The Ultimate Prank


Name: The Ultimate Prank
How to begin: talk to Nicoliaux by the Oak Atrium
Areas: Gridania, Mun-Tuy Cellars

Last quest: The Penultimate Prank
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: Penultimate Prank complete, ?
Required items: Tawdry torque x3, cedar marionette
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Wandering Wight

Level: 35
Drops: ?
Location: Mun-Tuy Cellars

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The Prankster

Nicoliaux: Hahaha! That's actually hilarious. Hilarious!
Oh, it's you again! Those blinking eyes you brought me before worked like a charm!
I showed one to a big, strong man in a full suit of armor, and not only did he wet - he fainted and fell right in it! Hahaha! Take my advice, if you're ever rolling on the floor laughing your arse off, roll away from the puddle!
Ahhh, I laugh, but I hope he's alright, truly. Would you mind looking in on him for me? He should still be here in Gridania…recovering. <giggle>
(quest accept)

The Victim

(Carmine Canopy)
Sylbyrt: Gods, that little sprat truly got the better of me. How can I show my face again. Hm? What do you want?
It was you who gave him the blinking eyes!? So this was your doing!
<sigh> I suppose I am in no position to blame you… I myself brought him the heart of a wolf when he asked.
I imagine he'll use that to scare the next adventurer who happens across his path. And on and on and on…
The little bastard will stain the britches of every adventurer in Eorzea if he isn't stopped! This cannot be allowed to go on!
I have a plan. Return to Nicoliaux and tell him the shock from his prank was so great that I was turned into a wildling - utter nonsense, of course, but the boy is too young to know any better. Then tell him that I can now be found wandering the forest, seeking my revenge.
That should be enough to make the little bastard piss his britches. Finally, offer to give him a talisman to protect him from my wrath - but only if he promises to stop playing these infernal pranks.
Hmmm… The question is, will he fall for it?
I've got it! We'll use tawdry torques. They should lend an ominous authenticity to things. Tawdry torques are carried by the wandering wights of the Mun-Tuy Cellars.
For the talisman…I think a cedar marionette will serve nicely. Tell him that it will suffer the wildling's vengeance in his place.
I'll ready the cedar marionette. You just get to the Mun-Tuy Cellars and find us three tawdry torques.

Sylbyrt: I'll ready the cedar marionette. You just worry about finding us three tawdry torques.
They are carried by the wandering wights of the Mun-Tuy Cellars. Be safe.

The Prank

Sylbyrt: The tawdry torques, you've brought them! Excellent! I've finished assembling the cedar marionette.
And so our preparations are complete! The rest is up to you. The boy cannot see me, or he'll know that I am no wildling.
(obtain a tawdry torque, cedar marionette)

Sylbyrt: Take the cedar marionette and tawdry torques to young Nicoliaux, and tell him of my 'tragic' fate, hahaha!
I must stay here so that Nicoliaux does not see me.

(Acorn Orchard)
Nicoliaux: So how was the mighty warrior? <giggle>
A wildling!? From the shock!? But I thoguht only woodsin could do that!
He's prowling the wood looking for me? His revenge!? P-Please tell me you're joking!
You gently place the tawdry torques on Nicoliaux's shoulders
Nicoliaux: No, no, nooo!!! Please stop! Please stop! I'll be good, I proimse! Haaalp!
A talisman? For me? This cedar marionette will protect me? Are you sure? Promise?
Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel so bad… You're so kind to me, even though I played the same prank on you. I-I'm…sorry. So very sorry.
I swear I won't play pranks on anyone anymore! Ever! I'll do as I'm told and everything!
But wait… You got me the item I used to scare him. So if you helped…isn't the wildling going to be after you, too?
Here, you'd better take this. It'll keep you safe!
Nicoliaux pulls out a still-throbbing wolf's heart!
Nicoliaux: Hahaha! You big dummy! You had me going for a while, but I see what you're up to.
You and that other man I scared were plannign to trick me this time, weren't you? Gods, you grown-ups have a lot to learn, hahaha!
We should definitely do this again. It's been fun - really. Here, I'll even give you this for trying so hard.

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