Name: Traumaturgy
How to begin: talk to Totono at Arrzaneth Ossuary
Areas: Ul'dah, Halatali

Last quest: Clasping to Hope
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: Theda's ring
Reward: ?


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Amalj'aa Shaman

Level: 37
Drops: ?
Location: east Halatali

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Fetch the Ring

Totono: It is good to see you again, <Player>. I must thank you again for finding Theda's clasp. Guided by the message she left for us within it, we were able to save her from her captors.
Upon her return, the high prelates questioned her in the hope that they might learn something of the Amalj'aa shamans' magic. Unfortuantely, however, she was in no condition to answer…
The poor thing, the trauma of the whole ordeal has left her in a state of shock. Mere mention of the Amalj'aa brings on uncontrollabel fits. Her tears and screams come unchecked, and there is nothing we can do to stay them.
On those rare occasions when she is in possession of her senses, she will speak of nothing but her 'precious ring' - and demand that we fetch it for her. Having searched her quarters and found nothing, we have come to suspect that the Amalj'aa may have taken it.
If it is more work you seek, perhaps you would attempt to find this ring for us. Send as many of those Amalj'aa fiends as you must to see Thal. Rifle enough corpses, and you just might come upon Theda's ring before long.
Those who saved her claim her captors fled from Halatali to the northeast. No doubt they have taken refuge near one of the region's many mesas, and are licking their wounds.
(quest accept)
Totono: The Order is in your debt once again. I only wish we were able to provide you with more information.
I have marked several locations on your map where the Amalj'aa are like to be hiding. Please, you must find Theda's ring! I fear it is the only thing that might restore her sanity.

Totono: Theda's condition has not improved - I cannot leave her unattended. Please, go in my stead to find this ring she speaks of.
The Amalj'aa who took her were seen fleeing from Halatali to the north and east. I've marked the location on your map where they are most like to be hiding. Please, you must find Theda's ring! I fear it is the only thing that might restore her sanity.

Good Amalj'aa

Totono: It is good to see you returned. It is not my wish to greet a friend with ill tidings, but I'm afraid I have no choice. Theda has left the Order - and Ul'dah.
Time alone served to bring her wits back to her. She revealed all to us before going. She claims one of the Amalj'aa came to take pity upon her. It shared its rations with her, loosened her bonds to allow her sleep, and spared her the tortures of its comrades. Were it not for that one Amalj'aa, she believes she would certainly have died.
Of course, we knew naught of this when we attacked the Amalj'aa camp…and the beast was among those that fell during the ensuing battle. Wounded grievously, it bled to death before her eyes as she lay bound and gagged, powerless to help. She blames herself for its death - and it seems it was this thought which drove her wits from her.
As for the ring you've recovered, Theda told us that it was a gift from that same Amalj'aa…though I suppose it is more of a keepsake now. You may leave it with me. I will see that it makes its way to her hand once more.
Do not be so hasty to take pity on poor Theda, nor her dead friend. The Sacrarium has its doubts as to whether her tale is true - though she certainly believes it to be so. I myself expect that all of this is practiced - the wardband tortures their captive, while a single Amalj'aa feigns compassion to foster a false trust.
That trust is then manipulated to obtain what they truly seek - in this case, knowledge of our thaumaturgical arts. A case of good Amalj'aa, bad Amalj'aa, as it were. Near every hamlet in the region has such a story, and many and more end with smallfolk turning to the side of the Amalj'aa.
Whether it was yet another instance of this, or a truly compassionate Amalj'aa, perhaps we shall never know. But I for one am certainly not about to abandon my mistrust nor hatred for the race at large given the possibility of one gentle soul.
I pray your convictions are as firm as mine. Here is your reward, friend.

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