To Fight a Fishback


Name: FSH1 - To Fight a Fishback
How to begin: talk to N'nmulika at Fisherman's Bottom
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Bearded Rock, Skull Valley

Last quest: -
Next quest: The Beast of the Barrel

Requirements to sign up: FSH20
Required items: Pixie Remora x5
Reward: ?


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Coming soon



Joining the Guild

N'nmulika: Yes, yes. You find yourself amongst Wawalago's Pullers; the Fishermen's Guild if you find our fearless leader's moniker difficult to remember.
We are a guild of those who cast nets and lines and then pull them in to collect the tasty morsels of that sprawling sea spreading to the horizon.
But, but - there are many creepy-crawlies who also have a taste for those tasty tastie, and thus pose a threat to those who seek only to trawl the wide-open waters in peace. That is why we must stand united.
What say you, fledgling fisherman? Join us and help protect the seas…and grab some grub in the process!
(Join the Fishermen's GUild? Yes)
N'nmulika: Excellent, excellent!
Now, now - before admitting you to our ranks, allow me to intimate one important item of information. We pullers do not let our lives become bogged down by things microscopic, miniature, minute, and or miniscule. We do our damnedest to desist from unduly distressing ourselves about anything deemed diminutive.
To be one of us, you must have a heart as open and free as the boundless blue sky, as deep and wide as the swirling cerulean seas, and as hot and bothered as the blistering rays of the scintillating sun. And if you don't…well, being here can only help you obtain one.
No, no…mere words cannot make you see what your eyes must see, for seeing is done with the yes, not the ears. Now I see your heart is that of a normal person; a non-puller person.
But perhaps completing a simple job for the pullers will help 'pull' your heartstrings in the appropriate direction, no?
(quest accept)
N'nmulika: Ha ha, haha! Wonderful! Speak with Maisie hiding somewhere here in the guild. She has a prickly problem that's positively pleading for some particularly prompt problem-solving!

N'nmulika: First and foremost, and foremostly first, you will find the shortest path to becoming a puller is by earning the respect of your fellow guildbrothers and sisters.
Of course, the shortest path to respect is via gratitude; and what better way to make a guildbrother or sister grateful than by offering assistance!? Now, as luck would have it, there is a puller in need of assistance, even as we speak. The fair fishwife over yon, poring over the nautical charts, to be precise. Her name is Maisie. Heed her pleas and she may end up helping you more than you help her.

Find the Pixies

Maisie: Say your name's <Full Name>, eh? Proper fisher's name, 'f ever I 'eard one. Then again, I ain't never 'eard a name what ain't proper for a fisher. Welcome t' the Pullers', mate.
You 'eard about them fishbacks foulin' the seas, eh? Sahagin, they's called, and most o' the time, they keep their selves to 'emself in the deepest depths o' the Deep.
But lately, somethin' in their tiny fishbrains's gone an' given 'em the grand idea that it'd be exceedin'ly agreeable t' come splashin' into the shallows where we pullers make our liveli'ood.
Luckily, Limsa's got no less 'n two sets o' bodyguards to learn 'em a lesson or three - the 'Cudas and the pirates. And when they ain't too busy spittin' in each other's dinner, you'll find 'em wagin' all-out war on the fishbacks.
And that brings us on to business, mate. 'Case y'ain't noticed, the sea's a right big palce, with endless nooks an' crannies for a slimy Sahagin to 'ide in, makin' it nigh on impossible to find the beasties. Only way to draw 'em out into the open is with bait. Not no normal bait, neither, but a delicacy no fishback can resist - pixie remora!
An easy catch, found in the waters all along the shores of lowland La Noscea, but only if your tackle box's brimmin' with bait.
And as luck would 'ave it, our guild's got barrels of piscine provender.

Daca Jinjahl: Oh, Bloemerl. Might you know of anyone who would be interested in learning under a great fisherwoman? It's simply not fair that Maisie gets her own servant…er, I mean student.

Bloemerl: I wouldn't wish an initate on the worst of my enemies. It's true, they help you with this and that, but who do you think must put up the coin when they complete a task? Not our tight-pursed netmaster, that's for certain.

Clifton: Maisie has you out fishing for pixie remora? You have my sympathies, mate. Them godsforsaken merbeasts are the worst-tasting things in the sea, and that's including sand, otter dung, and rotting Sahagin corpses.
Not more than a generation ago, you'd never see one on dry land - we'd always throw 'em back - but since the 'Cudas discovered the Sahagin crave the nasty little buggers, there now be pullers who make their livin' sorely off dredgin' 'em up from the Deep.

Undsatz: You the minnow helpin' Maisie?
Then ye'd be wise t' 'quip yerslef with at least a willow rod. There be some what say a fisher needs naught but th' strength t' pull a devil from th' drink…but t' that bilge, I reply, a fisher ain't like t' do much pullin' when his rod's a-snapped in twain.

Astrid: So you're the new recruit N'nmulika mentioned. Nice to have you aboard.
I can see in your eyes that you are wondering why, if pixie remora are so important to quelling the Sahagin threat, we don't save ourselves some trouble and raise them in our fishery ponds over in the Barrel. Well, these beasties happen to be blind as bats, and will swim straight into the nets surrounding the ponds. Once caught in the weave, they start thrashing about, and will have cut themselves to ribbons in no more than a few bells. In short, it's not nice, and it's certainly not useful.

Xavalien: 'Twas not long ago, them brigands from th' Astalicai paid us a visit, in 'opes that we'd rid th' seas of ev'ry last pixie remora for 'em. Why? 'Ow would I knwo? They're pirates. One of 'em probably saw the fish floppin' on 'is deck and thought 'e was lookin' at 'is mother's pocked arse.
Th' netmaster was mighty wise t' decline their offer. Y' see, if we'd culled the lot, we'd 'ave naught wi' which t' lure th' Sahagin.
I only 'ope 'e's forgotten 'ow 'twas I that said as we should take th' job…

Faucillien: 'Pullers' is a broad term used to describe a band of fishermen and women working together on the seas. There are quite a few of these bands here in Limsa, but Wawalago's is the first, the biggest, and the best. Ask anyone here and they'll tell you the same.
Though each band is technically independent, we make certain to look out for one another. The Knights of the Barracuda, meanwhile, look out for all of us. Without them, many of our brothers and sisters might never have made it back to port.

N'nmulika: Oh no. Oh no, no. I could never reveal to you the exact place you will find a pixie remora. If I were to do so, then you would tell your friends, and they would tell their friends, and before long, every wide-eyed adventurer in the realm would be casting their lines off the cliffs, dreams of fortune filling up their heads. It would then only be a matter of time before every last remora would be gone, and we'd be up to our necks in Sahagin.
And if you are fortunate enough to fish one up, don't, don't, don't - no really, don't - even consider selling it to the higehst bidder. Not only will you invoke the ire of the scholarlies up at Mealvaan's Gate, but you will risk alienating yourself from the pullers down here in Fisherman's Bottom.
And that in itself may be an understatement. Why, the last advenutrer who tried something similar went missing…only to be found floating head down off Widow Cliffs.

Suspicious Shadow

Maisie: I see your pack's full, then. You've done a fine job today.
You see, anyone can cast a line for food, or gelt, or e'en sport, but there ain't nothin' like doin' so when it be for the greater good, eh?
'Tis what sets us pullers apart. Don't you forget that.
Once you've carved yourself a few more notches on that rod o' yours, why don't you call on me again? I might just take you out t' th' Deep and show you where true adventure lies.
Hm? What you lookin' at?
(you see a lala dressed in dark clothes disappear beyond view)
Maisie: Ah, I get it. Playin' a trick on poor Maiise, now, are we? Ha ha ha! I like you, kid. Somethin' tells me we'll get along right as rain.

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