Spores on the Brain


Name: Spores on the Brain
How to begin: talk to Marcette
Areas: Gridania, Emerald Moss

Last quest: In the Name of Science
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: level ?, In the Name of Science complete
Required items: Mature Funguar Spore Sac x8
Reward: ?


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Mature Funguar

Level: 12
Drops: ?
Location: south-west of Camp Emerald Moss

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Coming soon


Funguar Obsession

Marcette: <Player>! Thank the Twelve! Again I am in need, and again the gods have sent you to me.
My Eorzean Geographic article on the spriggan is sure to be met with universal praise, thanks in no small part to you! I am already conducting research for a second article - this time on the funguar.
Surely you know of the beast? There isn't a soul in Eorzea not familiar with them, giant ambulating mushrooms that they are. Tell me, have you ever partaken of funguar flesh?
Oooh, that earthy aroma and meaty texture… But never mind that! What I truly seek to know is how the funguar has come to inhabit such a multitude of regions across several continents. How has it migrated such vast distances and adapted to such diverse environs?
I've cut open more than a few specimens, and can say with some confidence that hey aren't the hardiest of beasts. They certainly don't have the constitution necessary to cross mountains or deserts, much less oceans. So how they've migrated malms over grueling terrain to inhabit new regions has remained a complete mystery.
Until now, that is! Well, it's still just a theory, of course, but I believe the answer lies in their spores!
And that is where you come in, <Player>. I need you to venture into the Black Shroud, killing any mature funguars you come across, and bring back eight mature funguar spore sacs. A trifle extreme, I suppose, but such sacrifices must be made to advance science!
(quest accept)
Marcette: I knew I could count on you! I shall await you here. Remember - eight mature funguar spore sacs. Oh, and you can only carve them form the corpses of mature funguars, so don't waste your time butchering lesser ones.

Marcette: To hear the forestborn tell it, mature funguars are most often seen lurking in the East Shroud.
I will need no fewer than eight mature funguar spore sacs to prove my theory. Keep in mind that they can only be cut from the corpses of mature funguars.


Marcette: My suspicions were correct! Look, here. These spores are the same! Unmistakably!
I suppose I can tell you now, I had a sample against which I wished to compare a new specimen. The spores you brought me are identical to my own in every way!
Come now, it's not as if you killed in vain. No doubt the elementals were enraged by your acts, but this is science we speak of! Now shut up and listen. The spores in my possession are extremely specialized structures harvested from the brain matter of gnats and puks.
Gruesome, you say? I had hoped you would praise my compassion! Their brains were infested. The spores had taken over all of their faculties. Indeed, those gnats and puks were already dead, from a certain point of view.
Perhaps it would be simplest to outline my theory in full. Just listen to the genius of this! When another organism comes into contact with a spore pouch, the spores within are immediately dispersed into the surrounding air. Of these, some enter into that organism through its nose, mouth, ears, and other less…savory orifices, and eventually find their way to its brain. There they germinate and rapidly assume complete control of its functions!
Through chemical changes brought about by the fungus, the host seeks out areas with higher and higher levels of moisture, until it comes at last to an environment where the fungus can survive. And so the infected host is fated to become the funguar's first seed plot!
The spore sac you supplied provide indisputable evidence in favor of my theory! You see, the spores they contain are identical to those which infested the brains of those poor gnats and puks I killed!
Ah, yes, it seems I forgot to recommend that you keep your mouth covered, and your nose, ears, and…so on, suitably plugged while slaying these beasts. Yes, well…er…sorry about that! I'm sure there isn't a spore nesting down in your brain even as we speak. Quite sure, yes.
Well, you appear to be right as the rain for the time being! A good sign, I should think. Anyway, here is payment for your services - and your silence. No doubt the Gridanians would not take kindly to our slaying forest denizens without proper leave. Should you ever feel guilty about what you've done, just remember this - science! Oh, and should you ever feel unaccountably drawn to humid regions… Er, forget I mentioned it. Science!

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