The Devilet Inside

A mischievous shape-shifting imp charged with setting over a hundred different fires, many of which lead to the deaths of humble farmfolk, has escaped from its unescapable cell in the Marasaja Pit. After conducting a realm-wide search to capture the villainous voidkin, the Brass Blades believe they finally have cornered it somewhere in Horizon's Edge. To ensure that they do not let the criminal slip through their fingers, the Blades are seeking adventurers to assist in the search process, which involves collecting brightash from wisps and casting it on local bandits - any of which could be the imp - to dissolve the creature's glamour.


Name: The Devilet Inside
Type: Veracity
Issuer: Ul'dah Adventurers' Guild
Client: Marasaja Pit Claviger, Jagged Claw
Areas: Camp Horizon

Class recommendation: DoW, DoM, rank 20
Objectives: Firestarter Imp x2
Reward: ?


Firestarter Imp

Level: ?
Drops: ?

Coming soon

Category: Quests


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