The Customer Comes First


Name: The Customer Comes First
How to begin: talk to Cahernaut
Areas: Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, Cassiopeia Hollow

Last quest: -
Next quest: ?

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: Sunsilk Muslin x8
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Stormcry Boatswain

Level: LNC30
Drops: ?
Location: Cassiopeia Hollow

Stormcry Powder Monkey

Level: ???30
Drops: ?
Location: Cassiopeia Hollow

Stormcry Quartermaster

Level: GLA30
Drops: ?
Location: Cassiopeia Hollow


Lost Goods

Cahernaut: You there, adventurer. You couldn't have come along at a better time! I have a pressing matter that requires immediate attention. As you may or may not know, Sunsilk Tapestries offers delivery of goods on purchases exceeding a certain value.
I have recently dispatched such a delivery to one of our foremost patrons in Limsa Lominsa, but he has since contacted me, complaining that the goods have yet to arrive.
And this after I took the precaution of employing delivery specialists rather than the nearest available adventurer. I certainly regret that decision now…
So, what say you? Would you like to lend a hand to help me remedy the situation? Sunsilk's reputation is at stake!
I shall keep your first task simple. Travel to Mealvaan's Gate in Limsa Lominsa. Speak to whomever you see, and learn whatever you can. You must discover what became of our missing merchandise!
(quest accept)
Cahernaut: I suppose there are those among you adventurers that can be relied upon after all. I pray your journey to Limsa is a safe one.
An assessor by the name of Haldberk at Mealvaan's Gate keeps a detailed ledger of all the city's imports and exports. If our goods arrived in Limsa, he will know about it.
I've tried to contact him via linkpearl on countless occasions, but the assessors are always so terribly busy. They rarely have time to exchange more than a few words - if they answer at all! And that is why I must send someone in person.

(talk again)
Cahernaut: Our customer's patience is wearing thin. You must find that merchandise! Sunsilk tapestries always makes good on its orders!
Travel with all haste to Mealvaan's Gate in Limsa Lominsa. Speak with the assessor named Haldberk and learn if our shipment ever arrived at port.
My gut tells me that the goods have arrived. But Haldberk cannot be bothered to speak via linkpearl. He demands that all complaints and queries be made in person at the Gate. Twelve be good, doe she think he is the only busy person in Eorzea!?

The Assessor

(Limsa Lominsa, Mealvaan's Gate)
Haldberk: What brings you to Mealvaan's Gate, adventurer? All the way from the Weavers' Guild, you say? Is this regarding the recent shipment of eight bolts of Sunsilk muslin?
Yes, yes, not a day goes by that Cahernaut doesn't harass me by linkpearl. Does he think his shipment is the only one in all of Ul'dah!? I hardly have time enough to get all of the Gate's goods where they need to go, let alone lend an ear to petty complaints.
My ledger shows that the Sunsilk shipment did indeed arrive here at port. And my ledger is never wrong. However, the Gate was recently raided by a notorious gang of pirates, and a significant quantity of cargo was stolen… I'm afraid the Sunsilk merchandise was among it.
The Knights of the Barracuda have been informed, of course.
Should you wish to confront the brigands who perpetrated the crime, seek out the crew of the Stormcry, a vessel known to frequent Cassiopeia Hollow. Mind you, the Knights of the Barracuda will no doubt see the cargo returned.
But considering the quantity of goods stolen, it may take many moons before everything is properly sorted and processed… If that sounds like too long to wait, you might consider stealing back that which the pirates purloined.
If you are able to get our hands on the muslin bolts, bring them back to me. I'll see them safely to their destination from there. I'm sure both the weavers and the Knights of the Barracuda would reward your efforts.

(talk again)
Haldberk: You could wait for the Knights of the Barracuda to recover your goods, along with the rest of the stolen cargo, but the sheer quantity of items makes a swift resolution seem rather unlikely. Should you wish to prove your worth to the Weavers' Guild, however, you might alternatively consider stealing back that which the pirates purloined. It would involve seeking out the crew of the Stormcry, which frequents Cassiopeia Hollow.
If you are able to get your hands on the muslin bolts, bring them back to me. I'll see them safely to their destination from there. I'm sure both the weavers and the Knights of the Barracuda would reward your efforts.

Delivering Goods

(Limsa Lominsa, Mealvaan's Gate)
Haldberk: What's this? So you were able to beat those pirates at their own game, were you? You adventurers never cease to astound me.
Cahernaut has still been ringing my linkpearl like a man possessed. I've taken to completely ignoring him, and it seems I was right to do so. This problem has solved itself!
I will entrust the goods to the Knights of the Barracuda, and request that they are delivered to their rightful owner. But allow me to reward you in advance, on behalf of both the knights and the weavers. Don't consider it a kindness - Cahernaut will be reimbursing me, hehehe.
Oh, and you needn't worry - he won't refuse, however much he may hate being ignored!
And how could he? After learning that you saved his standing in the guild, he'll be ready to hand over his firstborn! Hahaha!

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