The Mad Fisher
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Warm currents from the south have brought with them massive schools of palm squids, and have local fishers scrambling to outfit their boats with equipment used in catching the scrumptious cephalopods. To profit on this sudden increase in demand, the Brugaire Consortium is calling upon skilled carpenters to assist in the crafting of new fishing supplies. Speak with junior archivist Bango Zango to receive the materials necessary to begin.


Name: The Mad Fisher
Type: Constancy
Issuer: Limsa Lominsa Adventurers' Guild
Client: Brugaire Consortium Junior Archivist, Bango Zango
Areas: Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks

Class recommendation: Carpenter, rank 1
Objectives: Bronze Gig x2 to Bango Zango
Reward: ?

Category: Quests


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