Sniffing Out a Profit


Name: Sniffing Out a Profit
How to begin: talk to Ahldskyf near the Ferry Docks, Limsa Lominsa
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Halfstone

Last quest: Letting Out Orion's Belt
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: Althyk lavender
Reward: ?


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Coming soon


Too Much Greed

Ahldskyf: Why, if it isn't the kindly adventurer who assisted me with the shipment of flour. I'll not ascribe this meeting to mere chance. Nay, the Spinner has woven the warp and weft of our two fates so that they may see myriad crossings! We would be foolish to resist that which the gods have willed.
It just so happens that I am in need of some assistance, but in this den of charlatans and cutthroats, a trustworthy companion can prove hard to come by. Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning.
Afer filling her hold with the fines La Noscean flour, the Orion set sail for the remote island of Radz-at-Han. Upon arrival, my men and I set about convincing the noble houses that they simply must sample our stock, and lo and bheold, in the space of a fortnight, the last sack had sold and our coffers were groaning with foreign coin.
By the time we returned to Limsa, we had made more gold than any of us had ever seen. My men were rich, their wives and wenches happy, and I was ready to begin loading the ship with another two score tonzes of flour for a return voyage to Thavnair.
…which is when my employer ordered me to find other cargo. You see, once he heard of the popularity of the flour that we delivered, he chartered five more trading vessels to transport additional shipments immediately, rather than waiting for the Orion to return. As a result, the market was flooded, and the price of La Noscean flour driven down to a fraction of its original value.
And so here I am, searching for yet another miracle to placate a man who seems to think they grow on trees. I have been to nearly every supplier in the city-state, but I have yet to find antyhing that would appeal to the Thavnairians, and I'm running out of time. Of course, being captain of a ship, I cannot spend too long away from the docks - whereas you, my good friend, are at liberty to scour every corner of Limsa! What say you?
(quest accept)
Ahldskyf: Thank the Twelve! You truly are godssent! Now, according to a rumor I overheard in the Drowning Wench, a small group of free farmers has established a new settlemnet in a remote rarea near Skull Valley. I would ask that you travel there and see if you can find anything that might feasibly be of use to me. Oh, but do hurry. Much like the tides, my employer waits for no man, and it would not do to let another enterprising soul beat us to the punch.

Ahldskyf: If I recall, the settlement was called Haflstone. Just follow the De Nevelle Westroad out of Limsa Lominsa and you should find it.
The land there is known to be some of the harshest in all Vylbrand. The fact that someone even attempted to build a farmstead there defies all reason. There must be an explanation - I only hope it is a profitable one!

Good Aromas

Faine: Greetings, traveler. What business have you so far from the capital?
Your captain seeks to trade, does he? Well, as you can see, the land here provides little. With the dry, stony soil and the relentess salt winds off the Indigo Deep, we are fortunate to harvest what few grapes and oranges we do.
And yes, even those are accounted for. I am sorry, but it seems your journey was for naught.
Here, accept this sweet-smelling sprig of Althyk lavender by way of an apology. It's a hearty vaeriety known for its deep-reaching roots which protect it against the winds, allowing it to survive where other plants cannot.
Alas, as neither do its flowers serve as food, nor its stalks twine, we have little use for the plant here in Halfstone. We'd dig it up if there were a more profitable plant to put in its place, but nothing will grow - and it does smell nice…
(obtain a sprig of Althyk lavender)

Faine: Althyk lavender is known across the realm for its deep blue hues and pleasant aroma. Alas, those traits do little to fill our bellies at night.

Priceless Scents

(Limsa Lominsa)
Ahldskyf: You have returned! What tidings do you bring?
Nary an orange nor a grape to be had? But this is terrible! I cannot believe the Spinner wove together our fates only to have them fray and unravel. Is there naught to be salvaged from your journey?
Althyk lavender, you say? Well, why didn't you speak of this earlier!?
The nobles of Radz-at-Han are obsessive about their odor. I suppose it comes from living in a land that is subject to the incessant beating of the sun's harsh rays. The sweltering days and muggy nights leave nearly everyone on the island drenched in a perpetual patina of malodorous wetness.
To cope, they spend absurd amounts of coin on all manner of fragrances and perfumes - and as luck would have it, one of the most prized is scented with none other than Althyk lavender!
You see, my friend, the plant is very rare, with most wild varieties nigh on impossible to find in even the most fertile corners of Eorzea, let alone an isolated rock in the middle of the sea!
If what you say is true, the smallfolk of Halfstone have stumbled upon a veritable gold mine. I must travel there immediately and forge an agreement to purchase every last sprig of lavender they have!
<Player>, this is the second time you have served the Orion. I shall not forget the kindness you have shown me and my crew. Please take this item as a token of my gratitude. Until next time, my friend!

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