The Mail Must Get Through


Name: OTA4 - The Mail Must Get Through
How to begin: talk to Syro Fulke
Areas: Gridania, Emerald Moss, Little Ala Mhigo

Last quest: Adder's Nest Egg
Next quest: Their Finest Hour, Imperial Devices, Into the Dark

Requirements to sign up: Adder's Nest Egg complete
Required items: Imperial letter, Magitek device design document
Reward: ?


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Enemy List
Imperial Funditor, lv19
Imperial Bestiarius, lv 19
Imperial Speculator, lv 19
Imperial Triarius, lv 19
Imperial Veles, lv 22

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Mages in Trouble

Fulke: <Player>, you could not have arrived at a better time. Surely the elementals had a hand in this. We have a task for you - one of the utmost importance.
Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna has foreseen the coming of a grave danger - a danger which nears the Twelveswood even now.
To defend against this threat, we mean to erect an Irmin Hedge - the most powerful barrier known to the conjuring arts.
It is more potent and far-reaching than the current Hedge, as it soars to the heavens above, and pierces deep below the earth. The spells used in its creation are so esoteric that only the most gifted of the conjurers may utter them, and even then only during a prolonged period of meditation.
Needless to say, they are utterly defenseless in this state, and so sentries were dispatched to watch over them. Yet we have just received word that they require immediate reinforcements.
I ask that you hurry forth from the city, and head to the north and west. The linkpearl message was cut off before we could discern their precise location, but the voices were…desperate. You must help us.
(quest accept)
Fulke: Assume the worst, <Player>, and expect great danger. Make haste, but depart only after you have made thorough preparations. May the Twelve go with you.

(quest accept, talk again)
Fulke: The Irmin Hedge is more potent and far-reaching than the current Hedge. It soars to the heavens above, and pierces deep below the earth. The spells used in its creation are so esoteric that only the most gifted of the conjurers may utter them, and even then only during a prolonged period of meditation.
The trance requires that the self be set aside. It is as if they leave their own bodies. Should they be attacked in this state, or otherwise torn from their reverie, their minds will be scattered, never again to return to the waking world.
The sentries dispatched to watch over them have requested immediate reinforcements. This is no idle matter, <Player>. Head north and west of the city with all haste, and see to it that the conjurers do not come to harm!

(near with imperials near Emerald Moss)
(obtain an imperial letter)

Mystery Letter

Fulke: Well done, <Player>! Had you not drawn the attention of the imperials, our men would never have escaped with their lives!
The elementals were good to send you to us when they did. Hm? What do you have there?
You say this was sewn into the uniform of an imperial? I see… Kan-E-Senna made no mention of any such letter. Hmmm… I will see it delivered to the returned conjurers. Perhaps they will be able to glean something from it.
(he leaves briefly and then comes back)
Fulke: The conjurers were able to commune with the elementals living with the inks and fibers. It would seem the imperial who held this letter was not a Garlean at all, but hailed from Ala Mhigo. But why…?
When that nation was defeated, there were countless uprisings as the citizenry sought to reclaim their freedom. But that was many years ago. Many Ala Mhigans have since grown up knowing only Garlean rule. I can only think that to them, marching under the Empire's banners comes naturally.
Yet I am not sure our fallen Ala Mhigan's motives can be so easily explained. The contents of the letter he carried are enciphered using a code bearing no resemblance to any Garlean code we've seen. Try as we might, we've been unable to make anything of it. Stranger still, the conjurers report that the elementals within the letter sensed in its bearer a certain…nobility of spirit.
Which brings me to the matter at hand. I've another task for you, <Player>. Our only hope is that someone among the Ala Mhigans can tell us more. I would have you deliver the letter to Little Ala Mhigo in eastern Thanalan. Seek out a man there named Radulf, and learn what you can.
I am told that a great many displaced Ala Mhigans have gathered to the south of Camp Drybone - a place now called Little Ala Mhigo. I should warn you that the way is long, and that the protection of the elementals will not serve you there. Go forth with the utmost caution.

Fulke: The elementals know all there is to know of the forest, and their whispers tell us much. But things beyond the Twelveswood are beyond their knowing.
And that is why this task has fallen to you. Travel to Little Alal Mhigo south of Camp Drybone in eastern Thanalan. See the letter delivered to a man named Radulf. He may be able to shed some light on this business.

The Refugee Camp

(Little Ala Mhigo)
Radulf: Aye, I'm Radulf. It seems you know me, stranger, but I don't know you. What business have you here? A letter, you say?
Where in the bloody hells did you get this? What's happened!? Tell me, damn you!
…No. It cannot be. Slain by a fellow enemy of the Empire? Aye, enemy, I say - for the man you killed was a member of the resistance! Yet again, the gods make fools of us all. Damn them to the seven hells. <spit> …But now is not the time to mourn. The resistance must go on. The Ala Mhigans here are under my command. All have sworn to lay down their lives for Ala Mhigo's liberation.
And Hagilo was no different. He was a good man - an honorable man… Ah, but fear not, friend, I bear you no grudge. You did not knoow, nor could you have. Hagilo risked all to deliver this message, and you have seen it done. You deserve to hear what it says as much as I.
"Latest reports indicate Imperial Legatus Nael van Darnus has left eastern theatre. Joining forces on the western front.
"Changes made to invasion plans by high command. Fighting grows more fierce, imperial soldiers seem…changed. More savage, violent.
"New magitek devices deployed to strongholds on western front. Have been assigned to installation labor…"
Oh, Twelve have mercy…
"Radulf… They force us to kill daily - something, anything. If only to keep us in the habit. They seek to make it a reflex in us. My grip on things is slowly slipping - on my faith…and my mind. I don't know who or what I am anymore. Darkness descends from all sides… Yet there at the center…there, brilliant, unwavering, and whole…my beacon, my lodestar…Ala Mhigo."

I cannot imagine what suffering Hagilo endured to obtain this information, nor do I wish to. But by bringing it to us, you've assured that he did not suffer in vain. I daresay you may even have given him peace. I have not the words to thank you.
We may hail form different lands, you and I, but we are bound by a common purpose. May fortune find us, friend.
Here, take this. It was concealed within Hagilo's report. I think it's a design for a device of some sort - perhaps those he wrote of. Perhaps someone at the Adders' Nest can make more sense of it than I.
(obtain magitek device design document)

Radulf: A good man gave his life to see that report and those designs out of Garlean territory. We must use them to find a way to stop the Empire. For Ala Mhigans everywhere - and for Hagilo!
The journey here was wrought with perils. We suffered hardships beyond imagining. But we have arrived.
This war with the Garleans, the fall of Ala Mhigo - this is the end of nothing. Mark my words!


Fulke: The Adders' Nest welcomes you back, <Player>. And what is this you've brought? Garlean designs…? Gods, how could the conjurers have overlooked this!?
This… Could the Empire truly be subjecting their own soldiers to such depravities?
We forestborn lead peaceful lives, guided by the wisdom of the elementals and Seedseers. But we must not forget our fellow Eorzeans in Ala Mhigo. They too have a right to live out their days in peace, and we must do all in our power to help them reclaim that right.
The will of the elementals is the will of Eorzea. The Order of the Twin Adder is of the Twelveswood, and enjoys its protection, but our charge is to bring peace and unity to all the realm.
To that end, I will see that these designs make it to the Garlond Ironworks. You have my word - we will learn whatever there is to be learned from them.

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