The Cove


Name: TM - The Cove
How to begin: talk to Clifton at the Fisherman's Bottom
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Skull Valley

Last quest: Till Sea Swallows All
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: Dart slug anti-venom
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Dart Slug

Level: 24
Drops: ?
Location: instance NW of Aleport in Skull Valley

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Marine Aspirations

Clifton: Ahoy, mate! Sign up for the Maelstorm with the rest of 'em, did you? 'Tis a noble gesture, to be sure. See, not all of us have the might or mettle to stare down an imperial, and we'd be right lost without you.
But that doesn't mean us smallfolk can't do our bit in other ways. A navy cannot sail on an empty stomach; and since the Grand Company opened its doors to civilians such as yourself, the streets of Limsa have been echoing with the grumblings and rumblings of a thousand hollow guts.
To fill those bellies and ensure the safety of the city, the Admiral has ordered the Fishermen's Guild to increase its daily quota. Normally, this wouldn't be any problem - we'd simply put twice as many boats to sea - but these aint' normal tiems. Since the Maelstrom was re-established, half of our fleet has been commandeered, and nearly one in every three pullers has set down his net to take up a sword.
Our good guildmaster has always proven dependable in a pinch, so not three days past did we convene in his office to discuss a solution to this very predicament.
But…instead of providing us with a viable answer, he simply stated that he had the utmost faith in his fellow pullers to 'pull together' in the face of adversity, and that, united, we would doubtless 'pull through'.
Since then, I've spent day and night trying to come up with something - anything that would warrant the guildmaster's faith in us, but to no avail. That is, until last night, when I spied a conjurer casting Aero on a megalocrab off Widow Cliffs, and I knew I had my answer!
It struck me that if I could learn the spell myself, and cast it in the water, the resulting curtain of bubles woudl frighten all the nearby fish away from me…right into the nets I had secretly set nearby! I know, I know - genius!
There are still a few minor obstacles to overcome, of course…such as my lack of aptitude in the mystic arts…and the limited number of places where the method could feasibly work…
In the open ocean, you see, the frightened fish would scatter in all directions, with only a scant few finding their way into my nets… No, for my method to be effective, it has to be conducted in a nice, secluded cove - shallow and preferably with only one entrance…and it just so happens that I know of such a place near Aleport…
Hm? What's the catch? Er…fish? Oh, the catch! There is no catch. Well, except for the fact that the cove is infested with higly venomous dart slugs. Ah, but those shouldn't pose any problem to a skilled adventurer carrying copious amounts of antidote. And while that kindly adventurer keeps the slimy beats occupied, I will dive into the sea, round up all the fish, seahorses, dolphins, whales, and whatnot into my net, and club the scrumptious sea life into succulent submission.
(quest accept)
Clifton: Spoken like a true hero of the realm! I knew you wouldn't let me down. We can begin as soon as you are ready. You see, I might have assumed that you would agree to help and already set up my nets in the cove.
I may also have taken the liberty of preparing several doses of the dart slug anti-venom I mentioned… Just remember to apply it after trading blows with the creatures, and apply it generously.
The salt in the air works to neutralize the concoction, so you may have to reapply the stuff, depending on how quickly, or rather slowly, you slay the slugs.

Clifton: The cove in which I've set my nets lies to the northwest of Aleport. Its beaches are crawling with dart slugs, but as long as you clear away, say…six of them, I should be able to conduct my test without fear of being devoured.
But just in case, I'll make certain to take with me a generous portion of anti-venom. I strongly suggest you do the same.


Clifton: Greetings, mate! I apologize for not thanking you back at the cove, but I was literally swimming in fish!
It's just a shame none of them were actually in my nets… I waded all the way out into the middle of the bay, you see, and was ready to unleash every airy magick I could inexpertly muster, when a baby porpoise nuzzled up beside me and gazed into my soul with his deep black eyes…
And I knew then that what I was about to do was blasphemy - blasphemy to the most matronly of matron saints, the sea.
You see, the sea is not some sort of enchanted larder that we may mindlessly raid every time a hunger is upon us. There are rules that must be followed. Obeisances that must be paid.
And as is every forest and field upon land, the sea, too, is alive with myriad creation.
We fishers have harvested the sea's bounty since time immemorial, but we have never taken more than we need, and have always offered thanks for that which we were given. Our methods are a reflection of that.
Now, however dire the circumstance, and however desperate the guildmaster, changing things in a manner that might threaten the sacred balance is not only unwise, but unnatural. I, for one, am ashamed to have contemplated it.
I have already spoken with the guildmaster about my feelings, and he, albeit begrudgingly, agreed with me.
I also spoke with him regarding a new idea I had - the expansion of the Barrel.
By expanding the feeding ponds we currently ahve, we might just be able to provide sufficient rations to the Maelstrom while maintaining the balance between Man and sea established by our ancestors.
Thank you again, <Player>, for playing a part in helping me to realize this. Not I nor the deep blue will soon forget your kindness.

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