The Usual Suspect


Name: Hildibrand 2 - The Usual Suspect
How to begin: talk to Otopa Pottopa in Ul'dah, then sleep at the Hourglass with Wanted: Gauwyn the Gannet in your possession
Areas: Ul'dah

Last quest: Ring of Deceit, The Ink Thief, Waste Not, Want Not
Next quest: In Plain Sight

Requirements to sign up: All three of the previous quests complete
Required items: Wanted: Gauwyn the Gannet
Reward: ?


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Coming soon



Fair Warning

Otopa Pottopa: Good eve to you, handsome. Do keep an eye to your valuables should you put in here at the Hourglass.
Many green adventurers have seen their weapons go missing of late. And the manner of the thefts are all the same.
An urgent pounding is heard at the door, and someone without shouts "Dalamud! The red moon falls from the sky! Run for your lives!"
Frantic, the adventurers throw open their doors to escape. At that instant, the thief takes them unawares, wrestling them to the ground and forcing their weapons from them before escaping in the chaos.
What craven would employ such a tactic - stealing from weary adventures seeking the comfort of a warm bed?
We have heard testimony from several of the victims, and suspect the culprit to be a man by the name of Gauwyn.
He is known as a traveling arms dealer, but many say he only poses as such. They say his true trade is dealing in stolen goods.
These days see high demand for the so-called relic weapons favored by certain adventurers. He's like caught wind of their value.
Still, we have only our suspicions. Here, take this wanted notice. It shows Gauwyn's likeness. Should you see him, best keep a hand on your hilt or haft.
(obtain a Gauwyn the Gannet wanted notice)

Otopa Pottopa: Who knows when or where the thief will strike next? Were I you, I'd keep that notice with you at all times. If you lose it, just come and see me again for another.

Rude Awakening

(you wake up in Ul'dah inn)
???: Dalamud! The red moon falls form the sky! Run for your lives!
(outside, adventurers are filling the hall. Otopa Pottopa runs in)
Otopa Pottopa: Bugger it all, we're too late!
<Player>! Thank the gods youre here! The thief I told you of has struck again. Mere moments ago!
Gauwyn has made a habit of waching the games at the Coliseum around this hour. Please, go and find out if he waas there at the time of the crime.
(quest accept)
Otopa Pottopa: We have a shadow following him. A good man. He should be able to tell you whether or not Gauwyn was at the Coliseum.

Otopa Pottopa: Gauwyn has made a habit of watching the games at the Coliseum around this hour. Pelase, go and find out if he was there at the time of the crime.

Brief Meeting

(instance by Coliseum)
Hildibrand: The man has been watching the games for hours now, 'tis tue. Still, he has a suspicious air about him. The posture of ostentatious repose… The look of studied disinterest…

Nashu Mhakaracca: Inspector, how long must we stay here? I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.

Gauwyn the Gannet: What is it you want of me? Must you interrupt me in the midst of a bout? If you seek a weapon, I shall acommodate you anon, but if it is mere words you wish to trade, let us trade them later.
Ah, but I can tell by the look and smell of you that you are no more than a hapless adventurer sent by the Hourglass. Oh yes, I know very well that they suspect it is I who am responsible for their recent spate of thefts.
I take it another weapon has gone missing? Well, I have been here all the day, friend. Go on, ask that clod of a shadow that has been following me. He will tell you as much.
A word of professional advice, if I may be so bold - stick to dreams of slaying dragons and rescuing maidens. Harassing suspects in the service of imbeciles who run a kennel for adventurers does not become you. Run along, then.

Otopa Pottopa: What have you learned of Gauwyn, <Player>?
So, he claims he was at the Coliseum all the while…? Well, if the inspector himself confirms it, I suppose it must be true.
But what bloody good is a shadow when Gauwyn knows he's being followed!? Hildibrand will hear of this, that I promise you!
Still… Where does this leave us? Could Gauwyn truly be innocent? Or… If it was not Gauwyn himself, perhaps he has an accomplice?
We will have to investigate more thoroughly, and increase security at the Hourglass. For now, let me thank you for what you've done.
It may be that the thief visits the other cities of Eorzsea, as well. Take care wherever you might go, <Player>.

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