The Price of Integrity


Name: TM - The Price of Integrity
How to begin: talk to Orn Guincum
Areas: Maelstrom Command, Wineport, Bloodshore

Last quest: -
Next quest: Testing the Waters

Requirements to sign up: level 20 on any class
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Peiste Familiar

Level: 19
Drops: ?
Location: Bloodshore instanced battle

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Coming soon



First Meetings

Guincum: This is Maelstrom Command, headquarters of Limsa Lominsa's provisional armada, the Maelstrom. our doors are open to all who would fight on the side of order and justice.
Hm? How did you get in? Maelstrom command is not to be opened to the citizenry for another fortnight! To the brig with you, trespasser! Guards! Arrest this man!
No…wait. Belay that last order! Perhaps there is a better way to go about this. You did manage to find your way here, proving you are both determined and resourceful - two qualities the Admiral is looking for in her recruits.
Very well. I assume you have heard rumors of the Maelstrom upon the lips of Limsa's garrulous citizenry, much of it exaggerated, no doubt.
Let me dispel any misapprehensions you may have regarding the organization by explaining exactly who we are. The Maelstrom is a provisional armada established by Admiral Merlwyb. It is empowered to command not only the existing thalassocratic navy, but public vessels as well, in order to bolster the city-state's defenses against external aggression.
Now as for recruitment policy, Limsa Lominsa has always been a city-state that prides itself on the diversity of its citizenry. The thalassocracy was built on this diversity, and therein lies its strength. The Maelstrom will be no different.
Now, if you do not have any questions, I would like to ask of you a favor. Consider it a precursory assessment of your worth to us. Do well, and I can see you having no difficulty earning a place in our ranks once formal admissions have commenced.
There is a certain…rabble-rouser, to put it politely, who has made it his mission to blacken the Admiral's name by writing outrageous articles slandering her character and policies. If allowed to continue, his lies could incite unwanted anger and fear in the public, ultimately weakening the city-state in critical areas such as defense and trade.
We would have you travel to Wineport and speak with this individual, who is known to go by the name Walcher. Convince him that it is in his best interests to forbear from writing any more on the Admiral.
(quest accept)
Excellent. Now, do not return until you have persuaded the reporter to choose a different subject for his scribblings. How you accomplish this is…well, let us consider that a part of your test.

Wineport Reporter

Walcher: Now let me see if I have this straight. You've been sent by the Knights of the Barracuda with an order telling me to desist from any further criticisms of the Admiral or her policies?
Hah! I would expect naught less from that tyrant and her host of mindless myrmidons. Well, you can tell her that her idle threats will do little to hide the truth from the eyes of the public. My words are merely a reflection of what lies in the hearts of proud Lominsans across the region.
If anything,t he Admiral should be thanking me for the service I provide. My articles have prompted discourse where before there was none - a means by which Lominsans can release all that hey have kept bottled up inside.
Yes, there are those who disapprove of Merlwyb and her lofty ambitions, but for ever naysayer who is moved to speak his mind, there is a supporter ready to argue the counterpoint. That being so, what manner of message does stifling the voice of the detractors send, if not one of fear? Fear of the truth behind their words. Silence me if you must…but do so in the knowledge that you will only be strengthening my cause.
Which is not to say, however, that I cannot be swayed from…how shall I put it, taking my articles in a different direction. Everything has its price…my integrity included. With a little persuasion, I might feel moved to abandon my criticism of the Admiral in favor of a different story. One the public is certain to devour.
You being an adventurer, I can assume you've heard of the suspicious character who is oft seen in the aetheryte camps ranting about the Seventh Umbral era and the end of the world.
Well, I have my own theory about his true identity.
Perhaps you, too, have heard the legend of the Sixth Umbral Era, and how the great deluge that ushered in the dark age was in fact conjured forth by a band of immortal mages who forged a blood pact with the demon lords of the seven hells to deliver a thousand thousand souls in exchange for sole dominion over Eorzea.
I believe that the false prophet Urianger is one of those mages, awoken from fifteen centuries of slumber to complete the fell pact left unfinished so long ago.
Now, if one were to facilitate a meeting between me and this man, the resulting story would take the realm by storm. Better yet, I might not even need to pen an article. There are those who would pay good coin to see this man in chains…
What say you, friend? Help me capture Urianger, and I promise you I shall lay down my quill, just as your Admiral asks. Rumor has it that the mage resides in a cave somewhere to the east of here. I am in no hurry, but I will continue my commentary on the thalassocracy in the meantime. Ah hah hah hah hah.

Urianger Augurelt

(near Bloodshore)
Urianger: Ne'er till land consumes sun can sea bear moons, Heavens spew crimson flame, hells seep black dooms.
Hearken unto me, ye seeker of truth, and through my words be saved! The senary sun yields the septenary moon - expelling the Astral, beckoning the Umbral. So saith the eternal wisdom of Mezaya Thousand Eyes.
A shadow hangeth o'er the realm, growing blacker with each passing day! Rise from they waking slumber! See the nightmare for reality, and ready thyself for the coming chaos! Darkness descendeth, but surrender not to despair! For the future is forged in the flames of the present! Child of everlasting dawn, hast thou the courage to face the night?

(Heed Urianger's warning and join his cause? "Yes")
Urianger: The foul taint of deceit corrupteth thine heart and wills thee to deeds most sinister. I have sensed the hand that guideth thee, and know of its intent.
Refuse to open thine eyes and thou shalt linger in darkness for eternity.
Or mayhap the dark shadow cast upon they soul hath rendered it unable to accept the dawn.
But first thou must cast off the shadow which defiles it…
(he summons a Peiste Familiar)

Y'shtola's Words

(Y'shtola appears behind you)
Y'shtola: it is unwise to engage an opponent before properly gauging his strength. Have you sustained any serious injury?
Good. Now, perhaps you would begin by telling me what it is that brought you here. Might it be that you have an interest in the Archon's prophecies? Curiosity is known to have killed the coeurl, yet it is the thirst for knowledge that drives Man to the truth. You have taken a great risk this day - but I would expect naught else from an adventurer such as yourself.
Or could it be that you are merely afraid? Afraid of the surging darkness that nears our orders, even as we speak? You have no doubt heard the whisperings of the Sixth Umbral Era and the cabal of mages at its center.
Yes, there are those who claim it was the mages and their unholy pact with the demon lords of the seven hells that triggered the cataclysm, but there are others who believe it was the mages who led the realm out of that dark age.
Who now can say which is true? No man alive. Yet one thing IS certain - the rise of a Seventh Umbral Era is inevitable.
The question is not when it will come, or who will usher it in, but how well you are prepared.
If you are willing, I would ask of you your assistance. The time of reckoning draws nigh, and Eorzea will need all the allies she can muster.
Together, we may be able to save the realm, but first, you must look into your own heart and decide whether the path you walk is truly that of the righteous.
We will meet gain…<Full Name>.
(she disappears)

Ending Rumors

(in Wineport)
Walcher: Well, then - I glean from the sight of you standing here before me that you did not meet an untimely end at the hands of our false prophet. Might it be that you were successful in capturing the preening prognosticator?
He summoned a familiar? Then my sources were correct. This man is much more than he would have us believe.
And you say you spoke with a Miqo'te after dispatching the demon? Hmmm…given the remoteness of the region, it would strain credulity to call this meeting a chance occurrence…
You failed to bring me Urianger, but the information you did bring me may prove just as valuable. I suppose, then, I should make good on my end of the contract.
Tell your precious Admiral that my days of laying out her sullied smallclothes for all the world to see are officially over. I will be moving on to sweeter-smelling pastures. Here, I have even put it in writing.
(he gives a signed agreement)
Walcher: You have my word. My future publications will be free of all mention of the Admiral.

(at Maelstrom Command)
Guincum: Back, are you? Then I can assume your assignment was a success?
No, no, no. I do not want to know how it is you convinced Walcher to sign this statement, only that it is done, and that we can put this episode behind us.
You have done well, adventurer. The Admiral will be pleased. If you have any interest in serving the city-state as a member of the Maelstrom, speak with me again. You would be doing Limsa Lominsa a great service.

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