The Boy and the Dragon Gay


Name: ALC2 - The Boy and the Dragon Gay
How to begin: talk to Nogeloix in Frondale's Phrontistery in Ul'dah
Areas: Ul'dah, Gridania

Last quest: Sleep, Cousin of Death
Next quest: Dream On, Dream Away

Requirements to sign up: ALC30, Sleep, Cousin of Death complete
Required items: Frondale's funds, Starfall grass
Reward: ?


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Coming soon



Dreaming of Dragons

Nogeloix: Greetings, <Player>. This is Nogeloix, of Frondale's Phrontistery. I wonder if you might pay us a visit. I fear Damielliot's condition has not improved. As a last resort, we are asking all whose presence seemed to rouse him from his slumber to gather together. I will be waiting for you.

(Frondale's Phrontistery)
Nogeloix: So good of you to come, <Player>. Please, make your way to Damielliot's sickroom. You will find the way topen to you.
You must look in on Damielliot at once. As I said, we are gathering together any he might know in an attempt to stimulate his dormant senses. You will do this small thing, won't you?
(quest accept)
Nogeloix: You may come across some of the other young ones at play in the children's ward. They are here in the same capacity as you. See to it you don't scare them off.

Nogeloix: It grieves all at the Phrontistery to see Damielliot in such pain…
As I told you before, we mean to affect any stimulation we can. I wonder, would you not do us the kindness of visiting him? Your presence may trigger some new reaction.

Miyaya: We are known to all as Eorzea's foremost house of healing - but what we do is costly, and our numbers are not great. As it is, only families of privilege can afford to send their children here.
The thought of denying the poor equal treatment does not sit well with many - myself included. If you feel the same, then I urge you to learn our ways, and then spread them on your travels.

Obili Tambili: The Phrontistery keeps a vast collection of alchemical tomes and treatises.
Of all in our order, Damielliot alone can boast having read every one of them. He may well be as knowledgeable as Master Faustigeant himself. Like father, like son.

Kukusi: All of the young ones admitted at the Phrontistery hold a place in their heart for Damielliot.
When he was well, he would spend hours on end with them - playing with them and telling them stories when there were none else to do so.

Spineless Sprat: I wish I cold sleep that long…but I can't. My insides hurt too much.

Bashful Schoolboy: How come I never want to go to sleep, but the grown-ups never want to wake up?

Knock-kneed Lass: Why won't Damielliot wake up and tell us more stories? Doesn't he know we haven't had a story in ages?

Sickly Child: Did you come to see Damielliot? Me too. I hope he wakes up soon. I want him to tell us more stories.

Soft-spoken Schoolgirl: I picked some wildflowers and put them by Damielliot's bedside. The healers told me they would bring him pretty dreams.

Damielliot: Ugggh… Dr-Dragons… No…
Soft-spoken Schoolgirl: Dragons!? Damielliot's dreaming about dragons! I'm sure he'll tell us all about it when he wakes up.
I knew he wouldn't forget to finish his story. He was telling us about dragons last time. Before he fell asleep.
There was a child, just like us, who lived in the forest. And then, one day, some bad people came down from the mountains and took him away. And they were going to try and ransom him back to his mother and father.
They put him on a chocobo and rode north and north and ever farther - all the way back to the mountains. But before they got back to the bandits' hideout, a dragon appeared in the sky!
It was so big that when it beat its wings it made a wind that blew all over Eorzea!
And Damielliot said the wind was so strong it blew all the bandits off their chocobos! And it blew the little boy from the forest off his chocobo too, and then-
That's where Damielliot ended the story that day. We're all waiting for him to wake up so we can hear the rest!

Soft-spoken Schoolgirl: I wish I knew what happened to the boy and the dragon after that. Damielliot will wake up and finish the story, won't he?

Damielliot: <rasp>

New Missive

Nogeloix: <Player>, I am loath to trouble you at a time like this, but an urgent matter has arisen.
We have learned of a new reagent known as starfall grass. It may prove helpful in treating Damielliot's condition. The plant in question is native to Gridania.
The Phrontistery has already arranged for the purchase of what could be found at market - bt it is not much. We would like to procure a great deal more.
Please, <Player>, travel north to Gridania and learn what you can of this reagent. Specifically, we need to know from whence it might be obtained.
Should you come across someone who has purchased any, do whatever you must to obtain it. Parley if necessary - we simply must have it.
You need do no more than follow the road north out of Ul'dah. Before long, it will give way to the Timberline, which will lead you straight into the heart of Gridania.
Make what preparations you must. But remember - time is of the essence. May the gods go with you.
(otain a sack of Frondale's funds)

Nogeloix: <Player>, you must make for Gridania and find more starfall grass. Its medicinal properties may prove to be the key to curing Damielliot's ailment.
You might think about consulting any adventurers you happen upon along the way. There may be more useful information to be had - who can say? Just make sure you procure as much of the stuff as you can.
And should you find any who have bought up whatever starfall grass there is, do whatever you must to botain it. Even parley if need be.

Miyaya: The journey to the north can be an arduous one. Many do not take well to the sudden changes in climate.
Do be well, <Player>. Your trip is an important one. The fate of the Phrontistery may well hang in the balance.

Obili Tambili: Traveling merchants often bring us word of the goings-on in Gridania.
Many of Ul'dah's own traders wish to establish a foothold there - close as it is. But if their stories are to be believed, the Gridanians are invariably hard of head and tight of purse.

Kukusi: Gridania lies within the forests to the north, deep within the Black Shroud. The trade routes will see you there.
Take care not to stray too far east once in the wood. The last place you want to get lost is in sylph territory.

Forbidden Stories

(Gridania, Carline Canopy)
Penelope: From the Phrontistery of Frondale, are you? And come all this way to Gridania seeking starfall grass, no less. Aye, I know the stuff. For in legend and lore, there are fabled blades of grass, and there are fabled blades of steel, and the true bard sings of both.
That said, 'tis known well enough to be a right rare herb, that one. Scarce makes it to market afore being straightways bought up.
(parley, 6 stars, 9 turns)
Penelope: You needn't utter a word - 'tis written all about your face. The slumbering fit of the alchemy master's son continues, does it not?
Very well. Here. I shall go so far as to part with this - but I require somethin in return. I, too, have passed through the Phrontistery's halls, and know good Damielliot oft recites a story to amuse the other younglings. You must share with me one such tantalizing tale.
I see. So that's the way of it…
Aye, I've heard the tale afore - that of the boy and the dragon. As I recall, the lad was snatched from the forest by bandits of the north before he was a man grown. Spirited him away to the mountains, they did. Yet dragons fly the northern skies, and the eyes of one such beast came to rest on our bandits and boy. It swooped down upon them from on high, wings beating and teeth gnashing.
Screams of terror and blinding dusts filled the air, and as the young lad's chocobo reared and took flight with fear, he was flung from its back, and tumbled from the narrow pass and down the mountainside. Yet the gods spared his life, and he awoke sometime later at the base of a great, rocky ledge, wounded and broken and unable to move. Hours passed, and before long the foul beasts what roam the crags caught scent of his blood and began to close in all around.
It was then, as the boy was making his peace with the Twelve, that another dragon, small and feeble, came upon him. Yet instead of tearing him flesh from limb, it charred and maimed and chased off the circling beasts, savig the boy's life. The tale ends with the dragon bearing the wounded boy on his back, and the two flying through the blue skies of the north together.
A beautiful enough story for an Ul'dahn audience. But milord would do well not to regale a soul with it around these parts. For it has been branded a heresy by the archbishop in Ishgard, and his Holiness has ears even in this very wood.
(obtain starfall grass)

Penelope: Lower your voice! Aye, I've heard the tale of the Boy and the Dragon Gay, and more times than one. But the archbishop in Ishgard has declared it a heretic's tale. Best not to recount it here, so close to the mountains.
I've come to hear what less controversial tales there are to be heard in Grdiania, and once I have, I'll be off to Ishgard in search of the next. If the gods are good, we shall meet again, adventurer.

Tales Retold

(Frondale's Phrontistery)
Nogeloix: Ah, <Player>, you have returned. I trust that your labors bore fruit? Most excellent. The Phrontistery stores can never have too much starfall grass. It is an extremely potent reagent - too potent for ingestion as is, in fact. Only an alchemist who truly takes the time to understand its potential can then coax it into its fullest healing expression.
No doubt you are weary from your travels, but there is one more task I would ask of you. Healer S'lyhhia has been eagelry anticipating your return. You had…best speak to her directly.

Nogeloix: I have seen the children in low spirits before, but now…well, they are utterly despondent. Healer S'lyhhia hardly has the time to be amusing them with faerie tales and legends.
Please, <Player>, entertain the children with talk of your recent travels to Gridania. It always lifts their spirits to hear of the world beyond the Phrontistery walls.

Miyaya: I've heard stories that the black Shroud is home to as yet unknown beasts and beings Did you hear any such talk in your time there?
Living in Eorzea's most prosperous nation, it's hard to imagine such remote and wild regions still exist. Tell me, did you find the natives…barbaric?

Obili Tambili: So, you didn't find the Gridanians to be hard-headed? Aye, well, I don't suppose that's too much of a surprise. You're an adventurer, after all. Parleying can take your kind a long way.
When I said folks called them a stubborn lot, I meant in trade. Ul'dahn merchants liken bartering with forestborn to chewing sand.

Kukusi: I've been to Gridania myself. Tell me, what was it about the forest that most struck you?
For me, it was the quiet. There's nothing like it in Ul'dah. Many of the city's wealthiest residents sojourn in Gridania simply to escape the din of the city. It's not something that's oft considered - the value of silence.

S'lyhhia: It is good to see you returned, <Player>. I know it was not asked of you, but I wonder, did you hear any tales on your journey?
The young ones have been up in arms, crying out for a story, but my duties keep me from obliging them. Would you mind giving them the pelasure of your company - if only for a short while?

(you enter Damielliot's room. The children flock around you)
Sickly Child: Pleeease tell us a story! We're bored.
Bashful Schoolboy: What stories do you know? They're not scary, are they?
(What story will you tell the children? The Proud Bloodline of <Full Name>.)
(The Story of <Full Name>: Thinker, Fighter, Lover, Legend.)
(The Boy and the Dragon Gay)
Sickly Child: Yes, yes! Tell that one!
Bashful Schoolboy: Tell us what happens to the boy in Damielliot's story!
Sickly Child: What a great story! I knew it would end ell, I just knew it! Thank you, <Player>!
Bashful Scholboy: I wish I could fly on a dragon's back…
(S'lyhhia enters)
S'lyhhia: Sorry to keep you waiting, <Player>. I was just- Oh?
Well, the younglings certainly look happy. Gods be good, you do not lack for talents, do you?
Here, this is for you. Nogeloix asked that I give it to you. Thank you, from all of us.

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