Sleepless in Eorzea


Name: Sleepless in Eorzea
How to begin: talk to Kukusi at Frondale's Phrontistery
Areas: Ul'dah, Black Brush

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: Slumber Nut x8
Reward: ?


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Nutgrabber Marmot

Level: 10
Drops: ?
Location: Thanalan/east of Camp Black Brush

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Sleepless Disease

Kukusi: Don't tell me the noises at night are keeping you up as well. we've more sleep-deprived patients than I know what to do with, and our store of sleeping droughts is far from limitless.
To make matters worse, Ul'dah's merchants have been buying up every known remedy for sleeplessness. There's scarce a cup of warm milk to be had anymore, let alone the most potent of reagents. No doubt they smelled a profit.
Luckily, however, the thing I currently desire is not at all hard to find - providing you know where to look! Now, creatures known as nutgrabber marmots nest to the north and east of Camp Black Brush, and these unassuming beasts spend their waking hours foraging for slumber nuts - those being the items I lack. Perhaps you could procure eight of them for me? I would be greatly in your debt.
(quest accept)
Kukusi: Most excellent! I knew you would be up to the task. After all, many of those coming to me for treatment are adventurers just like yourself.
The clamor and bright lights of Ul'dah can be ungodsly at times. I could understand if one newly come to the city could not sleep for a time, but this… It is beyond strange. With your help, we shall restore the bliss of slumber and the beauty of dreams to those poor souls they have forsaken!

(talk again)
Kukusi: The nutgrabber marmots nest to the north and east of Camp Black Brush.
Fell however many you must, and return to me only when you have gathered eight slumber nuts. Think of those suffering, and make all haste.
Many of your fellow adventurers have grown too weak to venture beyond the city walls. A great many, in fact. There are those among my colleagues who believe that something in your way of life may have rendered you more susceptible to this strange ailment.

Lost Souls

Kukusi: you have done well, friend. Now we can make the treatments we need, and at a mere fraction of the cost!
But we may be too late. With no promise of recovery, many have left Ul'dah - likely headed for the other great cities.
Of those that did stay, I have advised the unfortunate few for whom help did not come soon enough to call upon the thaumaturges at Arrzaneth Ossuary. Sadly, there are afflictions beyond curing… <sigh> We must accept that this may all be the hand of Thal at work, humbling as it may be.
I suppose the god of the hereafter must keep himself in souls…much as it pains a healer to admit it.

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