There Might Be Blood


Name: There Might Be Blood
How to begin: talk to Gunnulf at the Platinum Mirage
Areas: Ul'dah, Halatali

Last quest: ?
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Coliseum Mite

Level: 18
Drops: ?
Location: near Little Ala Mhigo

Coliseum Yarzon

Level: 23
Drops: ?
Location: near Little Ala Mhigo

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Bloods to Come

Gunnulf: Oi, been waiting on you, <Player>. Had word you'd be by sooner than late, and my master's never wrong about such things.
Has his eye on you, he has. Aye, we both have. There's a task we think you fit for. A task that'll test both your mettle and your mind.
There's a gave over at the Platinum Mirage what only caters to the richest o' the rich. Seems the gamblin' tables don't hold no thrill for their like no more. No, it's bloodshed they want, and they'll stop at naught to have it. Hells, some time ago they took to pittin' their debtors against each other.
Raubahn the Bull put an end to those games when he took his seat on the Syndicate. Some two years past, that was. But he set out on his journey a short time after, and without him 'round to enforce his word, the fights were on again afore long.
When he came home to Ul'dah to see the Flames remade, we thought the games would end again on their own. But the bastards runnin' 'em grew bold while he was away, and the games've only gotten more savage…
Mayhap you know of Little Ala Mhigo? Scores of our Ala Mhigan brothers and sisters took refuge there after the fall. These rich devils mean to let a beast loose on the place under the guise of an accident, and wager on the outcome.
And if what we hear is true, they mean to do it soon. The beast's a ferocious thing - one captured for use on the bloodsands. The Ala Mhigans… So many innocents…
Well, it don't bear thinkin' about. The point is, we can't let it happen. The beast must be laid low before it's let loose.
(quest accept)
Gunnulf: Aye, I knew you'd help us. Master's never wrong about such things, like I said.
Raubahn hails from Ala Mhigo, you know. Started out in Ul'dah as a warrior on our bloodsands, and fought his way to enough purses to earn himself a seat on the Syndicate. The other members didn't take too kindly to that, o' course. A commoner in their midst, and an Ala Mhigan besides.
They ain't like him, see. No, they only care about featherin' their own nests. They're behind all this, like as not. I only pray you can stop 'em, friend.

Gunnulf: That bloody beast'll be set loose on the Ala Mhigans afore long.
Make haste to Little Ala Mhigo, south o' Camp Drybone, and there find and slay this monster. The lives of countless Ala Mhigans are in your hands!

An Unfortunate Loss

(near Little Ala Mhigo. Instance with a man with a wagon)
Rycharde: What do you want? Are you another of Raubahn's lackeys?
Hmph, so you claim not to be. But is that the truth, I wonder? Well, bugger you if you are, and bugger you if you aren't.
And bugger that bastard Raubahn most of all! Just who in the hells does he fancy himself, anyway!? As if taking my Coliseum weren't enough, he seems intent on tormenting me even now!

(use Echo)
(you're at the Coliseum, spectating a fight between Raubahn and two roegadyns+Rychade. Raubahn wins)
???: Your Grace, you mustn't! The danger is too great!
(you see an aproaching lalafell girl followed by two lalafell guys, a miqo'te and an elezen guy far behind)
Marcechamp: Please, Your Grace, come back. I beg of you!
Nanamo Ul Namo: It seems you're the one who needs looking after, Marcechamp.
(she jumps to his arms)
Raubahn: Your Grace!
I have kept the promise made, Your Grace.
Nanamo Ul Namo: So you have. And, in time, so too shall I keep mine.
With your winnings, you have become one of the six most wealthy souls in all Ul'dah. And so, as tradition dictates, Raubahn Aldynn…
…you have earned yourself a seat on the Syndicate! May your new station garner you still greater glories!
(Raubahn kneels)
Raubahn: I am honored, Your Grace, and vow to serve with every fiber of my being, from this day till my last.
Long live the Sultana! And long live Ul'dah!
(you return to the present)
Rycharde: Raubahn ruined me with the purse he won that day. I lost all standing in the city, and was forced to sell him the Coliseum. In time, I was reduced to doing anything for gil - cleaning privies, begging in the streets, selling off my…my… Even now I cannot bring myself to say it.
What do you know of my despair, stranger? Hm? You who are not even Ul'dahn. If you value your life, I suggest you pry no more into matters that do not concern you. I'll spare you this once, if only because there is no money to be made from your death.
But know that my masters do not take kindly to interlopers. Interfer again, and they are like to send a piece of you to each of the seven hells.

Prestigious Employer

(Platinum Mirage)
Gunnulf: Well done, <Player>! It does me good to see both you and Little Ala Mhigo safe.
I see. That's quite a tale… So, this craven told you all this, did he?
S'pose you deserve the truth, having put yourself in harm's way. Aye, I serve Raubahn Aldynn, as you've likely gathered by now. The forces behind this latest plot mean to see both him and the sultana toppled from power.
I daresay they were tryin' to lure us into the open. Mayhap they meant to capture some o' those who serve Raubahn, that they might turn their tongues to learn more o' his comin's and goin's.
And so I asked you to go. You're an adventurer. You're as like to succeed in such an endeavor as any. I'm sorry for hidin' the truth, though I swear it was for all our safety.
If you've learned anything here, let it be this - there're forces other than the Empire threatenin' Uld'ah. Such evils plague us even within our own city walls.
Not even Raubahn, the great Bull o' Ala Mhigo, can hope to defeat all our enemies alone.
We'll have need of you again, <Player>. I pray when that time comes, you're willin' to answer the call once more.

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