The Heat is On


Name: Event - The Heat is On
How to begin: talk to Miette (Ul'dah)
Areas: Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, Silver Bazaar, Golden Bazaar, Aleport, Wineport, Quarrymill, Hyrstmill, Owl's Nest, Falcon's Nest

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: Firefall Faire 2011
Required items: Blue Ash x6, Green Ash x6, Red Ash x6, Black Ash x3, Blue Spinner x1, Red Lion x1, Green Comet x1, Azeyma's Candle x1
Reward: Lunar Top+Lunar Trunks, Blue/Green/Red Summer Top+Blue/Green/Red Summer Trunks, Solar Top+Solar Trunks


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Level: ?
Drops: -
Location: around any hamlet's Bombard escort in Thanalan, La Noscea and the Black Shroud

Fire Elemental

Level: ?
Drops: -
Location: Owl's Nest and Falcon's Nest King Bombard escort


The goal of this quest is very simple. Once you've signed up - any of the three cities will do - you head to a hamlet of your choosing and wear your fancy new lunar swimsuit. You cannot participate until you put both parts of it on. Blue ash comes from Ul'dah hamlets, red from Limsa Lominsa, green from Gridania and black from Coerthas hamlets. If you're aiming for all the swimsuits, you will be needing many pinches of each type of ash.

Once close to the hamlet of your choosing, find your local Cascadier representative. They'll be spamming in /say, so this should not be too difficult. You can join in at any point of their route from the starting point to right the moment the Bombard incinerates in the Festive Furnace. Note, however, that if there wasn't at least one player goading the bombard when you arrived, it might be for the best to wait until the bombard and the Cascadier return to the starting point, since the Bombard will likely be too damaged to survive the journey to the furnace otherwise.

When you join the procession, your goal is the successfully emote at the bombard to make it move forward, and to fend off the approaching mobs when they pop. In all other locations but the Coerthas hamlets, these mobs will be very low-level chigoes. In Coerthas, they will be level 30 or so fire elementals (note that while the Coerthas bombard is called Bombard King, there is no other difference but the name). All mobs will head directly to the Bombard and attack it, unless you manage to get at least one hit on them first. If enough mobs manage to hit the bombard (or enough time pass from leaving the starting area), the bombard will burst and eventually pop back at the starting area, so keep the mobs off it as best as you can.
Naturally, this is best done on a ranged class, either a mage or Archer. It is likewise deemed useful to cast Stoneskin on the Bombard to keep its HP up. It might be prudent to divide jobs if there is more players around, with some heading for the mobs and some goading the Bombard forward.

As for the emotes, only one emote needs (and can) be used on a Bombard to send it to its next waypoint on the way to the Furnace. You'll know you succeeded when you hear a chime and see a golden red cloud shine around you. The emotes below will work on goading the Bombard.


You'll know the Bombard is safely within the furnace when the Cascadier escort says so. Wait for a while for the Bombard to burst, and talk to the Cascadier for your ash. For each successful Bombard in the Furnace, you gain one pinch of ash of the area's color. For each nation-specific firework (and the corresponding swimsuit you'll get with the firework) you'll need 3 pinches of the nation's color. For the solar swimsuit, you'll be needing to buy an Azeyma's candle, which costs 3 pinches of all colors of ash.

Once you have enough ash to buy your desired fireworks, head to any of the three cities and buy them from the local Cascadier representative. Then head to the person in charge of the fireworks. They can likewise be found in each of the three cities, but also on the Limsa-Thanalan ferry as well. Place your firework in the contraption meant for it, and you will obtain your desired swimsuit.


Signing Up (Ul'dah)

Miette: O-ho! You certainly have the air of a fellow who knows how to roister! Am I right, or am I right!? And it just so happens that my companions and I are seeking more fun-loving friends to make merry with us in the Firefall Faire! No need to be shy, now. Just put your name down right next to ours…
Congratulations, <Full Name>, on your induction into the Cascadiers! It's an absolute pleasure to have you on board!
What? When does the roistering commence, you ask? My, my, not the brightest candle on the sconce, are we? Here, allow me to rephrase my words of welcome…
Congratulations, <Full Name>! You have just been duped into enlisting with the Cascadiers, a suicide squad founded by the Adventurers' Guild to neutralize the Bombard threat!
Don't think ill of me, I beg you. I know full well I told you a big fat untruth, but you can't deny that it was for a good cause - a sordid means to a virtuous end.
The Bombards are fiery fiends possessed of a foul temper and an insatiable appetite for desturciton. The creatures have manifested all across Eorzea, and unless neutralized - and that with all haste - will grow and grow till they explode with enough force to send Ul'dah to join her sister Sil'dih beneath the desert sands.
The Cascadiers were formed to prevent such a disaster from taking place, but sorely undermanned as we are, we had no recourse but to fill our ranks iwth unsuspecting adventurers. And so here we stand, cascadier <Player>.
Now, I sense your reluctance, plain as day. Battling Bombards is no stroll through the Gold Court, of this I won't lie. Know, though, that you'll be outfitted with sophisticated equipment…namely this heat-dispersing Cascadier uniform. Don it, <Player>, and become Ul'dah's salvation.
(quest accept)
Miette: Hurrah! I knew there was a good heart beating in that stout chest of yours!
Now, ordinarily, new recruits would be treated to a month of feasting prior to their first mission, but I'm afraid time is not on our side. In point of fact, we need you to leave now.
First, make your way to either the Silver Bazaar or the Golden Bazaar - it matters not which - two locations that have had frequent Bombard sightings. The fiery fiends have also been seen in Coerthas, in the vicinity of the hamlets there.
Once at your destination, report to the senior Cascadier officer in charge of the area to be apprised of your mission. Just so you have a rough notion of your task, it involves luring the Bombard into an apparatus called a Festive Furance, and then safely incinerating it.
The process will produce a quantity of ash, which I ask that you bring to me. We Cascadiers have use for Bombard ash, and will offer myriad delightful items in exchange for the substance.
And that is all I have to share. Now, I present to you your very own Cascadier uniform. May it preserve you from torrid heat. Always.
(obtain lunar top and lunar trunks)

Goading the Bombards

The representative for Falcon's Nest is missing from the scripts below

(Silver Bazaar/Quarrymill/Wineport)
Note that this script applies not only to Sterrklin of Silver Bazaar but also Pfymberk of Quarrymill and Lamberteint of Wineport
Sterrklin: Draw the creature's attention by wavin' yer hand, laughin' at it, or tryin' a spot of dancin' - or whatever else comes to mind. The Bombard's known to have a short fuse, and'll see red at the drop of a hat.
Come on, give it a try. All together, now!
Sterrklin: I need yer help to eliminate the Bombard. Draw its attention to me by wavin' yer hands, clappin', dancin' - whatever the hells works - so that I can lure the bloated bugger to the Festive Furnace fer summary incineration.
(no emotes for a while)
Sterrklin: Yeowwwch! Why, that flamin' son of a mummer's fart!
And these damn Cascadier uniforms…they're next to useless up close!
(after a successful emote)
Sterrklin: Gahaha, ye really twanged a nerve there, lad! See how the bloated bugger glares at me with murder in its eyes!
Sterrklin: Gahaha, that's the way! See how the creature's lit'rally steamin' with rage!
Sterrklin: Gahaha, the Bombard moves! Time to turn our goadin' up a notch!
(when mobs appear)
Sterrklin: Like moths to a bloody flame… Don't ye dare let those buggers so much as brush up against the bombard! The tiniest prod could blow us all to the seven hells!
(when mobs are killed)
Sterrklin: W-Was that the last of the chigoes? We'd best get goin' afore more uninvited guests turn up.
Sterrklin: The worst of it looks to be over. Let's be off afore more nasties get drawn to the commotion.
(when close to blowing)
Sterrklin: Gods almighty, look how swollen the thing is! It's a wonder it hasn't already blown us all to smithereens. If another monster touches it, though, we'll be soot and gristle before you can say, "Whoopsy!"
(when blows up before furnace)
Sterrklin: Gods damn it! The hoverin' whoreson went an' exploded! What with its remains scattered all over, there's no way we can prevent another Bombard from risin' from the ashes…
(when blowing up in the furnace)
Sterrklin: Gahaha, we did it! The Bombard's trapped inside the furnace! Now, we just need to wait fer the bastard to burn itself out…
Crikey, would ye look at this ash! Take it, friend. It's all yers - to see safe back t' th' cap'n, o' course.
(talk for reward)
Sterrklin: Well done, Cascadier. Here are the ashen remains of our foe.
(when ending reward period)
Sterrklin: As fer me, I'm off to find meself another Bombard to incinerate. If ye chance upon any, be sure to give me a shout!

(Golden Bazaar/Hyrstmill)
Note that this script applies not only to Gagasa of Golden Bazaar but also Morara of Hyrstmill
Gagasa: A dismissive wave of the hand, a shameless little dance - these actions and more have served me well in the past. I see no reason why they won't serve you also. Why not go through the motions for good measure?
Gagasa: Your cooperation is vital if we are to bring down the Bombard. Provoke the creature so that it focuses all its attention upon me, and I shall lure it to its fiery demise within the confines of the Festive Furnace.
(successful emote)
Gagasa: Ah, the mighty Bombard has deigned to rouse itself! Now, let us provoke the fell creature in earnest!
Gagasa: Deftly done! The torrrid terror is fair grinding its teeth in exasperation!
(when close to bursting)
Gagasa: Gods forfend… Th-The Bombard is ripe to burst. The slightest misstep on our part, and our charred remains shall be scattered a malm in every direction.

(Aleport/Owl's Nest)
Note that this script applies not only to Kheni Molkoh of Aleport, but also Lhei Mhakaracca of Owl's Nest
Kheni Molkoh: Greetings, fellow Cascadier, and welcome to the front line of the counter-Bombard effort. You've arrived at a most opportune moment - I've only just now located a Bombard, and have need of extra hands. Pray listen well.
Kheni Molkoh: A dismissive wave of the hand, a shameless little dance - these actions and more have served me well in the past. I see no reason why they won't serve you also. Why not go through the motions for good measure?
Kheni Molkoh: Your cooperation is vital if we are to bring down the Bombard. Provoke the creature so that it focuses all its attention upon me, and I shall lure it to its fiery demise within the confines of the Festive Furnace.
(after successful emote)
Kheni Molkoh: Deftly done! The torrid terror is fair grinding its teeth in exasperation!
Kheni Molkoh: A masterstorke, Cascadier! I can feel the hot gaze of the Bombard tracing every ilm of my body!
Kheni Molkoh: Ah, the mighty Bombard has deigned to rouse itself! Now, let us provoke the fell creature in earnest!
(monsters appear)
Kheni Molkoh: Eeek! Whence came those vilekin!? They mustn't be allowed to reach the Bombard, lest they add fuel to the inferno! / F-Fire elementals!? If the creatures are permitted to merge with the Bombard, not even our Cascadier uniforms would avail us in the ensuing explosion!
Kheni Molkoh: We've been blessed with a respite from the vilekin, it would seem…but for how long? / Thank the Twelve…the fire elementals are no more. Let us continue with all haste.
(bombard close to bursting)
Kheni Molkoh: Unnngh! Curse that fiery fiend! Any more direct exposure and our uniforms are like to go up in flames, leaving us naked as our nameday!
Kheni Molkoh: Gods forfend… Th-The Bombard is ripe to burst. The slightest misstep on our part, and our charred remains shall be scattered a malm in every direction.
(Bombard bursts safely in the furnace)
Kheni Molkoh: Huzzah! Our mission is complete, and none too sooN! Now we need but wait for the furnace to do its job.
The deed is done - naught but ash remains of the Bombard. Take it, and see to it the substance is delivered safely to the hands of our captain. I shall resume my patrol in the meantime.
Kheni Molkoh: Well done, Cascadier. Here are the ashen remains of our foe.
Kheni Molkoh: My thanks for your cooperation, friend. Till next we meet, may the Twelve keep you.

Exchange the Ash

Miette: Ah, Cascadier <Player>, ever a sight for sore eyes.
You have Bombard ash for me, don't you? I can recognize the odor from a malm away.
(see the list of rewards)
Miette: You need a <blue spinner>? It's yours if you can furnish me with three pinches of <blue> Bombard ash.
Magnificent! You truly are a paragon to all of us Cascadiers, <Player>. I pray you never forsake our cause.
(ask for a Cascadier uniform)
Miette: You need a Cascadier uniform? In exchange, I must ask for a pinch of red Bombard ash, a pinch of blue Bombard ash, or a pinch of green Bombard ash.
I must inform you, though, that those who already possess a set aren't eligible for another.
You already possess this item, isn't that so? In which case, I'm afraid I cannot supply you with another.
(ask about Cascadier operations)
Miette: The Bombards have been witnessed nearby the Silver Bazaar and the Golden Bazaar, with sightings also reported in hamlets across Coerthas. You are to make your way to one of these locations, and present yourself to the senior Cascadier officer in charge fo the area.

(Limsa Lominsa)
(after you've bought something)
Xheh Jakkya: Might be as ye've already heard, but the Cascadier uniform comes in special variants. Bet ye'd like t' get yer mitts on one o' them beauties!
Ye'll want t' loose any fireworks ye get usin' the Festive Mortar we Cascadiers've set up in the city. Doin' so prevents the bombard from risin' from the ashes, see.
Xheh Jakkya: It's a <red lion> ye want, is it? Give us <three pinches> of <red> Bombard ash, an' it's yers.
Take this here reward a s token o' me thanks. Keep fightin' the good fight, ye hear?
Xheh Jakkya: Ye want an Azeyma's candle? It's yers in exchange fer three pinches of red Bombard ash, three pinches of blue Bombard ash…
…three pinches of green bombard ash, an' three pinches of black bombard ash. Aye, that'd do it.

(talk after buying something)
Judye: It may intrigue you to learn that there exist certain special variants of the Cascadier uniform - though they may only be obtained through outstanding service.
Have you perchance come upon the Festive Mortar? It has been erected by we Cascadiers here in the city for the purpose of loosing fireworks into the heavens.
Though I know not by what mechanism, it is said to prevent the bombards from rising from the ashes.
Judye: You desire some <Lominsan sparklers>? It can be yours in exchange for a pinch of <red> Bombard ash.
Judye: You desire a <green comet>? It can be yours in exchange for <three pinches> of <green> Bombard ash.
Pray accept this reward for your loyal service. You have more than earned it.
(decline to buy)
Judye: They're fine items, all. Take whatever time you require to decide.

Fireworks Displays

This same script goes for all Festive Mortar personnel, from Roehsynt in Uldah to Philippe in Limsa Lominsa, Josseloux in Gridania and Momozigo on the ferry.

(launching a firework)
Roehsynt: Good gods! That was as spectacular a launch as I've ever seen! For that splending performance, I will reward you with not one but two items: a <blue summer top> and a pair of <blue summer trunks>. May they serve you well.

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