Song of the Sirens


Name: BSM/ARM2 - Song of the Sirens
How to begin: talk to Bodenolf in Naldiq&Vymelli's in Limsa Lominsa
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah, Nanawa Mines

Last quest: An Ear for Quality
Next quest: The Sound of Silence

Requirements to sign up: BSM30 or ARM30, An Ear for Quality complete
Required items: Seastone
Reward: ?


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All Abuzz 'bout Sirens

Bodenolf: <Player>? Bodenolf from Naldiq & Vymelli's. Naldiq & Vymelli's…the smitties. Trouble's a-brewin' down at the forges an' yer mentor Mimidoa's in need of a hand.

(Naldiq & Vymelli's)
Bodenolf: Hells, <Player>! Took yer sweet time now, didn't ye? Ain't never wise t' leave good steel in the forge too long.
Now shuffle yer arse o'er t' Mimidoa. The little smitty's been waitin' on ye longer than a man o' his years should be made to. Says he's a task he can't handle on his own. Up fer it?
(quest accept)
Bodenolf: It's them damn sirens again. No, I aint' talkin' about them lady-pirates, I'm talkin' about them croonin' vixens as make good men throw their life away fer a wakin' dream o' womanly warmth. Mimidoa'll learn ye the rest.

Bodenolf: Ain't no one in Limsa with an onze o' love fer the Twelve-damned fishbacks, but at least a man knows what he's up against when facin' the curs.
Now, the rumors makin' their rounds on the docks as of late… Ain't a soul outside o' Mimidoa still breathin' t' tell the tale o' the fell happenin's what rocked the city all them years back.

Qhas Chalahko: When both smitty an' shipwright be workin' the same vessel, the two must work together. Alas, ye'll soon learn that t' be as impossible as coaxin' a cat and mouse t' trade pleasantries o'er aftenoon tea.
When it ain't a s hortage o' materials makin' 'em butt heads, it's their bleedin' pride. If ye don't believe me, jus' look at our two guildmasters.

Martiallais: Won't find a soul in th' forge bearin' much in the way of ill will towards ol' Mimidoa, be they smitties or shipwrights. Jus' goes t' show 'ow big the little man truly is.
So big, in fact, 'e regularly makes th' rest of our lot feel as small as a piece of otter shite floatin' about in th' grand blue. If ever ye gets t' feelin' th' same way, 'eed the words o' yer forgemate Martiallais - er…what were them words again, now?

Iofa: The sea's rife with mysteries unlike any you'll find on land.
Even the folk who spend their whole lives riding the waves know almost nothing of what goes on beneath them.

Joellaut: Since talk o' th' sirens gone an' spread like wildfire in a windstorm, we got every last smitty in th' forges poundin' out windwheels.

Colson: E'en me sprats have cottoned on t' these godsdamend rumors…an' now all they do is play bleedin' 'sirens'.
Might have t' put a stop to it with a few licks o' the ol' switch, but better that than have one o' the daft buggers go pretendin' t' drown.

Hihine: This bodes ill! A battalion of our fine city's boldest Barracudas have begun their search for the Twelve's own truth surrounding this sordid siren scandal.
However, I fear if the rumors prove true, the Barracudas may not be enough to save us from the horrors that await.

Sosoze: This bodes ill! In a fit of apoplexy, a pretty proportion of our fine city's pirate population has cast off in pursuit of the Twelve's own truth behind these salacious siren stories.
However, I fear if the rumors prove true, not a single soul will survive to tell the tale.

Trinne: Fishback raids, legendary serpents, the Green Rot, an' now the sirens… There be some as say we're witness t' th' Navigator ventin' Her wroth.
Mayhap 'tis time I paid th' bethel another visit.

Sent for Supplies

Mimidoa: Can ye hear 'em? I can hear 'em. Oh yes I can. They be callin' me all day an' all night. All night an' all day. They knows me song, an' they knows yer song. Ye have t' listen - ain't no choice but t' listen. An' once ye starts, ye cannot stop. Not 'til they stop. But when they stop, 'tis already too late…an' ye've become another victim o' the sirens.
Oh, but ye need not fret. Ol' Mimidoa knows a way. A way he knows. A plan he has, oh yes he does. A whistling windwheel'll keep them saucy vixens quiet as clams. Silent as th' grave, it will. Lash one t' th' mast, it'll be smooth sailin' all th' way. Brave the blue wi'out one, yer ship'll be at the bottom o' th' abyss, swimmin' wi' squiddies, afore ye can say "What's that lovely tune?"
Everybody an' everyone can hear t' song, an' now everyone an' everybody's come a-rap-tap-tappin' at me door fixin' fer me t' forge 'em a wheel. Aye, I'll do it, or me name ain't Mimidoa, but me stock o' supplies be nigh on dry and I ain't got th' legs t' make th' journey t' Ul'dah meself.
I heard adventurers like ye can run th' road t' th' desert city in less 'n three an' two quarter bells. More like three an' one half, ye say? Hah! So, what say ye? Already writ ye up th' contract, I have. Me supplier's Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern. Greediest bastards in all the realm, but ye'd be hard-pressed t' find a guild offerin' finer ore. They'll see t' th' order…or not, dependin' on their fancy. Jus' make sure ye has that winnin' smile o' yers at the ready, eh!?

Mimidoa: Everybody an' everyone can hear th' song, an' now everyone an' everybody's come a-rap-tap-tappin' at me door fixin' fer me t' forge 'em a wheel. Aye, I'll do it, or me name ain't Mimidoa, but me stock o' supplies be nigh on dry and I ain't got th' legs t' make th' journey t' Ul'dah meself.

Sosoze: A sea voyage to Ul'dah? Oh, if only I could join you! What with all the ore flowing forth from the nearby mines, the vast desert haven is a veritable smitty's heaven!
At least it would be if they could do something about that horrible heat… It's oft hotter in the streets there than it is here in our forges.

Hihine: A sea voyage to Ul'dah? I consider myself fortunate that I don't have to join you. That place is two hells hotter than the seven we already have. And once the greedy good-for-naughts have cozened you of your coin, you'll find yourself stuck in a dusty pit, digging your way out of debt…till the end of days!
But at least you'll be surroundedby a gaggle of yalm-high Lalafell lovelies…though I concede said consolation may appeal more to some than others.

Colson: The tight-fisted 'Fells o'er at Amajina an' Sons ain't no friends of ours. Still, don't go raisin' their hackles, whatever ye do.
Since th' kobolds stopped allowin' us into th' Giwamo Dustmines, an' th' priestlies up in Ishgard shut their gates, we've been forced to scrounge fer most of our ore in Ul'dah. If anythin' was t' turn them buggers against us too, our guild'd be ruined.

Joellaut: Word is ye'll be lendin' yer hammer t' ol' Mimidoa craftin' whistling windwheels. Guild stands t' make quite a killin' off them, what with all these siren rumors… Well, so long as folk go on believin' them contraptions be the only thing what'll keep 'em from takin' a one-way trip t' th' bottom o' th' abyss.

Iofa: I must admit, I was a bit bewildered when all these orders for cannons and blades started coming in. That was before I'd heard the rumors, of course. Now, I see that everyone wants their own piece of this legend…and will stop at naught to get it.
We smiths rely on a good many rare ores to fulfill these orders - ores that are plentiful in the peaks around Ishgard, far to the north. Unfortunately, the rulers of said city-state have branded us all 'unbelievers', and put a stop to our shipments, forcing us to turn to the greedy buggers over in Ul'dah.

Bodenolf: Mimidoa's sent ye off t' Amajina's, has he? Well, good luck, an' may th' Navigator guide ye true. Ye've quite a trek before ye.
If it be passage t' Aldenard that ye seek, ye'll most like find a ferry leavin' from the docks beyond Hawkers' Alley. Once ye've graced th' red shores o' Thanalan, head due east along the old road - 'the Sunway', I think they call it - 'til you come to a crossroads. Turn south, an' it wont' be long before ye see th' mud walls risin' up from th' endless desert sands.

Qhas Chalahko: Sirens, eh? We's all heard the legends, but there be only one who's lived 'em - Mimidoa.
Queer thing is, if them legends be true…there shouldn't be a single one o' th' melodious merbeasts left in the sea. Pirate King Mistbeard an' his crew were s'posed t' have escorted the lot of 'em all th' way t' th' bloody Seventh Gate.

Miner Difficulties

(Amajina & Sons)
Linette: Why, if it isn't <Player>! Working for another guild now, are we?1
Yes, we have been expecting your arrival for some time.
However, I regret to inform you that the Syndcate has denied the order in question clearance for export.
I suggest you contact your employer for further instructions. I assume you were issued a linkpearl.

Linette: I apologize for the inconvenience, but the Syndicate's instructions were crystal clear.
You are free to contact your employer over the aether and relay the situation.

Mimidoa: Eh? Who's this? Ye'll have t' speak up. Me hearin' aint' what it was when it was what it ain't now, y'hear? Eh? What's that? Come again?
Aha! Had the list'nin' end to me bum ear! Apologies…um…who ye say ye was again? …Eh? Say again, missus? Ye've a very deep voice fer a lass, ain't ye? Eh? Oh! 'Tis ye, is it? Well why didn't ye say so?
Eh!? Me coin ain't good enough fer the desert diggers? Hmph. Thought it mightn't be. Eh? What's that? If I thought it mightn't be, why'd I have ye travel hundreds o' leagues instead o' just callin' on the aether? Good question, that - an' one t' which I reckon there may be a good answer. Alas, we ain't got time fer it. Nope, no time at all.
Ah, but all's not lost! Been times afore when I's been forced t' navigate me way through th' middlemen, an' sail straight fer th' source. Matter o' fact, 'tis somethin' a 'nitiate like yerself should rightly try, as there'll doubtless be times when ye'll need t' procure yer own supplies.
Now, one way o' goin' about it be the tile game 'parley'. Ye see, almost everyone's got somethin' ye want, an' ain't got somethin' they want - or ain't got enough of it. Now, it follows that if ye wants t' get what it is they got, ye got t' get 'em that what they want, an' trade it for that what ye want, whate'er it be that ye want. Got that?
Head over t' th' Nanawa Mines north of Ul'dah an' find yerself a miner who'll play th' tiles wi' ye fer some seastones. Oh, an' don't forget t' take some rations or water, or maybe some tinctures - fer tradin', like. Gelt's no good to 'em down in th' pits, see.

Cave-in Victims

(Nanawa Mines entrance)
Z'ssapa: Gods help us! There's been a cave-in!
I sent a lad to get help over two bells ago, but no one's come! Look, I don't know who you are, or why you're here, but there's people trapped behind the rubble who need all the help they can get! If you can't get them out, at least try to keep them calm until the extra hands arrive from the city. Please, I'm begging you!

(Nanawa Mines instance)
Slow-witted Miner: There's still hope for them trapped behind the rocks, but only if they stays calm, like they was taught. There's a difference between learnin' somethin' and doin' it, though… Can't tell how far a man's heart'll bend 'til he's starin' down Death's dark maw.

Sprightly Miner: In the years I been down 'ere, I seen more'n me fair share o' shafts buckle under th' weight o' th' mountain - an' I've learned there ain't naught t' be done but see that spirits stay 'igh while the men do their jobs. See, it ain't always the rocks what kills the trapped, it's the despair.

Muscular Miner: We're clearing the debris as fast as we can without causing another cave-in. Please, good sir, see if you can find anyone who's still panicking and let them know we haven't forgotten them.

Disconcerted Miner: <gasp> H-Help! I c-c-can't breathe! The air… <choke> There's not m-much left!
(parley, 4-star)
Disconcerted Miner: <pant><pant>
I can still breathe… I can still breathe!!! W-Wait. Of course I can breathe. What was I thinking?

Melancholy Miner: A dream… Yah, 'tis naught but a bad dream… When I wake, I shall be back at home on me straw pallet, snug under a thick woolen blanket.
(parley, 4-star)
Melancholy Miner: No…this ain't no dream… There…was a cave-in. I remember now. I've got t' find the others! You have me thanks, sir.

Qualmish Miner: My legs… I can't feel my legs! Why can't I feel my legs!? Someone!? My leeeeeegs!!!

Overtired Miner: I was to wed on the morrow… And now, I'll never see me beloved's bonny face again…

Uncouth Miner: There are still some missing. Let us pray that they are merely behind the rocks and not below them…

Scathed Miner: Damn you all! Damn you all to the seven hells and back! I won't die here alone! I won't! I'll kill each and every one of you before I let the hands of Death drag me down!

Winsome Miner: We must hurry and get the injured out of the mines! It's only a matter of time before the rest of the ceiling comes down!

Tear-struck Miner: So tired… Perhaps if I jus' lie down an' rest me eyes a spell…
(parley, 4-star)
Tear-struck Miner: You're right. I need to keep me wits about me. There's still a bit of light in here. And where there's light, there's always hope!

Composed Miner: I've done all I can…but to no avail. I'm afraid there's nothing we can do for this - You! Perhaps you can help. I need you to keep talking to the miner trapped on the other side of these rocks while I run to the toolhouse for more pickaxes and as many jars of firesand as I can carry.
The man's lifeblood pours from a wound in his leg as we speak. All I ask is that you make sure he doesn't succumb to sleep before we get through. If he falls asleep - he's dead. Do you understand me?
???: I don't think I can hold on much longer… Please… Tell my sprats their pa loves 'em, and to think of me always…
(you parley with the man behind the rocks. Composed Miner runs back)
Composed Miner: Hullo! We're almost through! You must hold on!
I shall need you to step back while we make ready the firesand.
(many miners take their pickaxes and attack the rocks. You leave and head out to Z'ssapa. In a bit Composed Miner runs after you)
Composed Miner: All is well.
I shudder to think how many additional men and owmen we would have lost if you hadn't arrived when you did. I believe that you originally came here seeking a certain ore, and it would be unmeet of me not to grant you your request after all you have done. And with this and my thanks, our debts are settled.
(obtain seastone)

New Delivery

(Naldic & Vymelli's)
Mimidoa: Eh? …Who ye say ye was?
…Heh heh heh! Jus' me little jest. Well done, 'nitiate! A smitty's only as good as his supplier, an' a s upplier's supplies ain't nothin' but scraps if he ain't got a smitty t' supply - meanin' ye done us all a favor!
Now hand over them supplies!
Here. Now take this whistling windwheel down t' th' docks, an' deliver it t' th' cap'n who was kind enough t' fill me purse wi' coin.
What cap'n? Why, the cap'n o' some ferry ship or other, that's what cap'n. We gets cap'ns in here by the score. I aint' got the time nor th' eyes t' memorize every bleedin' curve 'n' cranny o' their pocked mugs.

Bodenolf: Ye don't look no more worse than normal. How was the journey 'cross th' narrow strait t' Aldenard? Don't see no gaggle o' moneylenders queuin' up 'round the shop lookin' to' collect yer soul, so it seems ye had wit enough t' steer clear of at least one kind o' trouble.
Ye'll find me dinin' on barnacles an' whale piss aboard a fishback warship afore ye'll find me within ten score malms o' that den o' thieves as calls itself Ul'dah. Anyroad, as enchantin' as I finds yer company, it might be best if ye buggered off an' informed Mimidoa o' yer glorious return.

Colson: What o' yer dealin's with the Mineral Cocnern, eh? I trust ye didn't go makin' a complete arse o' yerself?
They turned ye away? Greedy bastards! Here's t' th' Amalj'aa findin' each an' every one of 'em an' spit-roastin' their sandy nethers over a pit of Ifrit's molten spit.

Hihine: Back from Ul'dah with more than one piece of gil in your pocket? However did you get past the debt-collecting denizens of the desert?

Sosoze: Back from Ul'dah in one piece? What terrible bargain did you strike with the undead denizens of the desert!? No, don't tell me! It is too horrible!

Windwheel Testing

(you arrive at the ferry docks, and see a roegadyn captain standing by the sea)
Full-maned Ferry Captain: What kept you, lad!? Me crew's been waitin' for what seemd like a fortnight for that whistling windwheel.
(he turns and calls for a crew member a little ways off)
Full-maned Ferry Captain: Boy!
Cunning Crewman: Aye, Cap'n!
Full-maned Ferry Captain: You. You don't have the look of a smitty. You look softer…like one o' those adventurers I cater to. So tell me, adventurer - you caught wind of any rumors about men hearin' the song o' the sirens while on one o' me ferries?
(Well, have you? It's the talk of the town)
(No, sir)
Full-maned Ferry Captain: Spinner's luck! Then now's our chance!
You'll be ridin' the next ferry, so you can give me a full account o' the whistling windwheel's effectiveness. If the contraption does as your guild says, then you can expect an order for another half score. If it doesn't…well, then at least I'll have the pleasure o' knowin' you'll be rottin' at the bottom o' the abyss with the poor sods you tried to rook.

Well-to-do Wanderer: It is about time!
Have my belongings been stowed securely in the hold? I will have your head and your captain's if their contents are…agitated. I paid good coin to ensure everything received extra attention.
Oh, you're not one fo the crew? Pity…

Insouciant Stevedore: Don't see no need t' rush. One look at that cap'n, and th' piss poolin' 'round his boots, and any man can see that ship ain't goin' nowhere.
Why strain me back loadin' the hold when chances are I'll be stuck unloadin' it once the cap'n comes to his senses?

Spry Stevedore: Been workin' Eorezea's docks fer nigh on thirty summers, and I ain't seen none worse than this one we're standin' on now. I can't remember the last time a ship left on schedule.
Then again, only a fool would expect anythin' better from a city o' beggars an' brigands.

Annoyed Adventurer: It seems the captain of the ship that was to take me to the Cieldalaes is having second thoughts about leaving Galadion Bay.
I paid good coin for passage to the islands, and if this scrofulous coward lacks the craft and courage to set sail, then I shall simply have to find a captain who will!

Singing Stevedore: Most outlanders ain't never 'eard o' no sirens 'cept them in th' rhymes sung to 'em at th' teat. Ev'ry sailor in Limsa swears the stories are true, though.
Don't make no difference t' me, o' course. This job 'as me on an' off the boats afore they get anywhere near where them vixens may or may not be lurkin'.

Well-trained Crewman: I'm as frightened o' sirens an' fishbacks as the next bloke…but I'd take me chances with a whole horde o' the buggers if it meant never seein' a sea serpent again.

Affable Adventurer: Well met, traveler. You have the look of an adventurer. Have your travels taken you across the Strait of Merlthor to the parched deserts of Thanalan or the murky depths of the Black Shroud?
You say you are recently returned from Ul'dah? Why, I mean to visit the sultanate myself…that is, if this ship's captain ever summons the courage to leave the bay.

Preoccupied Crewwoman: Move, scrags, or I'll stick me boot so far up yer arse, ye'll be tastin' leather! We sets sail in two bells, an' more'n 'alf th' bloody cargo's still sittin' on th' dock!

Stupefied Stevedore: 'Ope this is the right ship…
But why wouldn't it be? Th' Navigator 'Erself pointed me 'ere, and th' Lady'd never lead me astray.

Cunning Crewman: The seas be swimmin' wi' Sahagin, sirens, an' serpents - an' I had to go and sign on wi' the one cap'n crazed enough t' cast off anyway.

(the ferry is sailing through mist. Something sings in the distance. Men cringe, but nothing else happens)
(the ferry docks at Thanalan ferry docks)
Full-maned Ferry Captain: You heard 'em, didn't you!? Didn't you!? The sirens was singin' their siren song!
But we made it, an' here we are, alive an' breathin'! All me passengers to port in one piece an' none worse for wear! The bloody whistling windwheel worked!
You have my thanks, lad. I was wrong t' doubt you an' your guild.

Something Rotten

(Naldiq & Vymelli's)
Mimidoa: Welcome back, 'nitiate. 'Eard with me one good ear that ye rode th' ferry t' test the wheel. Did th' cap'n rightly approve of its 'ffectualness?
Aye, I knew he would. They always do. And th' ones what don't…well, they will eventually, ye'll see. They always do. The cap'n proved more'n generous fer me services this time, but I thinks ye deserve th' coin more'n I. Here, take this.
Ah, but afore ye go, let me ask ye one thing. Just a wee thing, if ye be willin'. Ye don't perchance happen t' recall th' melody ye heard when passin' by them sirens now, do ye?
(Listen carefully… (pick melody 3 out of 3))
Mimidoa: Hahahaha. I knew there be somethin' rotten on th' sea. Always somethin' rotten, see? Looks like me work ain't done jus' yet…an' nor is yers, 'nitiate. Nor is yers. Hah hah hah hah!

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