Sleep, Cousin of Death


Name: ALC1 - Sleep, Cousin of Death
How to begin: talk to Nogeloix at Frondale's Phrontistery
Areas: Ul'dah, Black Brush

Last quest: -
Next quest: The Boy and the Dragon Gay

Requirements to sign up: ALC20
Required items: Recipe for potent medication, Mummified mole, Eye Drops, Potent medication
Reward: ?


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Coming soon



Joining the Guild

Nogeloix: Greetings, and welcome to Frondale's Phrontistery. How may I direct you?
If it is enrollment you seek, allow me to set your mind at ease. I can see you are an adventurer. As such, you may matriculate at any time of year. You needn't even produce a reference.
The wealth of knowledge that you and your brethren acquire on your travels is of incomparable value to us. So…do you wish to play a part in the advancement of the alchemical field?
(Will you join the Alchemists' Guild? No, my talents are wasted on books/Yes, I'd like nothing more)
Nogeloix: Very well, let us start at the beginning - with the questions most frequently asked. Here at Frondale's Phrontistery, we employ equal numbers of male and female alchemists.
Many adventurers are discouraged when they learn of this, for what reason I know not.
The same balance governs our patients - old and young, male and female. For in the development of new medicines, a broad yet balanced set of test subjects is required.
Why it is that the advantages of this system never seem clear to you adventurers is, again, beyond me.
In any event, there is work for you at once, should you choose to accept it.
(quest accept)
Nogeloix: Among the patients here at the Phrontistery, there is one whose situation is far more dire than the others - young Damielliot, son of our own guildmaster, Master Faustigeant.
His affliction is…a strange one. We are not entirely certain of its nature. For years now he has simply been taken with long fits of slumber, sometimes not returning to us for days on end.
All here at the Phrontistery are making this case their absolute priority. We must discover an efficacious treatment before it is too late.
It is known that an excess of sleep can wreak havoc with the humours. We fear Damielliot's condition may be worsening by the day. Please, aid us in our efforts.
We have developed a formula for a medicine which should theoretically alleviate his symptoms. Here it is.
The required reagents are somewhat rare, but potent. To acquire them, you will need to speak to a merchant by the name of Nomomo. She can be found at Camp Black Brush.

Nogeloix: Should Damielliot remain unconscious, his body will soon atrophy - making recovery even more difficult, if not impossible.
The formula I gave you is the result of our best attempt to devise a treatment. All our hopes rest on its effectiveness.
You will be able to procure one of the rare reagents from the merchant Nomomo. She is known to frequent Camp Black Brush, near Ul'dah.

Miyaya: You adventurers tend to be more of a hindrance than a help…but you're nothing if not cheap!
The reagents we need for our medicines are costly enough on their own. We must save what coin we can, where we can.

Obili Tambili: They say the wise man keeps only three friends close - a doctor, a moneylender, and a gravedigger.
There are plenty of the first to be befriended around here. As for the second and third, you'd best look elsewhere.

Kukusi: We are doing all we can to help Damielliot. We have already exhausted every conventional treatment known to us.
We have barely left the Phrontistery of late, but it will be as mall price to pay to see him well again.

Make the Medicine

(Camp Black brush)
Nomomo: From the Phrontistery, ain't you? Aye, you stink of the place. What is it this time, then? That younglin' take ill again?
You wont' see me puttin' none of them bloody concoctions in my body. But I s'pose seein' yer son sick an' dyin'll drive a father to do damn near anythin'… <sigh> Here, take this. All you need now's a bottle of eye drops.

Nomomo: Bloody alchemists and healers'd bottle and sell life if they could. When I'm lyin' on my deathbed, you'll not see me quaffin' their pisses to keep alive. Give me a clean end.
But I s'pose seein' yer son sick an' dyin'll drive a father to do damn near anythin'.

(Frondale's Phrontistery)
Nogeloix: You're returned! And you have the medicine? Excellent! That treatment was devised by Master Faustigeant himself. It will serve to nourish the body, even in an unconscious state.
Please, take it to Damielliot's sickroom at once. There isn't a moment to lose.
Despite his condition, he still shows signs that he is dimly aware of his surroundings. Perhaps your mere presence will evoke a response.
Take the corridor which leads to the children's ward. Healer S'lyhhia by the door there will guide you.

Dreams of Truth

Nogeloix: Damielliot's room lies in the children's ward.
The corridor that leads there is just through those doors. Healer S'lyhhia will guide you.

Miyaya: The climate is ill at ease of late. Have you not noticed? I fear it may be taxing for the young ones.
Gods know, it takes its toll on us. Healer S'lyhhia seems to be at her wits' end. Do be kind to her.

Obili Tambili: In all my years, I've never seen a sickness like that which grips Damielliot. Nothing we do seems to ease his affliction.
I'd swear the mere presence of you adventurers does him more good than any potion or tonic. He has always warmed to your kind.

Kukusi: Our search for curative reagents to use in new medicines encompasses the whole of Eorzea - including those parts one might not think to look.
Many from the lands of Ala Mhigo, for example, show great promise…which makes the Garleans' decision to occupy the region all the more regrettable.

S'lyhhia: I will see you to Damielliot's room. Please, may I have the medicine?
(Allow Healer S'lyhhia to guide you? No, not just yet/Yes, let us make haste)
(you enter the door and walk through a corridor to arrive at Damielliot's door.)
S'lyhhia: Damielliot, you have a visitor. This gentleman is a new member of the Phrontistery.
Would you like to say hello? Damielliot? Can you hear me?
(Damielliot opens his eyes slightly)
Damielliot: You… I know your face…
S'lyhhia: Damielliot?
Damielliot: Yes… It was…ten years ago…
S'lyhhia: Damielliot…?
Sleep has taken him again.
Come, let us go. The medicine will run its course. We have done all we can for now.
(the two of you leave his room and arrive in the main hall)
S'lyhhia: Report to Nogeloix that Damielliot woke, albeit briefly.
It was almost as if your presence stirred him. If the gods are good, it is a sign he is regaining his strength.

Miyaya: It seems the Phrontistry was right to take you on.
I pray that when Damielliot next wakes, there is time enough for you to tell him tales of the outside world. It would do him well to hear them.

Obili Tambili: I would like to be optimistic, but a lifetime spent studying the healing arts has made me a realist. Do not expect such dramatic results next time.
The body is a thing of resilience, and to live is to build tolerances. The efficacy of new medicines and the stimulation of new faces will only diminish with time.

Kukusi: Word spreads quickly in the Phrontistery. They are saying Damielliot recognized you. Have you met him before?
If the two of you share some past that Damielliot remembers, that could explain why he was roused from his slumber.

Unwelcome Visitor

Nogeloix: I see. You have done exceedingly well, <Player>.
I was unaware that you had made Damielliot's acquaintance in the past. It seems the memory of that experience has stimulated his dormant senses.
(a regal elezen woman walks in)
Saulette: Greetings, alchemists. I am Assessor Saulette, and I come to you this day from Mealvaan's Gate in Limsa Lominsa.
Nogeloix: What is it that brings you this time? Business with the Phrontistery's owner again?
Saulette: Just so. I have been tasked with lending my talents to the discovery of a cure for the unknown ailment which afflicts Damielliot.
Nogeloix: It grieves me that you should have been made to travel all this way, but Master Faustigeant's orders were quite clear - none is to lay a finger upon Master Damielliot without his consent.
Saulette: The opinion of a chief alchemist is one thing. The opinion of your owner - of a syndicate member, no less - is quite another.
Nogeloix: Be that as it may, I cannot allow it. I will not allow it.
Saulette: Suit yourself. It makes no matter to me. I have other affairs to attend to.
Though, of course, I am obligated to pass word of this on to your patron. I daresay that should grieve you a great deal more than the futility of my voyage.
(Saulette leaves)
Nogeloix: We have rules here, as any institution must. We are forbidden to go against the word of the chief alchemist. Master Faustigeant's word is law.
I have no knowledge of the dealings between Master Faustigeant and the Phrontistery owner - nor do I care to.
But that is not important. You have served us well, <Player>. Here, take your reward.

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