Trading Tongueflaps


Name: Trading Tongueflaps
How to begin: talk to Sweetnix Rosycheeks by the Mizzenmast building
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Bearded Rock

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Coming soon


The Request

Sweetnix Rosycheeks: Pshhh… Shkohhh… Has uplander unfull purse needing jinglyshine? Sweetnix makes busydeal with uplander. Busydeal for much jinglyshine!
Out of city over watercross, 'Cudamen set tent-ring at rock of beards. Uplander walks to tent-ring, trades tongueflaps to 'Cudaman Ryssfloh. Easy jinglyshine!
Uplander says yes, Sweetnix is happy gobbie and uplander is jingly lander. Sweetnix and uplander have good busydeal?
(quest accept)
Sweetnix Rosycheeks: Sweetnix has outflow of joy for uplander's wideheart.
Now, uplander walks with fastness to rock of beards and trades tongueflaps to 'Cudaman Ryssfloh. Sweetnix needs know his backwords soonly!

Sweetnix Rosycheeks: Does uplander's braincase not rattle with walkpath to rock of beards? Sweetnix will pass aid. Walk out of city over watercross. Walk more northwise and eastwise until openeyes fall to 'Cudamen tent-ring.
'Cudaman Ryssfloh makes watch beyond tent-ring with grandest arrowsling upon backchest. Uplander needs trade tongueflaps to 'Cudaman if purse is to bear jinglyshine!


(Camp Bearded Rock)
Ryssfloh: You need to trade what with me? Wait… Might you be the jabbering loon who sent me this cryptic message asking about the camp? While I appreciate your interest in the Yellowjackets, you might have made the whole matter a lot more straightforward if you had avoided gibberish like 'arrowsling' and 'slippyweed'.
Anyway, I don't suppose it matters now. So, where to start? The area of Bearded Rock gets its name from a nearby boulder that was once used to chain up criminals who had been caught pillaging the local hamlets. Legend says the stone was naught more than a bald, grey slab until they strung up a pirate the locals called One-eyed Wylfred.
Whereas most of the rock's 'guests' would last a matter of days, old Willie held out for moons, his beard growing longer and longer with each passing day, until one morning, a guard came by to find naught but hair wrapped around the rock. Even today, some are convinced the moss growing on the stone is actually the pirate's beard, transformed by the march of time.
Ah, but you wanted to know more of what we do here at Camp Bearded Rock. Well, each and every man and woman you see stationed here, uniformed or no, is a member of the Thalassocratic Navy's First Squadron Second Levy Infantry, more commonly known as the Yellowjackets. There are six score of us stationed in strategic locations about Vylbrand - our main duty being the defense of the city-state's land outposts against enemy incursion.
Now you may ask why a thalassocracy - a nation defined by its control of the seas - even needs land-based outposts…and you would not be the only one. Truth to be told, there are more than a few in the Coral Tower who feel the same, and have done their best to consign us to the annals of military history. It seems that every new budget makes less and less provision for our needs, and we're growing accustomed to fighting off bestial hordes with rusted blades and worm-eaten shields.
But I suppose I cannot expect those with their eyes ever turned to the seas to comprehend how much effort is spent on preventing their rosy arses from being reduced to bloody hash. Ah, but I've said too much. Those rosy arses do squeeze out my wages, meager though they may be. How about we keep that last bit between you and me, eh?

Ryssfloh: There aren't many who are interested in how the Yellowjackets serve the city-state. Most people simply take us for granted, not realizing we're the only reason Limsa Lominsa isn't overrun with slavering peistes and razor-clawed crabs.
The six score men and women who make up the First Squadron Second Levy Infantry are more than just Knights of the Barracuda they are heroes of the realm. Each and every one of them. Till sea swallows all!

Wordbond Kept

Sweetnix Rosycheeks: Oh! Uplander backwalks from rock of beards! Wordbond is kept! Pass unto me 'Cudaman's backwords, as was busydeal!
Ho ho ho! 'Cudamen of six score and no more! Ironspikes wear reddust, roundplanks see wormholes! Hearts sag heavy, spirits drag low.
Pshhh… Shkohhh… Gehehehehe hehehe heh heh!
Oh! Uplander is not to ear-catch selfsounds of Sweetnix! Take jinglyshine and walk!
Sweetnix needs onlytime for planstrike. Onlytime not possible when uplander makes lustyeeyes upon beauteous Sweetnix!

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