Their Finest Hour


Name: OTA5 - Their Finest Hour
How to begin: talk to Syro Fulke
Areas: Gridania, Tranquil Paths

Last quest: The Mail Must Get Through
Next quest: Appetite for Destruction

Requirements to sign up: The Mail Must Get Through complete
Required items: Ceremony invitation, Earthbreaker
Reward: ?


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Clay Golem

Level: 30
Drops: ?
Location: Tranquil Paths/Rootslake instance

Golem Tender

Level: 17
Drops: ?
Location: Tranquil Paths/Rootslake instance

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Coming soon



Hurried Guidance

Fulke: The ceremony is about to begin, <Player>. I take it you will be attending?
Gods, have you not heard? My apologies. I assumed all knew by now.
The Order of the Twin Adde is holding a ceremony at Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre. Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna herself will be speaking.
You knew naught of this, and yet you have come… The wood guides your steps. You should hurry to the amphitheatre. There is still time.
(quest accept)
Fulke: Here, take this ceremony invitation. It will grant you entry to the ceremony.
(obtain a ceremony invitation)

Fulke: Hurry to Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre before the Elder Seedseer begins her address.

The Speech

(at the amphitheatre)
Kan-E-Senna: People of the forest, beloved of the elementals - hear me.
The evil which radiates forth from Garlemald is possessed of an unforeseen strength. Often and at will it assails our Hedge, profaning the sanctity of the Twelveswood.
And so have I returned to our city. I am Kan-E-Senna, sister to all Gridaninas, and I stand with you now - at the turn of the tide.
I come to live amongst you and guide you. To eat of the same bread and sleep benath the same trees. To awaken your hopes and assuage your fears.
Through me shall the voices of the elementals be known, for I am their vessel. And as I am their servant, so too am I yours.
One of the great ones, lords among elementals, has seen the dangers which threaten our Gridania, and given counsel.
They would see us hold to our righteousness and trust to our bravery. So long as we protect our forest, they told me, Nophica will never abandon us to the darkness.
Our forest, they said. For the great ones in their wisdom see that we, too, are one with this land, just as the trees and grasses.
Let us offer our thanks to the creation around us, to the skies, the earth, the waters - to this Eorzea which nurtures us even before our birth, and embraces us even after our death. And let us protect it, so long as we draw breath.
To do that, brothers and sisters, we must purge the taint which now sullies it.
That the Empire of Garlemald is the source of this taint, this infection, is as clear as the waters of our own Mirror.
The deeds of the Garleans deny that which is right. Order flees before their coming, and chaos reigns in their wake.
Garlemald has lost its way. Too long has it reveled in the darkness and destruction of its own atrocities and depravities. Yet the day of its reckoning is at hand! Soon its sin-dimmed eyes will be opened to the light of righteousness. Soon, it will know justice.
Gridanians, mine own brothers and sisters all, keepers of the myriad secrets of nature, holders of the ancient wisdom of tree and stone!
All who bear love for this forest before all else!
Know that though the peoples of Eorzea are born to many lines and in many lands, we all share but a single fate.
Our differences must be laid to rest. Come, offer me your hands, that we might unite in common cause. Join me in steadfast union, in unwavering harmony, just as the twin adders that form our sigil.
We must aid and assist one another. Make all that you have, that of all. Aye, boon and burden both. Share of your water and of your thirst. Share of your grain and of your hunger. Share of your hope and of your grief. Do this, and together, united, we shall weather this storm.
Find righteousness and bravery within your hearts, and with them expunge the disease which afflicts our world.
(she makes colored lights float around the crowd)
Kan-E-Senna: And have faith - for in time Nophica's bounty shall be bestowed upon us once more.
Till that day dawns, I pledge all that I am, have been, and will be to your service.
The Order of the Twin Ader is a union - the joining of the spirits of the forest with our own. By it are we bound together, and from it shall we draw the strength to prevail.
In this forest shall the seeds be sown for a new era of peace. And true of heart, and strong in our resolve, we shall tend them, that all may one day enjoy the fruits of our labors. Lo, how they quicken!
(the crowd leaves. You see Papalymo wait for you at the gates)

Seeking Truths

Zuzupoja: Gods damn it all. I was so swept up by Kan-E-Senna's words that I lost track of young Sansa, and now she's run off.
Oh well, younglings will be younglings. And it was far too riveting a speech to worry about such trivialities.
Ceinguled: All looked to be in high spirits as they left. Such is the power of Kan-E-Senna's words.
Having her in the city once more will do us good.
Telent: Did you see the elemental during the speech? One of the great ones, that. They've been keepers of this wood for thousands of years.
There's no need to fear so long as they watch o'er the forest, no matter what may come. What needs doing now is bringing the Elder Seedseer's words to life.
O'dhinek: Kan-E-Senna is a truly gifted speaker, is she not? Insistent, yet gentle. Grave, yet inspiring. Never have I been so moved by words alone.
I am shamed by whatever doubts I harbored, but I have found my resolve again. I will fight for Gridania, for the Twelveswood and for all of Eorzea.
Sansa: Gods, I'm so booored. What's taking Zuzupoja so long!?
He told me to meet him here after the ceremony.

Papalymo: Why, hello there, <Player>. That Kan-E-Senna is a ravishing thing, is she not? I was truly moved. By her words, I mean! Yes, yes, she has quite a gift for oration. Quite.
I am only glad to hear the Order fo the Twin Adder is taking on adventurers. I have no doubt you will all distinguish yourselves through service.
The worst of this war is yet to come, I fear. The Garlean attacks will grow only more fierce and frequent.
But as Kan-E-Senna said, adversities must be overcome, no matter how great. And I have little doubt the Twin Adder will put your talents to good use in doing so.
That is why we advised her to reform the Order and seek the aid of you adventurers, after all.
Recall that my companions and I are students of the prophesies. In the course of our studies, we came to realize the salvation of the realm depended on the reformation of the Grand Companies. And so we split up and traveled to the city-states in the ope of…encouraging them back into being.
It was no easy thing, coming this far. These leaders of yours in Eorzea can all be bloody stubborn fools. And there is no shortage of other powerful parties with interests of their own, besides.
But Gridania proved to be the most amenable. The elementals and Kan-E-Senna were already aware that unity would be needed to face the Garlean threat.
So tell me, how did her words sit with you? Comfortably, I hope!
You are just the sort of adventurer the Twin Adder needs. Mull it over if you must. It is no simple thing, I know.
Of course, you may find the decision easier if you saw something of the menace we all face. You need do no more than travel to the rootslake, east of Camp Tranquil, if so. Best take this, though. I have a feeling there are dangers out there, lying in wait.
Earthbreaker, it's called, and its name is well deserved. Use it, should things take a turn for the worse.
Best of luck to you, <Player>.
(obtain Earthbreaker)

Prophesies Untold

(by Rootslake. You defeat the Clay Golem and its helpers)

Papalymo: I've known it since you felled that monster Urianger summoned, but gods, <Player>, your'e a bloody beast!
Speaking of that day, you've probably deduced that I was waiting for Urianger when we chanced to meet. He's a fellow student of the prophecies, you know.
We meet regularly, to keep abreast of each other's findings. Best to do so in a place like this, away from prying eyes.
The Empire has turned its attention to the prophesies, as well. To what end I couldn't say, but it can't be a good one.
Urianger went to great lengths to feed them misinformation. And all the while, my companions and I traveled to the city-states to meet with their leaders and start the reformation of the Grand Companies.
As far as we can tell, there is not much time left before the onset of the Seventh Umbral Era - and there is so much still to do! I fear we will have need of you again, <Player>, and soon.

Urianger: Ah, the gods have seen fit to bring thee thus far. Thy reward shall be the sixth verse of the Divine Chronicles.
Ne'er till astral hopes dim can umbral dreads fear,
waters spout silver swords, skies rain blue spears.
By ancient truths shall Archons carve men of stone,
foe blades chip and shatter, great victories be known.

Full many moons have we pored o'er this verse - Papalymo, my own self, and more - yet only now have we discerned its subject. Or think to have. Lest thou wonder in vain, I shall tell thee - it speaketh of the Sixth Umbra Era.
'Twas the sighting of a clay golem, thitherto unseen in Eorzea, that pricked our sleeping senses. What better beasts to play the foretold men of stone?
Yet when the darkness of the Sixth Umbral Era descended, came these automata forth as friend or foe? No man can say. We may yet hazard a guess at one thing, however…
That if their coming signifieth the onset of an Umbral Era, mayhap their disappearance doth the like for its close. For during the darkness between, mayhap life cannot be breathed into mud and rock. But I will not tire thee with further speculation. Let us return to fact.
All now know that the Empire moveth in full force, all semblance of secrecy forgone. Garlemald, in its hubris, would call down the gods themselves that they might defy them. And it is into this faithless morass that these golems of clay now rise.
The Seventh Umbral Era draweth nigh. Even now, its long shadow obscureth the face of this Eorzea. No more is it a distant threat, a riddle within a prohpecy of a legend - a thing scarce known and less believed.
So fast upon us is the darkness that mine own master hath pledged to join us here anon, that we may weigh the choices and determine the path to be trod. Long hath he devoted himself wholly to the scriptures, gleaning all therein that might serve us in our hour of need.
He sendeth word that hope remaineth yet. A beacon of radiant light hath he espied, visible on the far horizon, e'en through the blackness of the storm. Should fates permit, I would have thee speak with him. He would be right glad of the chance to meet thee.
Why, askst thou? For thou art the key to our deliverance. The key that openeth the gate unto the world beyond this chaos and ruin. It falleth now to thee to discover that gate, <Player> - to find thy calling.
Tell me, <Player>, hast thou ventured forth unto the great nations? Hast thou found the path thou must walk?
Hearken thou to the words of the Flame General of Ul'dah and the Chief Admiral of Limsa Lominsa both. Discern to what ends their Grand Companies strive. Only then canst thou truly decide.
Now receive of me this gift. May it prove a boon to thee in the war to come.

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