Steel Reign

Atop his mighty steed, clad in armor darker than the void, the elder primal Odin has returned to Eorzea to exact his brutal judgment upon the realm.


Name: Steel Reign
Type: Boss
Level: 50
Location: Central Shroud / Sorrel Haven (14,18), (14,21), North Shroud / Alder Springs (16,27), North Shroud / Proud Creek (22,22), (25,24), East Shroud / Nine Ivies (23,30), East Shroud / Larkscall (26,21), (26,24), South Shroud / Upper Paths (20,20), (18,23), South Shroud / Lower Paths (16,33), South Shroud / Urth's Gift (33,23)
Spawn: 30 min duration

Reward: 0 exp, ~100 gil, ~287 seals
Additional Reward: Odin's Mantle x5 (gold), Odin's Mantle (silver)




This is a major boss FATE and should under no circumstances be attempted solo. When Odin spawns, Tension-type weather will mark his coming.

Category: Quests


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