The Penultimate Prank


Name: The Penultimate Prank
How to begin: talk to Nicoliaux
Areas: Gridania, Humblehearth

Last quest: -
Next quest: The Ultimate Prank

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: Blinking Eye x8
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Aurora Angler

Level: 30
Drops: ?
Location: Humblehearth, in a cave

Coming soon


Bored Helper

Nicoliaux: You, adventurer. You look bored. Are you?
(Are you bored? Piss off, sprat)
Nicoliaux: Don't want to waste you precious time talking to younglings, is that it? Too high and mighty? Well excuuuse me, my <lord/lady>. Whatever was I thinking? Snobby bleedin' adventurers!
(I am now)
Nicoliaux: Good, then listen! I need your help to scare some grown-ups.
They're such a silly bunch, always acting so brave and wise - but all it takes to send them screaming for the hills is a little creep-crawly toy, orrr… A blinking eye!
Ohhh, imagine if I had some blinking eyes. I'd really be able to get a rise out of the oldies!
What do you say? Will you help me get some?
You'd only need to kill aurora anglers near Humblehearth in the Twelveswood and bring me eight of their blinking eyes, alright?
(quest accept)
Nicoliaux: I knew you'd help!
While you go and get the eyes, I'll be here, thinking of ways to show them to all the grown-ups!

Nicoliaux: You only need to kill aurora anglers near Humblehearth in the Twelveswood and bring me eight of their blinking eyes, alright? I'll be here, thinking up ways to show them to all the oldies.
Ohhh, I can't wait! This is going to be epic!

Nasty Things

Nicoliaux: Oh my gods! Real blinking eyes!
They're so much nastier than the fake ones I've made. Looking at these, I reckon I might be able to make a few grown-ups wet themselves!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm sorry, but I've only got this to give to you in return.
(Nicoliaux takes out a dead bat…)
Nicoliaux: Hahaha! Scared you, didn't I!?
How did I get a dead bat? Don't be stupid. I had another adventurer get it for me, of course.
I just use whatever you adventurers bring me to scare the next adventurer that comes along.
That way I always have something nasty on hand, and someone gullible to show it to, too! It's genius, really.
But don't worry. I've got something for you for helping. Honest, this time. Oh, and send any other adventurers you bump into my way, alright?

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