The Big Payback


Name: THM1 - The Big Payback
How to begin: talk to Yayake at Arrzaneth Ossuary
Areas: Ul'dah, Horizon's Edge

Last quest: -
Next quest: Revelry in Rivalry

Requirements to sign up: THM20
Required items: Twisted Aldgoat Horn
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Suckling Nannygoat

Level: ??
Drops: -
Location: Horizon's Edge instance

Death-marked Billygoat

Level: ??
Drops: -
Location: Horizon's Edge instance, after killing suckling nannygoats

Enraged Nannygoat

Level: ??
Drops: -
Location: Horizon's Edge instance, after killing death-marked billygoat

Coming soon



Joining the Guild

Yayake: Only by embracing death can one honor life. Greetings, wanderer, and welcome to Arrzanth Ossuary.
What brings you to us? Do you wish to gain mastery over this realm of Nald, and thence cast your gaze across to the realm of Thal? Do you wish to know the limits of this mortal coil?
(Do you wish to join the Thaumaturges' Guild? No. I hear it invovles doing things with dead people./Yes, more than anything)
Yayake: Then enter your name here in the Traders' ledger. Swear your flesh and blood to our Order - and your soul to our cause.
It is done. I hereby proclaim you <Full Name>, son of Arrzaneth Ossuary, servant and disciple of the Order of Nald'thal.
Fear not, for no more are you lsot. As one of us, you will not want for guidance in this plane.
You must first know our ways. And to do that, you must read our scripture.
I sense…reluctance in you. Falter not in your resolve, as many lesser adventurers have. To read is to grow! Still, perhaps I could offer you spoken words in place of written, that you might know who we are.
Beyond life's horizons, beyond the realm of Nald and the waking, lies the realm of Thal, and death. At breath's end, Thal awaits all with his scales, yet unto his realm permits only those whose virtue is judged ample.
Your virtue is a measure of your very existence - your birth and station, childhood and manhood, knowledge and wisdom, power and wealth.
The pious man uses knowledge and wisdom to guide power, and with that power gains wealth, and greater power still. It is in this way that the soul becomes virtuous.
Do not think wealth to be limited to the monetary. Wealth, to the Order, consists of all things a soul leaves behind when it departs this realm.
Arrzaneth Ossuary guides its followers that they might leave as much in their wake as possible. And so shall we guide you, that you might make your fortune as well.
(quest accept)
Yayake: Go forth then, thaumaturge, and pledge yourself to your first master.
Her name is Prelate I'llofii, and she awaits you even now, if I am not mistaken.

Yayake: To train at Arrzaneth Ossuary is to know the full weight of your life's deeds and the sin they bring. Prepare yourself, <Playr>.
Prelate I'llofii will be the first light to guide you through the darkness. She will be expecting you.

Fyrilsunn: You came here with the hope of seeing something of the occult. Some dark magic or perverted sorcery, perhaps? We mortals are innately drawn to that which we fear.
But a fascination for the macabre is not all the Order requires of its adherents. You must also have a heart for vengeance.

Totono: Perhaps you have come to know that there are two sects within the Order. There is a reason fo this - our god is not Ul'dah's alone.
Wherever man is, life and death are as well. This is providence, and known by all. But what awaits beyond death is known by none.

Sinette: The hierarchy of our Order is reflected in our vestments.
The most gifted and powerful among us, the exarchs, are those with hoods of gold. It is said they can hear the voiceds of nine souls at once.

Tutubuki: Pay no mind to Keeper Yayake. She can be rather…cryptic, on occasion.
You will come to appreciate her in time, as all who train here do. And by then it will be too late to leave, whether you would or no.

Kamlito Halito: Capital is as vital to the Ossuary as any of the other guilds, if not more so. You must know the path it travels. Wealth is formed at Eshtaime's Lapidaries and Sunsilk Tapestries, won and lost on the bloodsands of the Coliseum, gambled and guarded at the Platinum Mirage.
It falls to our Order to cleanse said wealth of the residues of sin acquired durings its journey.

License to Kill

I'llofii: Do you honestly believe you have the makings of a true thaumaturge? Your veins must course with feverish hot blood that burns a deep crimson.
You must experience many a death to become master over it. Whether or not you return from your journeys to the other realm is decided by the potency and vigor of your lifeblood.
Many and more far grater than you have had their blood stained black as pitch by the trials they have undergone within these halls.
This is what it means to be a thaumaturge. To suffer great burdens that would crush ordinary men, and toil on.
I ask again, do you truly have what it takes to become one of us? And if so, is that truly what you desire?
Forgive me, I do not mean to deter you or give you cause to falter. I mean only to harden your resolve. Come, let us begin your training.
This document is a last will and testament.
It belonged to a man of the Merchants Ward who, by the age of one and fifty, had established himself as a reputable trader. Yet the gods have their plans, and his life was taken one day by a raging beast. Though many outside these walls would deem this fate tragic, the clouds of grief are not long upon us here, for we know that his soul's true journey has just begun.
As he was a loyal devotee of the Ossuary, it is our charge to execute his last will and testament. This is to be your training, <Playr>.
"My last will and testmanent…
"I hereby leave one third of my total estate to the Order of Nald'thal of the Arrzaneth Ossuary.
"In return for this consideration, I humbly request that my death be avenged should my days be cut short by unnatural causes."
Vengeance will be had for those whose breath is taken from them.
This pious and charitable soul was taken from us by a beast of the wild - a crazed billygoat, we have learned.
And so this billygoat has been marked for death. You must spill its lfieblood - as only life can pay for life.

I'llofii: Go and seek out the death-marked aldgoat that stole our friend's life. Spill its blood as it spilled his. And count yourself lucky that you go forth to kill an animal, and not a man.
That is not to say this vengance order is to be taken lightly. The peace of a man's soul is at stake. See to it the deed is done - and done well.

Fyrilsunn: As all know, there is an inner strength in man that shows itself only in the most dire of circumstances.
To gain control over that strength and bend it to your will, you must place yourself in constant peril. The sins you accrue in escaping those perils will be great, but once such strength is yours to command, no enemy can stand before you.

Yayake: A vengeance will is no trifling matter. The costs incurred tend to be quite large - exorbitant, even by the standards of many.
The Ossuary waives a portion of the fee when a vengeance order forms part of a last will and testmanet lodged with the Ossuary. Accordingly, there are many who make use of this service in such a fashion.
Once you have dealt what vengeace the will and testament demands, there is no need for futher slaughter. You are to travel back at once and speak to Prelate I'llofii.

Sinette: It is the suffering of the heart that separates us from the basts - compassion, empathy, longing.
Tell me when you being to experience such pains as pleasures, and I will introduce to you a new pain, the likes of which you have never known.

Totono: Last will and testaments are but one of the many services Arrzaneth Ossuary offers the people of Eorzea.
There is near no act we would deny for them as has coin.

Tutubuki: Your death-mark is a simple aldgoat? How…common. I would at least have hoped you would be killing Amalj'aa.
Even so, you will find that killing in the name of a vengeance order has a certain sense of…righteousness to it. Thal watches over those doing his work in this realm, and visits his wrath upon those who would interfere.

Kamlito Halito: A death-marked aldgoat, is it?
Aldgoats are wary beasts, to be sure. To draw them out requires cunning. If it is the parent you seek, I advise you to visit harm upont he child.

Good Deeds

(Arrzaneth Ossuary)
I'llofii: You have done well. Now that the deed is done, surely this merchant's soul will find peace in Thal's realm, for you have taken its burden of hatred upon yourself.
Your own sins have grown in the doing, but so has your virtue with them. Here, I offer you this. You have more than earned it.
I should tell you, vengeance orders cannot be placed against one of our own. Now that you have taken up the thaumaturge's path, you need not far being marked for death by the Order.
I daresay you are comforted by this thought, yes? Or is that…disappointment I see in your eyes?

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