The Eyes Have It

After proving his might on the shores of Turtleback Island, the cyclops Steropes has returned to Eorzea, but this time with a personal army of giants who call themselves the Second Eyes. Defeat Steropes before he can cause any real damage.


Name: The Eyes Have It
Type: Boss
Level: 39
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands / Whitebrim (15,19)
Spawn: 30 min duration

Reward: ~40,500 exp, ~78 gil, ~224 seals
Additional Reward: Pudgy Puk (gold), Allagan Bronze Piece x3 (silver), Mega-Potion (bronze)


Second Eye


This is a major boss FATE and is in no way completable solo or anywhere close. Second Eyes will spawn constantly and need to be dealt with if DD participants want to live through the FATE, and Steropes himself is no joke even with no adds. In absence of a healer in your party, be prepared to die, likely multiple times.

Category: Quests


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