongued bard's sure t' end up singin' yer name one day.

W'hahtoa: Hah. Didn't last long as a Bloody Executioner, did ye?
Consider yerself fortunate the cap'n didn't pickle ye in a barrel an' toss ye to the sharks. And people say he ain't got a soft spot fer adventurers.

Ositha: Reavers cleared the 'old o' both Krakens an' Sirens without settin' a single foot on shore. Now that be a damn fine trick if e'er I seen one.
'Tis a good thing, too, for if Rhoswen or Carvallain were t' catch wind of 'im, the seas 'round the ship'd soon be runnin' red.

Dhemsunn: They say…
…ye toss good steel in with that what's rusted, an' it'll 'ave gone red afore the moon's turned.
Same might be said o' scrags…

Triaine: Captain Rhoswen says she'll let me choose our next target, and I've already got my eye on a pleasure boat run by the Krakens.
What? You think I'm afraid you'l reveal my plan to one of them? Ha! I'm betting that you will! The more prepared they are for us, the more bloodshed there'll be…and there ain't nothing a Sanguine Siren likes more than a boatload of bloodshed! Hahahahaha!

Wyra Khamazom: Let me first congratulate you on making it this far into the Astalicia without losing any of your limbs. I fear, however, that your preservation may owe as much to luck as judgment.
Should you wish to entrust the retention of your extremities to something more tangible than good fortune, I suggest you limit your meanderings to the ship's main hall. Should the pull of Nymeia take you to the lower decks, not even the push of Oschon will see you out alive.

Bayard: Ev'ry ship 'as its share o' rats, 'tis true, an' th' 'Licia ain't none diff'rent. Why, I spy me a right fat one just o'er there, a-paddlin' in a pool of 'is own puke.
Cannot fathom why Waekbyrt suffers the likes of ol' Rusty Steel, knowin' all th' grief 'e caused th' Executioners back in th' day.

Neale: Heard ol' Waekbyrt put his barnacled boot to your arse and kicked you to the rocks…but here you are. Thought you'd have learned your lesson.
Then again, when did an adventurer ever learn his lesson? If you're that intent on waking up in a gutter with a knife in your back, then may I point you in the direction of one Rostnsthal - the sot over yonder staring into the depths of his cup. He'll sort you out. Sort you out good and proper, he will! Heh heh heh.

Join the Crew

Rosthnsthal: You wi' th' face like a lemmin's arse! Lookin' fer a crew?
Well answer us, then! I ain't gonna strike ye, 'onest sir. Pirate's 'onor!
(A pirate's life for ye? Nay…)
Rostnsthal: Why settle wi' the lot of a pirate? Ain't there somethin' more? Somethin' t' which only th' sharp o' mind might aspire, as ye might say?
Them crews wi' their fancified names - Krakens, Sirens, Salt'ounds, Bloody Executioners - one an' th' same, I tells ye.
They'll be quick t' use ye, and quicker t' toss ye into th' Deep. Where be th' freedom in that?
But 'onest Rostnsthal, 'ere…'e can offer ye somethin' diff'rent. 'E can offer ye the chance t' be yer own pirate. Yer own man!
O' course, I'd be yer cap'n - what wi' me wealth of experience in th' noble trade - but ye'd be me first mate! Picture it! We'll take orders from none but ourseleves! And 'eed the words o' none but the Navigator, sent to us on 'Er salt-scented winds. What do ye say?
(Take your chacnes with Rostnsthal? Nay…)
Rostnsthal: Fine answer, ald. Ye can see th' storm clouds a-brewin', but that dont' stop ye from castin' off.
And so, to the seas, I say! …Or so I would say, if me hip was more'n a pile o' rottin' planks clutterin' up the dry dock. Damn Krakens learned me a lesson last time I tried sneakin' a little too close t' their flagship, th' Misery.
'Igh time it is I repay th' favor, and secure th' gelt I needs t' aptch up me lovely lady in one fell swoop o' th' axe. Ye see, I gots me this idea….
Ye was below t' witness them Krakens an' Sirens get all riled up o'er th' latest fishback raid, right?
Well, if I know them two dogs, I'd wager both sent all their able men out lookin' for retribution…leavin' their lairs as empty as me bladder after a mornin' piss. An' what finer opportunity t' sneak in an'…let's say…reclaim what was at one time rightfully mine? …or rightfully should've been. 'Tis a fickle distinction, I confess. Anyway, what say ye?
(Sneak into the Krakens' hideout? Nay!)
Rosthsthal: Now, while ye be off saltin' th' Krakens, I'll be payin' a little visit t' the Sirens' den. We can meet back 'ere once ye've got yer 'ands on somethin' worth gettin'.

Bayard: Hah! Might the scrag be thinkin' a couple of 'arrrs' an' an axe on 'is back'll make 'm a boney fidey pirate?
Well then, Lord Pirate, let me learn ye yer first lesson. Me brothers, th' Salt'ounds, don't take kindly t' scrags what go around callin' 'emselves pirates. Consider yerself marked. Heh heh heh.

Neale: Saw you talking with ol' Rusty Steel afore he went crawling back into the gutter. Best watch your back when mixing with the likes of him. More'n a few of me mates wouldn't think twice about slicing his pipes from ear to ear…and paying the same courtesy to any suspected of consortin' with the sot.

Ositha: Tempers'll run 'otter than the seven 'ells when Rhoswen an' Carvallain learn they lost face t' the likes of a fledglin' 'venturer an' a drunken 'as-been.
Let the mummers' show begin… Th' main attraction bein' yerself!

Dhemsunn: Ye was warned.
Now 'tis only a matter o' time afore yer name be as rusted as yer rotten cap'n's.
Tread lightly, scrag…

S'raemha: Seems the cup-shotten turncloak finally sobered up enough t' gather 'is wits and make fer the docks. And good riddance, I say.
Would've kicked 'im out meself, but the cap'n says every man what calls 'imself a pirate, no matter 'ow pissed or ugly, 'as a place on the Astalicia…and I ain't one t' quarrel wi' the cap'n.

Waekbyrt: Now, why in th' seven hells would a scrag like you want t' know where th' Krakens sharpen their swords?
Decided t' join 'em, have ye? Well, it be high time ye turned that ugly head o' yers away from a certain drunk and tried some proper piratin'. Ye'll find th' Krakens' lair down along th' Sailors Ward docks, o'er on th' Southern Islands.
If ye're quick, might still be a boat what ain't left port yet.

Aboard the Kraken Ship

(Sailors Ward, Kraken ship)
(!#1) "Got te the beste of the captain today. Wyth all the rotten plankes making up the floore, there ain't no reason a man on watch shouldn't be able to do his duties while drinking grog and tossing the bones wyth his brothers in the reare storeroom. If some sorrie foole even thought of stealing away wyth our cargo, we'd hear him before he got halfawy across the room. Anythinge under four creakes, mind, and we won't trouble ourselves. Ain't about to go chasing after another one of those thryce-damned lemmynges what gotte loose."
(obtain a mirage token)

(!#2) You find a bill of sale. it reads:
"For the foollowing services rendered:
-Repair of damaged floorboards located in the rear center of west storehouse
Recompense of 3,000 gil shall be paid, half immediately, the other half upon completion
Amount paid to date: 1,500 gil"
(obtain a deep-red ruby)

(!#3) (obtain a bottle of aged rum)

(!#4) You find a tattered piece of parchment. It reads:
"Caught Reymonde sleepinge amongst the cargo agen. Told him I'd have his hede if he did it so much as once more, but we all know he ain't one for lisseninge. I moved the crates over in front of the rotten flooreboardes so the next time he tryed it, I'd heere him. Be sure to lissen in my steade when I am out!"
(obtain a first-edition copy of Skull Island)

(!#5) (Reymonde Neverwake appears)
(obtain a Far eastern sourleaf)

Selling the Booty

(aboard Astalicia)
Waekbyrt: Them Krakens treat ye proper, like? I only asks 'cause that sot Rostnsthal is upstairs in his cups, an' I was wond'rin' if ye might not rub a bit o' salt in th' scurvy dog's wounds fer us. Tell him all about what it be like servin' under a real pirate, an' so on. Come on, do it fer yer ol' mate Waekbyrt!

Rostnsthal: Finally back, eh? Was startin' t' think ye might've gone an' got yer throat slit. So, then, what did ye find?
Hm. Not bad, n ot bad at all. Now all's we got left is t' move the goods.
'Course, try an' peddle them trinkets 'ere in Limsa, an' th' Krakens'll be all o'er us afore we ken it. This bein' so, we must needs undertake a triflin' little voyage t' th' desert.
I've a contact in Ul'dah who'll buy whate'er ye brings 'im, wi' nary a question asked. So, yer second job as me first mate be t' 'op on a ferryboat an' transport our 'ard-won booty somewhere's no keen eyes'll be findin' it.

Rorojaru: Ha-hahahahahaha! Rostnsthal sends yet another bearing gifts to humble Rorojaru. And one as naive as the last, it would seem! Very good, very good.
Ah, but before you go, I recommend you ponder long and hard why your benefactor chose the name by which he would have us call him. Though it hinders not the arm that wields his mighty axe, the rust of his past ever corrodes the steel of his soul.
(obtain a sack of pirate ship funds)

Plans Advance

Nunuba: Ye ask me, ye'd be best off pledgin' yer blade t' neither Kraken nor Siren. Any crew that can't catch 'em a Reavear ain't worth a spit.

S'raemha: Rumor 'as ye was set on joinin' the Krakens… Ha! Sack o' gelt says they kicked ye back t' th' cobbles where ye crawled from.
'Tis true, there always be th' Sirens, but I'd think long an' 'ard afore stickin' yer man'ood in the maw o' that bloody merbeast. If word slips that ye called on th' Krakens first, the crone Rhoswen might well see it as a slight.

Ositha: Me matey says them'Cudas 'ave a cell in their brigs colder than a dead whore's stare. First, the cold takes yer toes, then yer fingers…then yer member! Anyroad, 'e reckons none could last more'n a few days down there….
So, if I gets word in a few days that ol' Rostnsthal's seen 'is last down tehre, drinks'll be on the 'ouse! Gah hah hah!

Mharelak: Sent out our most heavily armed ships an' began firin' all cannons as soon as we got within range o' the beasts. The Spinner's pull saw us land a few hits, but the Reavers seemed to have sensed our comin' and moved off before we cold do any real damage.
A good deal o' coin was lost in that attack. Can't no one say Cap'n Carvallain has a tight fist when it comes to ensurin' the safety o' Limsa Lominsa an' her sailors.

Dhemsunn: 'Cudas can try, but they won't get more'n a belch an' a wink out of ol' Rostnsthal.
Oh, there be a fair few what's done their damnedest - but there ain't none can make use o' steel what's rusted through.
'Specially no scrag of an adventurer.

Neale: The sot ain't here or hereabouts, scrag. Most like he's lying in a gutter somewher, wet with his own gore.

Bayard: I thought we'd rid ourselves o' yer like when th' 'Cudas came an' 'auled off yer piss-soaked patron.

Triaine: The day is Cap'n Rhsowen's!
One glimpse of the Lady Infernal cutting a straight line to the heart of the fishback fleet, and the Reavers turned tail and ran!

Wyra Khamazom: Hah! A Kraken that can't shrug off a fishback's bite has no right to be on the sea.
If memory serves, it was a Kraken cargo ship that was sunk, but a Siren ship that drove off the Reavers… Hmmm, is it just me, or does a certain crew of eunuchs owe someone a debt of gratitude for saving their worthless arses?

Nanapiri: Damn Sirens, spreading their untruths as freely as they spread their legs.
Everyone who was out there knows that it was no Kraken ship that was sunk, but a boat full of bawling bitch-hounds.

Waekbyrt: Lookin' fer Rostnsthal, are ye, scrag? Well, ye won't find 'im here, nor nowhere hereabouts. Th' 'Cudas took him, see, an' slung the grog-soaked sod in their brig t' rot…fer good, I hopes.
Though I'd not be surprised if he wandered in here sooner or later. The man's more lives than a stray cat - an' more fleas, too! Hmmm, now that I think on it, he smells more o' cat piss an' all…
An' speak o' th' demon….
Rostnsthal: If it ain't me loyal first mate! Ye done some fine work, there.
Now…a few of our 'ard-earned coins in them shipwrights' purses, an' th' 'ammers'll commence t' poundin' o'er at Vymelli's. An' soon, laddie, soon I'll be back on th' open seas where I - er, we belong! Hah hah hah hah!

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