Till Death Do Us Part


Name: Till Death Do Us Part
How to begin: talk to H'lahono by the Bismarck
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Bloodshore

Last quest: -
Next quest: -
Related quests: Food for Thought

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: Musk Roseling Pollen x8
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Musk Roseling

Level: 20
Drops: ?, Musk Roseling Pollen
Location: south Bloodshore/Cedarwood

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Cook in Distress

H'lahono: Oh, whatever should I do?
You see, I…err…promised a…certain someone I would prepare them an…extra special stew, but have yet to find the…uh…final ingredient necessary to complete the dish. Perhaps I should simply abandon this silly quest of mine…
(What is your advice to H'lahono? "To try is to invite failure. Give up now and pare yourself the humiliation")
H'lahono: I…I…never quite though of it that way… I suppose there is some wisdom in your words… Yet…why do I still feel so miserable? <sob>
(What is your advice to H'lahono? "Never give up hope! There's always an answer!")
H'lahono: Thank you for the kind words…but I am a mere scullion. I will never be as brave or resourceful as an adventurer-
An adventurer! I don't need to be brave or resourceful if I've got a brave and resourceful adventurer to do it for me! A brave and resourceful adventurer like you! Oh, but I would not wish to impose…
I am trying to prepare a bowl of Menphina stew, but I lack a certain spice used in its making. Not any spice, mind you - the spice.
Without several pinches of musk roseling pollen, the stew will be little more than slop, and slop will win me naught in the battle I seek to wage.
Ahem! Let us just say that I would be indebted to you, milord, if you'd journey to southern Bloodshore in my stead and collect the pollen of eight slain musk roselings.
(quest accept)
H'hahono: Oh, thank you! Thank you! I was a fool to even consider abandoning hope!
I shall await your triumphant return with the pollen!

H'lahono: Might you be having difficulty locating the musk roselings? Well, a traveling merchant once told me that the only place they thrived was in the coastal winds off the Strait of Merlthor. I hope that is of some help.
Remember, I need exactly eight pinches of musk roseling pollen to complete my bowl of Menphina stew. Good luck, and godsspeed.

Stew of Love

H'halono: The pollen! You have found it!
Now, Nanapiri is sure to fall for m-
<sigh> I suppose there would be no harm in revealing my little secret to you, considering how helpful you've been. The Menphina stew I am so keen on cooking is actually…a love potion that causes anyone who eats it to become infatuated with the first person he sees.
The problem is that the effect is only temporary, so I must continue feeding my dearest Nanapiri the stew until he finally realizes that I'm the only one for him.
Fear not, though, for I have made great strides over the past few years, and believe it is only a matter of time before he gives in and asks for my hand in marriage. Thank the Twelve that Limsa is crawling with adventurers eager to help a poor scullion!

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