Stone Deaf


Name: Stone Deaf
How to begin: talk to Kinborow at Stillglade Fane
Areas: Gridania, Tranquil Paths

Last quest: -
Next quest: ?

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: Seance Stone x5


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Canopy Galago

Level: 22
Drops: ?
Location: around Camp Tranquil

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Quiet Stones

Kinborow: The elementals of stone have been silent in recent days - all of our invocations go unanswered. There are those who think it related to the ill rumors spreading like wildfire amongst the people.
In times such as these, there is naught to be done save make use of the séance stones. They are primeval stones, born deep within the bosom of Eorzea. The elementals have never turned a deaf ear to our calls when we have used them in days gone by.
Be so kind as to bring me five of these séance stones, friend. They are often carried by the galagos that inhabit the lands around Camp Tranquil. It saddens me to add that they will not part with them willingly. You will have no choice but to slay them, yet their sacrifice will at least serve a higher purpose.
(quest accept)
Kinborow: Then go now, with all haste. Time is of the essence. I shall continue my attempts to commune with the elementals in your absence.

Kinborow: Please, bring me five séance stones as quickly as you are able. To obtain them, you must slay the galagos near Camp Tranquil.

Cracked Stones

Kinborow: Th séance stones! You've brought them! As you may have gleaned from my relief, all efforts to reach the elementals since your departure have yielded nothing.
I shall make use of the stones right away. A moment please.
…by the gods! Th-The stones! They've all cracked in two! Just as I felt the whispers of the elementals taking form, they simply…shattered!
This is surely an omen - a dark portent of things to come. The Grand Council must be informed! It is they who interpret the will of he Twelveswood. They will know what to do.
Here, payment for the stones. Use it to prepare yourself - for I fear the coming darkness will soon be upon us…

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