Tail of a Whale

Instead of killing his victims, the primal Leviathan will "drown" them, erasing their wills and rendering them mindless servants of the Lord of the Whorl. Sahagin leader Worr the Whalefin commands an army of these pitiless souls, and that army is on the move, looking for their master's next victims!


Name: Tail of a Whale
Type: Boss
Level: 46
Location: Western La Noscea / Sapsa Spawning Grounds (17,16)
Spawn: 15 min duration

Reward: ? exp, ~92 gil, ~204 seals
Additional Reward: Coral Band


Drowned Steersman
Worr the Whalefin


In addition to all the steersmen in the area, there are also elbsts and sahagin that aggro. Avoiding them entirely will be impossible.


Worr the Whalefin (Pshhh! Shhhend the finlesss onesss below!)

Worr the Whalefin: (Become one with the whorl!)

Drowned Steersman: (O Leviathan! Lend us your strength!)

Drowned Steersman: (Leviathan is the one true god!)

Category: Quests


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