Sour Grapes


Name: Sour Grapes
How to begin: talk to Syzfrusk at Wineport
Areas: Wineport, Red Rooster Stead

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Coming soon


Missing Grapes

Syzfrusk: Me pressin' vats are all rinsed and ready for this season's harvest, but the shipment of grapes from Red Rooster Stead's yet to arrive.
Would it be askin' o'ermuch to have ye make the run down to the vineyard and find out what's holdin' matters up? I'd go meself, but I ain't too steady on me feet since that bloody tun fell on me leg last winter.
(quest accept)
Syzfrusk: Ye have me thanks, traveler. The Red Rooster Stead is naught but a few malms down the La Thagran Eastroad. Look for a lass there by the name of Lolojo. She'll know what's become of me grapes.

Syzfrusk: Th Red Rooster Stead is naught but a few malms down the La Thagran Eastroad. Look for a lass there by the name of Lolojo. She'll know what's become of me grapes.

Down by the Rooster

(Red Rooster Stead)
Lolojo: Don't tell me. Syzfrusk sent ye, didn't he? Well, ye can tell the dull-witted louse that my answer is the same as it was yesterday, the day before, and the day before that and all.
The grapes were stolen by a band of blink' flea-ridden kobolds. They came up here one night and stripped every last vine clean. I'm just lucky they didn't tear up the roots like they did at the fields near Agelyss Wise.
In all my years here at the Red Rooster, never once did I have a problem with the beast tribes, mainly 'cause the pirate gangs who bought Syzfruk's sour red would patrol the area.
But since that hells-damned Admiral had her yellowjacket lapdogs round up the local pirates, there hasn't been a soul around the Stead in weeks. Merlwyb's grand scheme to protect the realm has left us smallfolk with nary a bloody leg to stand on.
In that time, I've lost not only me grapes, but two score dodo eggs, a shed full of tools, and two of me best scarecrows to fire!
So ye tell ol' Syzfrusk the next time he feels inclined to bemoan his lack of stock, he should forward his complaints to the bloody Amidral!

(talk again)
Lolojo: I have naught more to say to Syzfrusk. And tell him to stop sendin' every blighted adventurer in the realm down here thinkin' I'll give him a different reply.

Rumors Abound

Syzfrusk: Welcome back, good 'venturer. I see the Wanderer kept watch over ye on yer journey. Now, what did the lass Lolojo have to say for herself?
The kobolds robbed the Rooster of every last grape!? And that it were the Barracudas what let 'em do it!? Well I'll be thrice damned if that's not the most outrageous thing I've heard in me fifty summers as a winemaker.
The Admiral wouldn't allow farmsteads to go unprotected while beast tribes roamed free…would she? Seven hells! These days, I just don't know what to believe!
Ah, me apologies, good 'venturer. Didn't mean to let the Fury take me like that, but the sour red'll oft fuel the fire, ye ken? Anyroad, I'd like to offer ye me thanks for yer trouble. I know it ain't much, but without the coin I'd usually make from hawkin' me wine, I don't have much more to give.

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