The Grass is Always Greener


Name: BTN2 - The Grass is Always Greener
How to begin: talk to Opyltyl at the Greatloam Growery
Areas: Gridania, Bentbranch, Treespeak, Ul'dah

Last quest: Gridanian Roots
Next quest: A Moogle Bouquet

Requirements to sign up: BTN30, Gridanian Roots complete
Required items: Bowing pine branch, Foul-smelling nut, Pot of nostalgic ink, Haunted pirate ship tale, Letter to Nenekko, Sprig of Meracydian olives, Sample of Amajina ceruleum
Reward: 30,000 gil, exp


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Most of this quest is very straightforward talking to NPCs. When the quest sends you out to gather, head out to Bentbranch where you'll be able to log for bowing pine branches, and then Treespeak, where you can log for foul-smelling nuts.



Missive to Ul'dah

Opyltyl: How fare you, <Player>? This is Opyltyl of the Greatloam Growery. There is work to be done. Come and see me when you can.

(Greatloam Growery)
Opyltyl: Perhaps you've come to appreciate what it is we do here at the Greatloam Growery. The cultivation of plants, the harvesting of their bounty, and the careful use of every last morsel.
What is the first use that comes to mind when you think of plants, <Player>? Food, I suspect? Medicine, perhaps?
Essential, to be sure, but only a fraction of what plants are capable of providing. Were you aware that we procure oil from the wood's vegetation as well?
Have you ever wandered Gridania on a starless, moonless night? All is pitch-black, and the darkness so thick it is amost tangible. Our patrols require light, and so we draw what oil we can from the plants, though it is less than ideal as a fuel.
We have been in talks with the alchemists of Ul'dah about developing a new oil. I need someone trustworthy to act as an envoy in this endeavor. And I would like it to be you, <Player>.
(quest accept)
Opyltyl: Excellent! That's the adventuring spirit I was looking for! Are you familiar with the way? The Lumberline runs south from Gridania. You need only follow it.
Before long, the trees will give way to a vast, barren desert. Even if you don't see Ul'dah immediately, you'll amost ceratinly hear it - or smell it.
Frondale's Phrontistery is where you'll find the alchemists. I'd like you to deliver to them a plant specimen and report back on their latest findings. I've had Cicely prepare the pakcage you will be taking. Go and see her berore you leave.

Opyltyl: Remember, now, take the specimen to Frondale's Phrontistery in Ul'dah.
The alchemists will be able to find out if we can derive a more efficient, longer-burning oil from it.
Cicely has the specimen you will be taking. See her before you leave.

Mestonnaux: I've seen countless plants since joining this guild - more than most people see in a lifetime. And still, not a day goes by without me being amazed by a new peculiarity of some sprout or blossom.
If you wish to excel as a boanist, take note of all you see at the Growery. The wisdom of generations of gifted botanists is at work here.

V'nabyano: Cicely is ever sending flowers and letters and whatnot to a friend of hers in Ul'dah.
It's a shame to send flowers to somewhere so dry, though, if you ask me. Arid climates are terrible for flowers. And even more terrible for a lady's skin!

Sandre: Tell me, do you think there are elementals even in the oils we burn? It stands to reason that there would be, but the conjurers never speak of elementals complaining about being set to flame.
I asked the young ones their thoughts on the matter, but they snickered and jeered.

Story for a Plant

Cicely: <sigh> Another boring day in Gridania…
The same thing over and over, day after day. Water the palnts, fertilize the palnts, weed the plants… Why do I have to talk to something that can't even talk back!?
It's all I can do not to cry.
I'm so jealous of my friend in Ul'dah. Her work sounds indescribably fascinating compared to mine. So little happens here that I can't even think of enough to fill a letter when I write to her. Am I supposed to tell her about seeds? The trees? A shrubbery!?
You've come to pick up the specimen for delivery? Opyltyl has asked you to go to Ul'dah?
Alright, but I'll only give it to you on one condition.
There's a bard come to town, putting up at the Carline Canopy. Go and coax some interesting stories out of her about Ishgard or Limsa Lominsa, and you'll get the package. No stories about Ul'dah, understand?

Cicely: If you want your precious specimen, you'll have to do as I ask. Oh, I know it's devious, but what would you have me do?
I need to put something in my next letter.
Go and talk to the bard visiting the Carline Canopy and see if she doesn't have some tidings form Ishgard or Limsa. And don't you dare come back with news about Ul'dah. That doesn't count.

Opyltyl: <sigh> Yes, I suspected Cicely would refuse to hand the specimen over quietly. I had hoped an adventurer such as yourself would have stories enough to regale her with.
But I suppose you have been spending a bit too much time around here to have anything new to tell. Very well, do what you must.

(Carline Canopy)
Penelope: Come, come, milord! Don't be bashful, now. What's that? A song? Oh, nothing should please me more than to regale your fine self with a song, Azeyma as my witness.
But I've met so many people on me travels, and heard so many tales - 'tis all a formless cloud in me brain. I need…something. A light to clear the fog. A compass to get me bearings by. A trinket from a far-off land, perhaps.

Penelope: If only me voice could follow me thoughts., So many tales to tell, if only…if only… Oh, forgive a rambling bard, milord, me thoughts are so jumbled that the words won't come. Might you lend me a hand, then?
If only there were some spark to light the fire, a sing to show the way. A trinket from a far-off land, perhaps. An estimable heirloom, an arty artifact, a rare relic?

Trinket for a Story

(Greatloam Growery)
Cicely: A trinket? I should have expected as much. Bards are such a greedy lot.
A far-off land, she said? Well then perhaps-
Oh, I don't relish parting with it, but if there is no other way…
No doubt you'll think me selfish, but if you would bring me a bowing pine branch and a foul-smelling nut, I suppose I could give you what you need. You will find them for me, won't you, <Player>? You simply must!

Cicely: Why should I believe that you'll bother to bring the trinket back?
Hmmm, I suppose I could be convinced to entrust it to you for a bit…if you bring me a bowing pine branch and a foul-smelling nut.

(Greatloam Growery)
Cicely: This should do well enough. Take this, then, and hear all that you can from this bard!
Exquisite, isn't it? I came upon it in a travelling Lominsan merchant's wares and bought it at once. I've heard the dancers of Ul'dah use it to paint their skin.
(obtain a pot of nostalgic ink)

Tales of Far-off Lands

(Carline Canopy)
(Penelope parley 4 stars 7 turns)
Penelope: Oh, milord! This is precisely what I needed! Thank you, milord, a thousand times over! Ask what you will of this humble bard in return, and it shall be yours. Hm? A story? A small price to pay, indeed. Let me see…
How's this, then? The sailors of Limsa tell of a ship that sails thier waters - a ship with no crew. Those few who've seen it by light of moon say the wood is barnacles and decayed beyond knowing. Cracks and gaping holes in the hull. Sails tattered and torn. More a shipwreck than a ship, with no godly business staying afloat.
But then, to those bold enough to board it, they say, the ship transforms before their very eyes. The greens and whites give way to the rich, brown sheen of new wood. The masts stand straight and the sails grow full. The brasses and bronzes shine blinding bright. In every way, the ship takes on its former glory, as new as the day she left the shipyard.
But then, at the very instant of this divine restoration, those on board simply vanish. Gone forever, never to be heard from or seen again. The Lominsans say they are taken by the ship, their souls consumed to keep her afloat, but who knows for sure? Be wary what ships you board, milord, should you find yourself in Limsa.
(obtain a haunted pirate ship tale)

(Greatloam Growery)
Cicely: Oh dear! A ghost ship!? How fantastic! I haven't heard anything so thrilling in months! Yes, yes, this will do very nicely.
Please wait while I finish writing my letter, <Player>. I won't be a moment!
Here you are, then. This is the plant from which we hope to procure a new oil. And this is the letter for my friend. I'd be ever so grateful if you would deliver it to the Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern for me.
I know you weren't planning to go there, but since you are already going to be in Ul'dah, it shouldn't put you too far out of your way. Oh, thank you, <Player>! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
(obtain a letter to Nenekko, a sprig of Meracydian olives)

Cicely: I'm relieved to have my pot of nostalgic ink back. All that's left is to make sure that my letter gets to the Amajina & Sons MIenral Concern.
I just know my friend will be waiting for it to arrive. And thank sto you, it's my most interesting letter in months!

Opyltyl: So, did you get your story?
Well, let's hear it! That damned bard hasn't sung a single song or told a single tale for any of us since she got here! No matter how many tankards of ale we buy her!

Mestonnaux: The Growery's flowers often end up at market in Ul'dah. Not as much as they used to, though.
Our ties with Esthaime's Lapidaries were once quite strong. They've a real eye for beauty, those goldsmiths.

V'nabyano: It amazes me that Cicely has been exchanging letters for so long. I'd run out of things to-
Well, I take that back. If it's food we were talking about, I suppose I could write a letter a day, at least.

Sandre: Ul'dah? Bah, not to my liking. Nothing for free in Ul'dah. I hear the shopkeeps there charge you just for browsing!
And when children misbehave, their parents threaten them with 'Gridanian' pocket gil! As if we were some ungenerous!

Two Tasks

(Ul'dah, Frondale's Phrontistery)
Nogeloix: Greetings, and welcome to Frondale's Phrontistery. How may I direct you?
The laboratory? Ah, yes, yes. You must be the botanist from Greatloam Growery. We've been expecting you. I have been given permission to see to the handling of the lant specimen. If I may?
Everything looks to be in order. I'm pleased to report our studies into this new oil derivative are progressing well. Stilll, the alchemists are doubtful their experiments will yield a fuel anywhere near as efficient as the ceruleum harvested here in Ul'dah.
But don't merely take my word for it. We propose a demonstration to help persuade your superiors. I'm sure the miners at Amajina & Sons would be willing to part with a small sample. Mention that Nogeloix sent you.

Nogeloix: Our tests have yielded nothing that even approaches the power and efficiency of Ul'dah's native ceruleum.
Pay a visit to the Amajina & Sons Mineral Conern and tell them Nogeloix sent you. They should be able to spare a small sample for you to take back to Gridania.

(Amajina & Sons)
Linette: So you're the botanist from Girdania? The phrontistery informed me that you might be coming.
Well, it's just as Nogeloix told you. The ceruleum we mine here at the Concern is the finest of the fine. It has enjoyed widespread use here in Ul'dah for some time. Limsa Lominsa has also come to learn of its great potential, and is making purchases in bulk.
Unfortuantely, this means that I cannot part with a sample, however small, without payment.
Nenekko: Linette, did you happen to receive anything in the post addressed to me? I'm expecting an important letter.
Linette: Another letter from Grdiania, is it? No, I have yet to receive any since the last.
Speaking of Girdania, allow me to introduce you to our guest from the Greatloam Growery.
Nenekko: My letter! You've brough tit! Thank you so much!
Linette: Nenekko speaks often of her friend in the forest far to the north. It seems the two of them are of an age, even.
Nenekko envies Cicely the life she leads - living in the powerful and mysterious presence of the elementals, using her hands to nurture and grow things. Creating something that endures - something that is left behind. Rarely have I seen such longing.
You have done Nenekko a great kindness, adventurer. And for that I thank you. Here, take this. A small gift for our friend at the Growery.
May she write a thousand letters more by its light.
Perhaps I shall take up the quill myself. There must be a good man out there in Eorzea somwhere…
(obtain a sample of Amajina ceruleum)

Triumphant Return

(Greatloam Growery)
V'nabyano: Did you find Ul'dah to your liking? I hear the bright lights are breathtaking at night, and the city itself never sleeps!
Still, that dry air can't possibly be good for a lady's skin. You'll not see me there unless the climate changes - as if that were possible!

Sandre: I wager some of the more persistent merchants tried to force their needless trinkets on you, no?
Most Ul'dahns are merchants the instant they leave the womb. Selling wares comes as naturally to them as breathing their filthy air.

Mestonnaux: Ceruleum? Yes, I've heard of it. Some sort of oil, if I recall. Mined in the mountains north of Uld'ah.
Brother Telent of the conjurers says no elementals reside in the stuff. They now think it is most likely produced from the remains of ancient life, long dead.

Opyltyl: So, how fare the alchemists of Uld'ah? Is there word of a new oil?
Well, some progress is better than none, I suppose. Sent you back with some ceruleum, did they? I thought they might. No reason they'd be interseted in us deriving our own oil - there's no coin in it.
Cicely: In Nenekko's latest letter, she wrote about the brilliant light ceruleum is capable of producing. It illuminates their entire city, she says. Most Ul'dahns scarcely notice the passing of night and day. The singers sing and the dancers dance with no end.
Opyltyl: More stories from your friend, Cicely? The lass working there at the Mineral Concern's alehouse, was it?
Cicely: She's not just 'working' there! She's a student, and she's being taught the art of dance by the Songstress of Ul'dah herself, F'lhaminn!
Opyltyl: Gridania is different. Gridanians are different. The people of Ul'dah and the other nations are takers - consumers, if you will. They gorge themselves on material wealth and define their lives by things that are not…essential.
The light of ceruleum is bright, child. Garish, even. It is not meant for our eyes. Such power does not exist to illuminate the world. It exists to burn it.
Cicely: Well if you don't need it, then I'll take it! I'm sure it will be 'essential' to me the day I leave this damn forest!
(Cicely leaves)
Opyltyl: Leave her be. It's not the first time she's said such things, nor will it be the last. Despite her tirades, she's never once made to leave Gridnia. I have a hard enough time understanding the females of my own race - the minds of Hyur women are completely beyond me!
I have the right of it, no? Gods, she could have delivered the plants to Ul'dah herself, if she had a mind to. The only thing she fears more than never leaving this city is ever leaving it! I daresay that's why she asked that the task be given to you.

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