The Weakest Link


Name: TM - The Weakest Link
How to begin: talk to Orn Guincum in Maelstrom Command
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Agelyss Wise

Last quest: -
Next quest: Patrol, Interrupted

Requirements to sign up: rank: Storm Corporal
Required items: Lapis Cross
Reward: rank: Storm Sergeant 3rd Class


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Enemy List
Kobold Cragsman lv43, 110 merit
Kobold Roundsman lv46, 170 merit
Kobold Bedesman lv49, 230 merit

Follow the quest until you're ready to commence duty. Your objective is to earn 1,000 War Merit by killing kobolds. You must be solo, and both dying and exceeding the duty time limit of 30 minutes, as well as leaving the duty will have you fail and lose all accumulated War Merit. Prepare accordingly.

The amount of war merit given by each type of target is listed above. Note that they are all clustered together in the kobold encampment, and while you may be able to find some stragglers in the outskirts, you'll most likely have to do some risky pulls to get the required merits within the allotted time.



Proof of Deeds

(Lapis Cross not yet obtained)
Storm Lieutenant Guincum: That assignment is only available to those who have been awarded the Lapis Cross. And how might one go about obtaining said medal, you ask? Why, in the selfsame wise one would go about obtaining anything in the Maelstrom - Storm Seals.
Guincum: Have a mind to rise through our ranks, eh? Very well. For promotion to the next rank, I require yo to submit 2,500 Storm Seals as proof of your contribution to the Maelstrom cause.
Guincum: Then why the hells are you wasting my precious time? Get out there and make yourself useful, soldier!
Guincum: These Storm Seals speak volumes of the blood and sweat youv'e shed for the Maelstrom…but I'm afraid they alone will not suffice if you wish to make petty officer. The situation grows grimmer with each passing day. Is it within you to rise to the challenge?
Your sense of order and justice is strong, and I'm inclined to place my faith in you. Very well. Take this.
(obtain the Lapis Cross)
Go now, and do your part to wash away the chaos and injsutice that ails the land.

Suitability to Command

(Lapis Cross obtained)
Guincum: By obtaining the prestigious Lapis Cross, you have proven yourself not only brave and loyal, but resourceful - the exact traits we seek in our officers. We must be certain, however, that you are truly ready to face the challenges that will accompany your new position, hence this simple trial.
You have no doubt heard of the kobold encampment located in upper La Noscea. It is a festering canker that must be excised lest it spread to infect the whole.
To do this, the Admiral has ordered a staggered wave of attacks from each of the four cardinal directions. Rather than focusing on eliminating the enemy in one fell stroke, each wave is ordered to engage their targets just long enough to weaken them, before withdrawing to a safe distance. Then, before the kobolds have had an opportunity to fully recuperate and refortify, the next wave advances and repeats the process.
If executed properly, a mere fortnight would suffice in seeing the encampment fall. Unfortunately, it appears we have a weak link in our chain - the eastern front.
Since his promotion to Storm sergeant, certain…questions have been raised at headquarters as to Alain Brooks's suitability to the burden of command. You are to travel to his camp and asses the situation, providing whatever assistance is necessary to ensure the fulfillment of mission objectives.
(quest accept)
Guincum: Excellent, Corporal <Lastname>. Perform well, and the next time we meet, I shall be pleased to address you as 'Sergeant'.

Guincum: Sergeant Brooks is stationed in upper La Noscea, to the east of the kobold encampment. Speak with the officer and assist him in completing his orders.

Weakest Link

(NE of Agelyss Wise)
Storm Sergeant Brooks: Ah, oh? Yes…er…I am Storm Sergeant Third - no, Second Class Alain Brooks. I…do not believe we have met. Should I…er…know you?
S-S-Sent by Maelstrom Command!? I…er, well…ah… Sir, yes sir! Nothing to report, sir!
Corporal <Lastname>? Oh, well… Ahem! Very good. Er, then you may strike the 'sir'. My apologies. It won't happen again, si- Oh! Yes - carry on, carry on.
Why do I have nothing to report? Oh, yes… I suppose Command would want to know that…(damn them)… Ah, er… There is a very good explanation for all of this. Very good. Very good, indeed.
You see, my supervising officer, Captain Zigan Shamagan, was…uh, recently injrued…(in a damned training exercise)…and I have been given command of his unit until his wounds heal…which just so happens to be taking considerably longer than I was hoping it would….ahahaha… Haha?
Though it pains me to say it, I…m-more than anyone…am aware of my, er…shortcomings as a leader of…ahem, men. T-Truth be told, I'd just as soon sit here and wait for reinforcements than risk marching off into battle only to have the death of some young up-and-comer on my conscience…his restless spirit haunting me until the end of days.
Now…um…if you would like to risk life and limb for the Admiral, I will not stand in your way. In point of fact, I will gladly stand somewhere else entirely…behind a rock, let's say. The, er, encampment is just over there to the east…I mean west.
Just do not presume to take any of my unit with you. I shall observe your…er, efforts…from afar, and report them back to Command… That is…um, u-unless you fall. Then I will be forced to declare that you went off without my concesent. I shall not have your untimely demise on my conscience…or my record. Yes.
Do be quick, though. Once the southern front sees that you have infiltrated the encampment, they will begin preparations for their attack. You must withdraw before they arrive. Oh, and, ummm…do not think that you can go and…er…enlist the aid of any companions. The death of a stranger would weigh just as heavily on my poor soul…oh yes it would.
It…uh, goes without saying that…um….the higehr the rank of the enemies you…you…how should I put this? Um…dispatch? Yes, the higher the rank of the enemies y-you dispatch..the more favorably your accomplishments will chime with Command. I sh-should add that death never seems to chime with anyone very much, so I'd suggest…er…erring on the side of caution. Yes, caution.
Oh, and, uh… I must ask that you do not…erm…stray too far from the encampment…to, say…somewhere I cannot see you. This is more for my benefit than yours…as I will not be moving an ilm from this location.
Ahem…very well. I believe that is…uh, all. Let me know when you are ready, then.

Commencing Nonsense

Storm Sergeant Brooks: Oh… So you truly are going through with this nonsense, are you? Ah, well, I suppose if I could convince you not to go, I'd make a better officer.
(Commence duty? No)
Brooks: Ah, of course Well, then…off you go. As I stated before, I shall observe your assault and deem whether or not your war efforts are worthy of merit. Return here when you feel you've given the kobolds' noses a sufficient…er…bloodying.
Now, should you happen to come to your senses and wish to withdraw from amid the frankly grotesque bloodletting, speak with me and I will…um…see to it that none of this ever transpired.

Ill Feelings

Brooks: Gods! Look at you! Your weapon, your clothing…your very soul drips with the blood of…oh…oh my…
I believe I'm going to be ill…
Please, I beg of you! Leave me at once… Yes, yes. You have proven you possess the heart of a coeurl, the strength of a darke, the stuff of heroes, and so on and so forth.
I'll tell Command whatever you want, just…just go!

Brooks: Oh, and…er…I don't suppose you might…uh…agree to keep the details of my performance…let us say…shrouded in the mists of history I mean, it is the least you could do for me after I wrote you such a…shining report, no?

Due Gains

(Maelstorm Command)
Lieutenant Guincum: Welcome back, Corporal. Word of your achievements in upper La Noscea has already arrived.
Once gain you have gone above and beyond the call fo duty, proving yourself a true asset to the Maelstrom.
Sergeant Alain Brooks? You need not worry yourself with that dithering dolt. He will be dealt with in due time…as will the Coral Tower official who used his influence to see his good-for-naught son rise within our ranks.
Now, let this next salute be your last as corporal.
(you /stormsalute Guincum)
Guincum: Congratulations, Storm Sergeant Third Class <Lastname>. As of this moment, you are no longer a member of the enlisted masses, but a fully-fledged petty officer.
Know that much more will be asked of you, and that mistakes will not be tolerated. Soldiers will look to you for strength and guidance, so let your light be as a beacon in the darkness - a source of hope to those that are lost.
Till sea swallows all.

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