Till Sea Swallows All


Name: TM7 - Till Sea Swallows All
How to begin: talk to Orn Guincum
Areas: Limsa Lominsa

Last quest: Ceruleum Shock
Next quest: It Kills With Fire

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: -
Reward: rank: Storm Private Third Class


Coming soon


Puffery and Propaganda

Guincum: Welcome back, recruit. I understand the Admiral invited you to attend the inauguration. Quite an honor, I must say. …I myself was not invited.
Ahem! Business, yes. It has come to our attention that the Grand Companies of Ul'dah and Gridania are planning similar ceremonies. Knowing both city-states, they will doubtless be pantomines of puffery and propaganda.
But as a wise Admiral once said, the only bad intelligence is no intelligence, so here we are again.
Travel to Ul'dah and Gridania, sporting your best 'ambivalent adventurer' expression, and find a way into these events.
Once you have observed both, return to me with a full report. Only then shall I consider you for another mission. Dismissed.


Guincum: Welcome back. I take it your observatory excursions to Ul'dah and Gridania are paying dividends?
Not that either nation poses any threat to the Maelstrom. Centuries hence, Eorzea's scholars will look back upon our age and see naught but the crimson standard and the proud souls who carried her.
The Flames and the Serpents shall be mere footnotes in the chronicles of our accomplishments. For all their vainglorious claims, it will be we who save them and their loved ones - we who prize Eorzea from the steely grasp of the Garlean Empire.
You have seen the folly of their ways, witnessed their inadequacies from within…and here you stand before me.
He who has proven himself time and again to be dutiful and honest, cunning and courageous, and most of all, loyal beyond all shadow of a doubt.
Are you come today to pledge your sole and solemn allegiance to the Admiral and her armada? Will you take up your blade for this great city-state…and the glory that awaits us all?
Much trust is placed in those who take up the crimson standard, and such trust requires absolute commitment. The first step to demonstrating this comes in the severance of all former ties with the other Grand Companies.
You may keep what items you have been issued, of course, as well as any seals you have been awarded - though I doubt the quartermasters of the other city-states will feel compelled to honor such tokens once they learn of your decision.
Yes, this may seem drastic, but you must consider what is at stake. The Maelstrom deals in matters of national security, matters upon which the lives of thousands of Lominsans rest, matters which cannot be entrusted to parties with divided loyalties. Harboring our corrivals' symphatizers would put us all at risk.
Swear your allegiance, and you will be a Lominsan for life, able to reap the rich rewards that come with being one of our number. Yet before you swear, mark me, and mark me well: if you should alter elect to forsake us, the consequences will be grave indeed.

(Swear sole allegiance to the Maelstrom? I…am not ready)
Guincum: Uncertainty renders a strong man weak, and a weak one dead. While doubt clouds your heart, you will never be safe. You will never be whole.

(I swear it)
Guincum: Then welcome aboard, brother! You are now truly one of us.
Storm Private Third Class… It may not sound like much, but this title raises you far above the myriad recruits still floundering in the sea of indecision.
Your rank not only earns you respect, but opens new doors of opportunity. It is a representation of what you have accomplished for the Maelstrom and the burden you are expected to bear. Do not sully the title you have been given, understood?
Now, with your promotion, you will be granted access to items reserved for men and women of rank, such as the storm chocobo issuance.
Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself. With your new rank come new responsibilities. Many new responsibilities. If you wish, I can give you a brief overview.

New Duties

(Ask about…Caravan security)
Guincum: The Maelstrom employs chocobo caravans to transport weapons and supplies to aetheryte camps, hamlets, and settlements across the region. The safety of our animals is therefore of paramount importance. While on caravan security duty, you will be charged with protecting the chocobos from would-be attackers.
(Company leves)
As an adventurer, I can assume you are familiar with the guildleves distributed by the Adventurers' Guild. Company leves are no different, though the missions may well be more battle-heavy.
(Supply missions)
Supply missions involve the crafting and delivery of items required for company operations here in Vylbrand. Under normal circumstances, we would call upon the guilds of Limsa Lominsa to assist us in these matters, but they report that near every organization is already hard-pressed to fulfill its commitments, so great is the demand…
(Provisioning missions)
Provisioning missions involve the procurement and delivery of materials required for the crafting of those items needed to outfit our storm troopers. The Admiral raised taxes to offset the costs of these materials, but only so much can be siphoned form the citizens' purses.

Guincum: Like the tasks you were assigned as a recruit, completion of these missions will earn you company seals. There are, however, a few things you must keep in mind.
Your current rank of Storm Private Third Class will only allow you to carry up to 10,000 Storm Steals at one time. This number will rise with your rank.
And how might a member of the new Maelstrom go about attaining a new rank? It is simple. Company seals are a measure of your service to the city-state. The more seals you have, the greater your worth to us. Therefore, it is only natural that a 'payment' in Storm Seals should be required in exchange for a higher rank.
For example, a promotion from Storm Private Third Class to Storm Private Second Class will cost you 100 seals.
Unfortunately, the Admiral has ordered a temporary cessation of all promotions until our ranks can be properly assessed and personnel reassigned. Until then, I must ask that you make do with your current position.
Ahem. I believe that is all for now. If you still thirst for knowledge regarding the Maelstrom and your new duties, Second Storm Lieutenant Fraelak Bharbennsyn will be more than happy to oblige.
Once again, welcome aboard, Private. May you serve the nation well, till sea swallows all.

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