The Magical Fruit

Opo-opos in search of Mun-Tuy beans have begun raiding Hyrstmill storehouses. Slay the beastkin and prevent any sacks of beans from being stolen.


Name: The Magical Fruit
Type: Defend
Level: 7
Location: North Shroud / Hyrstmill (28,19)
Spawn: 15 min

Reward: ? exp, 14 gil, 40 seals
Additional Reward: -


North Shroud Opo-opo


The objective of the FATE is to slay all the opo-opos before they manage to take down the Mun-Tuy sacks. You will be assisted by several Wood Wailer Lances, but they by themselves will not do much at all in helping out with the FATE. Note that the Mun-Tuy sacks are rather spread out compared to how fast the opo-opos are, so with any higher difficulty at all you may not be able to solo the FATE.

Category: Quests


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