Thrill of the Fight


Name: GLA3 - Thrill of the Fight
How to begin: talk to Lulutsu at Coliseum
Areas: Ul'dah

Last quest: Unalienable Rights
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: GLA36
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Ala Mhigan Bladedancer

Level: ??
Drops: -
Location: Coliseum instance

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Ala Mhigan Challenger

Level: ??
Drops: -
Location: Coliseum instance

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Start of a Career

Lulutsu: So tell me, <Player>, are you not thrilled? Your Coliseum debut has finally come.
Perhaps the gods will see fit to spare your life. <Player> the Unsung, the people will call you! A new hero - come to us as sudden and shocking as a bolt of lightning.
Oh… Oh dear, excuse me. It seems I've gone and drooled on myself. Go and speak to Yoyobina while I mop this up.

Lulutsu: It is not every day that we are blessed with a gladiator's debut. Give the bards something to sign of, <Player> the Unsung.
Go and speak to Yoyobina if there is anything more you wish to know. I must mop up this spittle.

Fruhybolg: Bearing the title gladiator does not make one so. A true gladiator must fight with great pride and honor, and toil ceaselessly to improve his skill with a blade.
Too many fools grasp only at that which lies before them - profits that can be won easily and immediately. It is no different than the merchant's trade.
Fruhybolg: The bloodsands are not the battlefield - there is no glory in victory alone. You must entertain the fans. Make their blood boil!
Put on a show. Make it so the crowd cannot look away for a second. Swing your blade with great bravado. Taunt your opponents, toy with them. Like this!
(he psychs up)

Galeren: You wish to know more of your opponents? Hahaha, what's this? Did Yoyobina not bother to tell you?
You're to fight a pirate scouted from Limsa. Murderous devil with a blade that can cut diamonds, from what I hear.
The bloodsands are no ship deck, aye, but a marauder's axe'll split you from head to belly all the same. Don't make the mistake of underestimating that one - not for a bloody second.

Fineco Romanecco: Come, do as I do. This one always seems to please the crowd.
(he waves)

Wannore: Compared to all the gamblin', the coin made from sellin' seats don't amount to a pint o' piss. But the crowds who turn up for matches are the Coliseum's heart an' soul, they are.
Fightin' safe is one thing, but don't even think o' borin' the crowd. Do that, and they'll turn on you faster than a cornered rat.

Abylgo Hamylgo: I shouldn't think your opponents will be too dangerous. Not this time around.
Yet your inexperience makes it all the more important that you properly prepare. I'd make an effort to watch the other fights, were I you.

Papawa: I hear this tourney is going to be one to remember!
Any soul stepping onto the bloodsands had best know how to put on a show. I've seen bored crowds turn to showering stones down on participants. They get the violence they come for - one way or another.

Q'mhalawi: A swordsman is only as good as his sword. Remember that.
Repair your weapon when it's damaged, and buy a finer one should you have the coin. The same goes for armor and shield.

Yoyobina: You aided us before in weeding out the weakest from the lists. But this time you will be fighting in a real match.
This is to be a tourney of warriors. You represent our guild, <Player>, and so will be fighting with a sword.
Speak to the other gladiators. Hear their words and heed their advice. Then you will know, and knowing is half the battle.
The other gladiators will share with you what they have gleaned from their own experiences on the bloodsands. Knowledge is a weapon, <Player>. Arm yourself well before you go forth to battle.

Yoyobina: The bloodsands await, <Player>. As I told you, you will fight as a gladiator. Are you prepared to play that role?
(Are you ready to play the role of gladiator? This is all happening so fast…/Yes, my sword and I are ready.)
Yoyobina: Very well. Then you are ready to descend to the bloodsands.
Head down the stairs and through the door - make your way to the Coliseum, <Player> - and greatness!


(you enter the bloodsands. The crowd is cheering. Your opponent comes in, he's a hooded hyur mrd)
Spectator: Waver not!
(you wave to a spectator)
Spectator: Gods, I haven't been this titillated in ages!
(you win the fight. Crowds are cheering.)
Yoyobina: You fought well, <Player>. Exceedingly well. I haven't seen the crowd in such a frenzy since…I don't know when. A long time, indeed. Too long.
See to it you pick up your reward from Lulutsu. You've earn- Hm?
(the two of you observe your first Coliseum opponent walking up to two people)
Yoyobina: I can't say I like the looks of that…

Gold Helmed Gladiator: It is I who applied for entry in this tourney. And I who passed the qualification bouts. All the toil has been mine.

Jade Bow-wielding Archer: He is our partner. Do you have a problem with that? It matters little enough who is chosen to compete against him.

Ala Mhigan Challenger: You! It is y-you… F-From the…
You remember me from the qu-qualifying bout? I am as w-weak now as then. P-Please do not expect m-much of a fight from me.

Yoyobina: The gladiator fighting in the next match is another adventurer.
Look, <Player>. Something about that bloke seems a bit different than before, no?
I've seen him fight with a sword. He's no match for even the most inexperienced gladiator. But perhaps his true prowess does not lie with the blade…
You faced him in the qualifying rounds, if I recall. Was there aught of him you thought odd?

Yoyobina: That is the Lalafell you fought not long ago. At the time, I thought him quite hopeless with a sword.
Perhaps he has training with some other weapon… What did you make of him, <Player>? Try and remember whatever you can.

Ala Mhigan Challenger: Gods be good…
(Use the power of the Echo? Yes)
(you end up at the bloodsands in your first fight.)
Ala Mhigan Challenger: I have no hope of besting the likes of you…
(as you defeat him, he takes out his axe and becomes tougher)
Ala Mhigan Challenger: Taking yourself a bit seriously, no?

Yoyobina: What is it, <Player<? Have you remembered something?
Are you sure? Hmmm… Whomever he faces would do well to hear this. I must make it known.
(Yoyobina leaves. You watch the announcer come from the sands and go to the Ala Mhigan's group)
Aeglyffe: Combatants, make ready and come this way.
(they head to the sands)

Bitter Memories

(you walk outside and find Yoyobina observing the fight)
Yoyobina: Keep an eye on this fight.
(the Ala Mhigan is fighting with an axe against a sword-wielding gladiator, but he loses even so)

Yoyobina: He was hiding his true might when he faced you. The makers of the lists were deceived - as were we all.
Not an uncommon thing, to be sure. Near all who come to the Coliseum do whatever they can before the fighting begins to gain an advantage. Turth be told, it often serves to make the games more unpredictable and exciting.
Each tourney attracts so many warriors, and so many of them are truly weak and craven. Amid the multitude, it is not difficult to carry out such acts of deception.

Lulutsu: The tourney has brought more than just gladiators to Ul'dah. I only hope the crowd shares our appreciation for the variety of weapons on display.
Of course, you must demonstrate the sword's superiority, <Player>. And do try to avoid losing. It's just bad business.

Ala Mhigan Challenger: Well, I still lost… I thought my deception enough, but you gladiators are not an easily fooled lot, it would seem. The day is yours.
It is not an honorable thing that I did, but it was not without reason. We Ala Mhigans have a cause for which we fight. And for that cause, we will do all we are able.
(Use the power of the Echo? Yes)
(you end up at Silver Bazaar)

Malicious Miqo'te: Many of our young have no memory of their homeland. But those such as J'moldva who endured the greatest hardships could never forget. Never…

Ruminating Elezen: We need the bloody coin! Without it, we cannot fund the war to reclaim our lands from those Garlean bastards.

Fierce-looking Warrior: All the more reason for her to wish to so, I suppose. But we'll not follow her in her treasons. Let the harlot die a traitor. The gods will sort her out.

Self-regarding Roegadyn: J'moldva is a turncloak and a craven! She betrayed all of Ala Mhigo!

Familiar-looking Child: Who are you? Are you an Ala Mhigan?

(as you near the entrance, you see Yoyobina approaching)
Yoyobina: Greetings. I come from the Coliseum. I wish to speak to you about J'moldva.
Fierce-looking Warrior: Hold your tongue, snake! We've heard a bellyful of how your Coliseum 'bought' J'moldvaa. Wher is she!?
Yoyobina: She was injured…gravely. But she is being tended to, I assure you. You should know that many Ul'dahns bet all they had on her, or so her friend - er, her opponent told me.
Ruminating Elezen: It gladdens me to hear she yet draws breath. She will live to face justice under Ala Mhigan law. And you will surrender her to us.
Yoyobina: J'moldva protected you from harm at the hands of the Ul'dahns. Had she triumphed, you would not have escaped the city unscathed, if you'd escaped at all.
Self-regarding Roegadyn: Ul'dahn swine. It is just like your kind to speak so surely about that which you understand so little.
We may all have died, or may not have. Whatever blood may have been spilt, if only one of us had survived, Ala Mhigo might have been saved.
Yoyobina: If you are so intent on spilling blood, why see it done here?
Never mind. I have not come to bandy words - I have come to apologize.
The Coliseum is my responsibility. And yet I was not able to guarantee the safety of its combatants. I failed to protect J'moldva, and for that I have nothing but regret.
I came to make what reparations I can. I am waiving fees for all Ala Mhigans at the Coliseum. You are free to take part in the games whenever you wish.
Fierce-looking Warrior: What are you scheming at, you slimy bastard?
Yoyobina: Think of it whatever you will. Just know that it is a victory for you and your people - born of J'moldva's loss.
(you return to the present)
Ala Mhigan Challenger: Years ago, the first Ala Mhigan to fight at the Coliseum advanced very far. Almost won the title of champion, even.
But she was defeated, and suffered grievous wounds. She left Ul'dah soon after.
But she left something great in her wake. Since then, there have been a number of Ala Mhigans who have claimed victories, even in the events.
And each time one does, the money won goes to aid those Ala Mhigans fleeing their homes - fleeing for their lives.
Our aim of taking back our lands from the Garleans has not been forgotten. We are simply going about it in a different way.


Swerdahrm: More of these damn Ala Mhigan lickspittles in Ul'dah now than a drunk can piss on. And they work for bloody scraps!
Things wsent well enough for a while. Till the ingrates started gripin' of being exploited. Now there's hardly a soul around here that doesn't hate them.

Abylgo Hamylgo: We Ul'dahns are underhanded when it comes to coin, I grant you. That is no secret. But these Ala Mhigan scum are underhanded in all things.
They are a far cry from the proud and austere souls the stories and songs make them out to be.

Papawa: Ala Mhigo.. <spit> Aye, Ul'dah's seen its fair share of war at those bastards' hands.
Our rulers never had any love for the place, but merchants seemed to like it well enough. There was always a gil to be had there. Till the Empire took over, that is.

Q'mhalawi: Master Greinfarr went to great lengths to see to it the Ala Mhigans receive special favor here.
But I don't see why we are obliged to uphold it if he himself is never even here.

Fruhybolg: Smallfolk tell of how many young daughters were left behind in Ala Mhigo to fight. Turns out most of them Highlander girls swing as word as well as any adult.
I'd dearly love to see for myself. The Miqo'te known as the Hellfire Phoenix was a sight to behold, that's for sure, but they say all them Highlanders are possessed of the same fury.

Wannore: You'd think more people in Ul'dah'd mean more people payin' at the Coliseum, no? Aye, well, it ain't that simple.
That what's growing is the lower class - them as got no coin. No profit to be had there.

Fineco Romanecco: There is merit in studying other weapons, to be sure.
But it seems to me that learning the basic use of all would take a great deal longer than mastering just one. Life is too short, friend.

Galeren: Ala Mhigans everywhere have banded together in the effort to reclaim their homeland from the Garleans.
I will never understand why people insist on laying claim to a certain plot of land. I have always considered my home to be wherever it is I find myself.

Lulutsu: I watched your bout, <Player>, but the one after was so much more entertaining that I forgot entirely about yours! Do forgive me.
Oh, come now. I never went out of my way to make fun of the little Ala Mhigan. Even if I did, who could possibly have guessed that such insignificance was merely an act?
<sigh> Perhaps that is why I am such a poor judge of men.
But enough of all that. Here, take your reward. Yoyobina extends his gratitude.

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